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The NBA Playoffs are ATS Frat-tastic

GREGGY G NBA ATS (last 4 days): 5-4...ur stilly Shitty Greg!

I just have a feeling Iggy is gonna break out tonight

Especially with a home-court advantage like this

(BTW, I luv a dance team that has creative moves)

And call me crazy, but I think Andre is gonna light-up Chauncey

Did I mention I like their home-court advantage...

*This line will be moving up all day
I know all of Vegas's money will be on the Pistons tonight, but I have a feeling that Sixers are gonna make a game out of this. Especially after Andre Miller struggled in Game 5, I have a feeling the crafty veteran will take control of tonight's game and try to prove he's just as solid a baller as Mr. Big Shot. In addition...

While the Sixers aren't flashy, they have a unique and confident look

In addition, Iggy is too strong and athletic not to have figured out a way to take advantage of Prince's D...and we actually started to see some of this in Game 5. While the Pistons looked awesome in Detroit Tuesday, they just have a vibe of cockiness that doesn't have the same feel of year's past, not to mention, they haven't had back-2-back solid games in a long-azz time. Hopefully, Rasheed takes some ugly 3s early and the Sixers can use their home-court to take control. And as we've seen from Mo Cheeks overachieving ballers all season and in the playoffs, if they don't struggle in the 1st quarter the Pistons will be in for a street-fight tonight...Sixers in an upset

What can I say, I luv Home-Whites...and fallin' feathers

"The Rant"

I'm not one to say I told you so.......so I won't. But it's nice being right. The moves Dallas and Phoenix made proved to be deadly and now they can watch the rest of the "good" teams chase a title. Maybe while watching the rest of the playoffs at home they can learn what type of players it takes to compete for a title. Old slow guys (Kidd and Shaq) are definitely not the answer.

Avery Johnson:
Too bad Avery had to go, but anything short of a title after giving away to 1st round draft picks for a washed up PG and you knew the writing was on the wall. Best of luck to Avery. Avery will be a good fit for a young team.

Utah @ Houston:
Good to see Skip to my Lou and McGrady step it up and prolong the inevitable....(a loss in the first round again). Utah should end this series Friday.

Washington @ Cleveland:
Don't be confused fellas.....if the Cleveland Lebroners lose this series to the Wizards you can best believe Lebron's summer will be similar to Kobe's last year. On another note, the best thing the Wiz could have done was shut down Agent 0 for the year. The team took all year learning to play without him and played pretty damn well. The throw him back in the mix at PG and he just messes up the chemistry. That's why they were able to win in Cleveland yesterday. Best believe this series is going 7 all day.

Detroit @ Philly:
Barkley picked Detroit to win on the road ....so I'm taking the Sixers!

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