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(...with no legitimate facts at my disposal)

While Benson's never rubbed anybody the right-way, that doesn't mean he's a liar

While I think Cedric's as useful at RB as the Bulls backcourt is at playin' the point, for once, I actually believe an athlete's story (somewhat). Here's my unknowledgable, bad grammered-Synopsis:

Greggy G Theme- Redneck water-cops (step above bike-cops) didn’t like a brotha & his family/entourage in their water

Supposedly, the Naughty Water-Watchers had questioned Ced more times this year than the Southsiders struck-out ova the weekend. While Benson's craft probably wasn't the Love Boat, as everybody knows, any floating object with more than a half-dozen people could be booked for something.

Cedric's story was they boarded his boat (that wasn’t even moving), took him back to their boat, and after administering an alphabet test (which the terrible-tailback says he passed) was told he had to head to shore for a breathalyzer. Obviously I don't know if he was drunk or not, but he says he wasn't, and I tend to believe these cops planned on takin' a trip and were not leaving without sending a message...and I'm not saying they planned on roughing-him-up, but taking him to shore seems like a pretty easy way to send a message.

After that, it’s impossible to know what was said on the Police Boat, and I'm sure Mr. busted-Draft Pick wasn't as calm as he says, but would you be calm if what I describe was close to the situation (not to mention the media-circus it creates for him)? Seriously, if he had been stopped that many times over the past year, would he really be dumb enough to be Tony LaRussa'ed behind the wheel? Of course this is just my speculation and I'm not saying I'm right... I'm merely asking the MFin questions!

For all the barking & mind-games from the Pistons, does firing-up Superman seem like an idea that could backfire?

I also like ORL to cover gettin' a tuddie (+7) because they have a better coach w/ a great look and...

...because I'm frustred the Pistons don't have a cheerleader to post that comes close to a MFin' Sonics Dance maven!

Want to know why I think the Magic will roll, better click 'Continue Reading' below...

ORL has one baller with a physique that won't strike-out two games in-a-row!

The Pistons have look focused the last few games, which means their due for a letdown and plenty of missed 3s. As for the Magic, they looked a little rusty in Game 1 and weren't ready for DET's intensity...but tonight, with some adjustments and little extra fire...Magic in an upset

As for the Hornets/Spurs game...I'm just gonna cheer-on CP3!

By: $$$ Mike

Spurs @ Hornets:
For a minute their I thought we were looking at the same old Spurs. The first half the Spurs look pretty good with Bowen and Finley knocking down jumpers from everywhere. Then CP3 took over and it was CP3 as usual taking control of the game, getting his partner in crime involved and lobing ally oop dunks to Chandler and it was game, set match. The big fundamental better be more aggressive or this series will be over quickly.

Jazz @ Lakers:
The scary part about the Lakers right now is everybody on the squad contributes night in and night out and can knock down shots. An opponent will be hard pressed to blow out the lakers the way they have been playing lately; which means every game that they are in they will be close. With the best closer on the planet on your side I like the Lakers chances. Deron must be more aggressive against Fisher and the Jazz must stop penetration to have success. Othewise this series will be 2-0 going back to Utah very quickly.

Atlanta @ Boston:
This game was over after about 10 minutes in. The Hawks should still be proud they were able to make a series of it. They will learn from their experience and be better for it next year. As for Boston, they got the wake up call they needed. Lets see if they keep it going against the LeBroners!

Enjoy the games tonight....should be pretty interesting to see how the road teams adjust.

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 5, 2008 8:13 AM |


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