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Whatever you do today, focus your efforts somewhere, I've got an idea but I don't want to lead you astray!!

One thing is certain today, I will be watching the Pistons/Magic game with a great deal of focus, but I won’t be having any rent money on the line. The whole Billups hamstring injury throws the rest of this series into the mud in my opinion, and I’m not really concerned about him playing from a physical aspect, I’m more concerned about the mental aspect of both teams if he does or doesn’t play. With that said, just click below and find out where who you need to look at if you want to double up your porn video piggy bank…..

Looks like the Celtics brought a friend from Boston, isn't it ironic how she's comfortable on someone else's turf as well?

Boston +1.5 @ Cleveland

The Celts and Cavs have already crossed paths 6 times this year with the #1 seed taking 4 of them. The important aspect in the 2 Cav wins are that they managed to to throw in 109 and 114 points respectively, and I simply don’t think they can do that in the post season against this Boston team that has already had their scare from Hot-lanta and will not look back until they hit the NBA finals. You want some facts for that, I’ll give you some facts…Garnett and the boyz have only given up 100 points 14 times this year, 2 of them in OT. So that leaves 12 games out of 91 so far, call if 15% of the games they allow over 100 points, and since they allowed 103 a week ago against the Hawks, they have allowed 65, 72, & 73 respectively. Bottom line, their defense is on, and I don’t know that Bron-Bron has an answer for them, even in home whites. Celts go up 3-0 & win by 7.


Much like Johan, she is a bit mysterious but provides the results needed to make you satisfied...I heart Asians!

Cincinatti @ NY Mets -120 (-1.5 runs)

I’m not a huge fan of giving up runs and still being at -120, but the Mets will walk away with this one if their bullpen can hold up. Johan Santana is on a roll his last 3 starts and the Mets offense has supported him with the bats as well. With Belisle throwin’ watermelons for the Reds, and sporting a dismal 6.91 ERA, I don’t see how the Mets won’t post more than 6 today, especially after a day of rest yesterday from their postponed game. Mets win by 4.

While the Rocks will get distracted by the waves, it's just another day in the park for Maddux and his cronies...

Colorado @ San Diego +170 (-1.5 runs)

I’m looking at this game as a trend breaker. Maddux has lost his last 3 outings, the Padres have lost their last 5 outings, and the Rocks have won their last 3 games. This is the exact reason that the Pads have Maddux in the rotation, he won’t get you 15 wins, but he is stable, and that is all they need in this Saturday showdown against a very shaky Jiminez who is sporting almost a 6 ERA. Pads win by 3.

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