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"The Rant"

These playoff games are very hard to figure out. I didn't expect the Pistons or Lakers to play so poorly in game three. Detroit came out last night in game 4 and took care of business; being carried by the "very hungry for a title" Antonio McDyess. Who knows what to expect back in Boston in game 5.

Lakers @ Spurs:
Lakers were blown out in game 3 mainly because of a lack of energy and poor defense. I expect the intensity from the Lake Show to be much better and Odom and Gasol to have a bigger impact. Not sure if the Lakers will pull it out, but it will be close.

I am so tired of hearing from delusional Bulls fans that they should either take Derrick Rose or trade the pick for D Wade! Are you kidding me? I'm not touching D Wade until he can show me he can make it through a whole season after several surgeries on his knees and shoulders. Yes, he's an all -star player, but last year he was a ghost of himself and I have to see something from him other than his ass sitting on the bench with a nice suit on before I take a chance on his ass. And what about the great Kirk Hinrich? The 50 million dollar Kirk Hinrich? You bring him off the bench next year to gas Rose?Taking Rose proves Pax F'ed up again by signing a backup PG to a huge contract. I can't even imagine Paxson making the same mistake twice by taking Rose over Beasley(trading Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas). D Rose will be a nice PG but will take a few years to develop. Beasley is 20 and 10 right now. If Paxson takes another guard he should be fired immediately. It's time for management to make real moves to compete for a title and not just putting together a roster to keep asses in the seats.

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