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June 1, 2008



2008 MLB RECORD: 11-8

After watching the Astros get blanked in Milwaukee I realized one thing yesterday, never again will I doubt the ability of Ben Sheets. Yeah, I know he will take his fair share of lumps, but you ain't gonna see this guy try to pick which days those lumps will come on. It was a damn good thing the Cubbies and BoSox treated me well cause that gave me a little more room for my 'Houston isn't that bad' redemption pick. So click below to see my thoughts on an all National League Sunday....

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June 2, 2008

"The Rant"


What a disappointing display of basketball in the 4th quarter for the Pistons. They just got out worked by Boston down the stretch. Yeah, they probably would have lost the series anyway, but anything could have happened back in Boston in game 7. I think Dumars needs to make changes because the attitude that Detroit can just turn it on anytime just doesn't work anymore. That attitude starts with the coach. Thanks for the memories Flip.

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Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks

Not since Sheff & Doc have I jumped on a bandwagon just cause a team has some cool cats on the roster...anyone have an xtra Cubbie hat?

With the vibe in Wrigleyville approaching a Playboy Mansion party meets Amateur Night at the Admiral Theater and the sudden excitement of the NBA Draft for the Bulls, I’ve officially placed all my base-clogging Southsider tickets on Stub Hub. Besides watching Ozzie explode like the first chick who’s told Sex in the City is sold-out, the Sox are unbelievably boring and it’s inevitable they’ll be below .500 by the All-Star break. What can I say…I’m on the Cubbie Bandwagon and praying that Michael Beasley will be throwing out a ceremonial 1st pitch in late June. Speaking of The Bease, trust this hardwood guru when I tell you he's gonna be the most dominate combo forward EVER. And while everybody in Chi-Town is clamoring for Derrick Rose, who’s a great kid and will eventually be an awesome floor general, I don’t even think he’s the 2nd best player in the draft. Here’s how my top-4 shapes-out simply on talent:

I think the Bulls selection is even easier than this one!

With a silky smooth jumper w/ NBA 3-point range, a vast array of low-post moves, better hands than Tori Hunter, and a relentless passion to clean the glass, The Bease will average 24 ppg 12 rpg by his 2nd season in the Association and will end-up being one of the all-time greats.

2. O.J. MAYO 6-4 G
Similar to Beasley, as soon as Mayo enters the gym he’s a threat to score. With a lightning quick cross-over in either direction, a pull-up J that’s unstoppable, and an underrated defensive intensity, OJ will step right-in be a dominate force in year one.

With a ridiculous combination of speed & strength, Rose will be a nightmare for virtually every guard in the NBA for the next 12 years. While more of a true point than Mayo, the comparisons to CP3 & D-Will are a lil over-hyped as his natural playmaking abilities are nowhere close to where those two were prior to the draft. Throw-in a jumper that needs some work and he may need more time than people think.

Just cause #12 doesn't play D, doesn't mean all white-kids can't play D!

4. KEVIN LOVE 6-10 F/C
The talk that he’s in the 10-12 range has more to do with his light shade than his baller abilities. Since Bill Walton, no Big Man has entered the draft with more all-around skills than Mr. Love, not to mention, he's a much better shooter than the annoying broadcaster ever was. Sure he needs to lose a little baby-fat, but he's more athletic than advertised and has a bball IQ that's off the charts. While PGs are the flavor of the year, Love’s ability to dominate the high-post will completely alter the defensive strategy of his opponents.

As for how I’m warming-up to the Douggy Collins 2nd sideline tour in Chi-Town, I think he’ll combine with Beasley to make the Bulls a top-3 team in the East next year. While he’ll be burned out by year two, it enables Johnny Pax to convince a young brilliant assistant to come to the Windy City knowing he’ll be a Head Coach by 2010. Alrighty, enough roundball talk, let’s hit it up with some ATS diamond picks.

While that's not Bernie the Brewer...he's just as cool!

The Brewers have started to regain their mojo, and with a line-up full of righties, should have a field day against lefty Doug Davis (2-2 4.57). In addition...

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June 3, 2008

Home of the Cubbie Party Boat & ATS Picks

Ever since Dirt-Bike Aaron left, things haven't been the same

Before we hit up my NBA Draft sleeper of the day, I cannot believe how overplayed the “Ozzie throws GM Kenny Williams under the bus” has been. With Thome, Konerko, & Swisher all hitting under .213, striking-out more than a hairy fat-guy with a tribal tattoo at the beach, and combining for fewer HRs than Chase Utley, the White Sox are wasting some amazing pitching from the youngsters who will surely tire as the season progresses…and all the passionate Latin potty-mouth said was the players, coaches, & GM need to make some changes in a hurry. It’s not like Oz hasn’t pulled something like this before to rile-up what’s been a very stagnate clubhouse…minus a few blow-up dolls with bats in their azz. But hey, why do I care…I’m starting to board Sweet Lou’s Booze Cruise in Wrigleyland!

But I don't have time for the Sox problems cause I have to find an outfit for the Cubbie Party Boat!

As for my Draft Sleeper, only a fool would allow this Syracuse Fr. to drop into the late teens...

DONTE GREENE 6-10 F Syracuse
Greene 2007-08 stats: 17.7 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 2.0 apg, 1.6 bpg

For all they naysayers that frown upon his shooting %s (42-fg & 35-3pt), Jim Boeheim’s Orangemen were loaded with underclassmen last year and didn’t have anybody to space the floor from the perimeter. As a result, the lanky leaper was forced to move his solid mid-range game farther out and he struggled with his consistency. As for as how his game translates to the next level, I actually believe this sped his development as he showed the potential to be a sweet-shooting combo forward. Considering he won’t be double-teamed like he was in college, Greene will have an opportunity to showcase his combo of quickness & length to attack the rim. While Syracuse’s lazy-azz zone defense probably set him back at the other end, with his size and explosiveness there’s no reason to think he can’t become a dangerous defender. Every draft board I’ve see has Brandon Rush ahead of the German-born phenom, and while the 6-7 Jayhawk may contribute more right away, Greene’s ceiling is much higher and I can’t see how he slips past the Blazers at 13, Golden St. at 14, or Phoenix at 15.

So trust me Homeboys...Don't sleep on Donte Greene!

With that, time for some MLB action...
First off, does young Kirby have a lil Alfonso in him or what?

As for tonight's ATS play, while Albert didn't do this versus a lefty, we may see the same result as Pujols is hittin' .450 w/ a HR every 9.6 at-bats against southpaws...Good luck Odalis!

The Nats are by far the worst hitting team in MLB (.231), have their most dangerous hanging out at the MRI shop (Ryan Zimmerman), and haven’t scored a run since last Friday! And today, they face a Cardinals team full of grinders looking to keep pace with the Chicago Cubs and will be sending their hottest pitcher to the mound in Kyle Lohse (last two starts: 12 innings & 1 ER) (for the season: 5-2, 4.02) While LaRussa’s crew blew a game in Pittsburgh late yesterday, I actually think they’ll be even more fired-up today and have the luxury of facing a lefty starter for the 2nd straight day (Odalis Perez 2-4, 4.41). And as I've mentioned, Albert Pujols...(trust me, u should Continue Reading)

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June 4, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Undefeated MLB ATS (Undefeated so far this week)

Everytime OZ does something crazy...it seems to work out

What do you know…Ozzie mumbles something controversial throwing his squad under the bus and they respond…well, slap me and call me the former Mrs. Kidd! Throw-in another Cubbie victory against a bottom-feeder, a Bulls coaching (and possible GM) carousel that has the Rifleman (Chubby Chucky Person) flying in to interview, and Greggy G’s 2nd consecutive undefeated ATS diamond pick, and things couldn’t be more interesting in the city that Les Lancaster built.

Nuttin' better than laying around watchin' an ATS victory

As for today's banter and picks, I have one gem for you now, and promise to give you more of my wisdom after 4:00 today...wish me luck, I have a lil interview w/ GM Johnny Pax this afternoon!

With Softball Sluggers like A-Rod & Stairs,...

a red-hot and red-faced Giambi brother, and...

...plenty of other stars, I expect 2 see plenty of runs 2night

Tonight’s contest in the Bronx screams of a Softball Slugfest. While Grandpa Mussina (4.26, 8-4) has pitched well this season, checking out Toronto’s splits against him (while sippin’ on a nice Cab last night) it was tough to find a Blue Jay that wasn’t hitting ova .300 against him for their career. In addition, the Yankee bullpen is beyond taxed, which means Girardi will be forced to make his old-timer pitch longer than he should. While Blue Jays youngster Jesse Litsch (3.18, 7-1) has been awesome so far this year, he hasn’t pitched in Yankee stadium this year and I have feeling will be extra nervous trying to keep Toronto in control of the series. And finally...

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June 5, 2008

Greg Gamble's NBA Finals Preview

What can I say, I've done a flip-flop...Celtics baby!

Even though I predicted a LakeShow Championship 60 games into the season and have bashed Doc’s coaching ability more than Kimbo Slice bashes a cauliflower ear, after a weekend of analysis & inhibitors I found myself at the Dollar Store Monday looking for Celtic Zubaz & more Tom Collins Mix. While no one likes a flip-flopper unless you’re dealing with some late night drunken naughtiness, the combination of KG’s look of destiny and the defensive vibe they have at the Garden has me in a Harold Baines type of trance.

Mr. Garnett…it is your time...

...so make the kids from Boston proud!

Sure Showtime has the best player on the planet, the Zen Master perusing the sideline, a bunch of crazy Europeans feeling the flow, but I officially pulled a 180 on my finals prediction catching Kobe’s sit-down interview with ESPN over this weekend. His candid interview was full of laughs, Jordanesque smirks, and speaking of his teammates as if they were lucky he finally learned not to be an azzhole. On the lucky leprechaun side, I didn’t hear a peep and for some reason that sealed the deal for me.

How quickly will Kobe’s friendly tone change?

How could u not luv those crazy Europeans?

And yes, I have been a Kobinator hater at times and will admit watching the combination of Stephen Annoying Smith’s juvenile questions and #24 talk about how much he loves his teammates almost made me vomit, my prediction of a Celtic victory in Seven has more to do with the look of the Homeboys from Beantown!

The 3 Amigos have the passion & will shine like never before

While I watched Paulie dominate from the sidelines at Iowa St. and still can’t figure out how he does what he does with that strange looking physique, he’s become a different player this season/playoffs…not an ounce of fear and displaying much more of a controlled anger. As for Shuttlesworth, with Kobe forced to help on Pierce & KG, I expect him to finally look like the sweetest shooter on the planet, next to Dedric Willoughby of course, as he finds plenty of open-looks. And finally, while Garnett has looked passive at times during the postseason, if he matches his aggressiveness on offense with his passion on D and on the boards…even Dr. Phil won’t have an answer.

Don't worry Homeboys...we won't see this 2night!

While I’m confident the Three Amigos will have a solid night, the combination of The Garden’s excitement and Rondo’s smothering defense on Fisher, Vujacic, & Farmer will be something new for the LakeShow. Even though Boston doesn’t have a one-on-one match-up that can hinder Bryant, I believe their team defense will keep him from blowing-up in this series, especially on their court. Another instrumental aspect of this series is how well Perkins can play (or merely stay out of foul trouble) on Pau Gasol so KG can cover Odom. While I’m sure Gasol will have some big games, tonight...

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June 6, 2008

Home of Greggy's G's MLB ATS pick

Luv 'em or hate 'em, NY does what it takes 2 get 'er done

Plus they have Jorge Posada back...btw, he's on the right

Plus KC's starter has a ROBUST 6.12 career ERA

KANSAS CITY ROYALS @ NY YANKEES (-1.5 runs) (-120)
40-year old Virgin reference: “You know how ur gay…You have an Asian Poster.” Continuing w/ the clever-azz theme: “You know how I know the Royals suck…they were swept by the White Sox.” I unfortunately watched way too many innings from that contest and every player that stepped to the dish for KC looked, and had the numbers, of a pitch hitter. No joke, their top HR and RBI man has 7 & 38, respectively (luv using “respectively”, but have no idea why). Secondly, their starting pitcher tonight, Kyle Davies (1-0, 1.80) might look good when glancing at bodog, but he’s started all of once this year…and start #2 is at Yankee Stadium against some vets hitting lights-out of late and looking to climb over .500. As for what the 24 year-old did before his wonderful ’08 campaign, 17-28 with a robust 6.20 ER-frickin-A. Toeing the rubber for the Bronx...

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June 7, 2008


2008 MLB RECORD: 13-9

Home whites, home pin stripes, and home hotties all add up to one thing.....home wins. So when you have time to take your eyes off Ana Ivanovic on the clay court, make sure you give sharky a call and tell him you want everything that T-Bone does, and to find out what that is just click below.

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June 8, 2008



2008 MLB RECORD: 15-10

If you followed all of my picks from yesterday you would a frustrated as me with the fact that the Marlins let a nice lead go, only to come back and win by a run, unfortunately not covering the ATS line. The things that ruin a perfect day. But the good thing about the world I live in is that a mild set back like that can get cured by some late night online Pai Gow. And with that I simply tell you that life is good and we have another full slate on Sunday Funday, so click below to read on.


June 9, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Sports & ATS Banter

After a weekend full of sporting excitement, I think it's time for...

The White Sox fans that drudged through the rain this weekend were rewarded with a Nintendo RBI Baseball-style hitting performance! And while everybody is talking about Joe Crede's .611 average w/ 5 dongs ova the stretch, I think it's more amazing that Paulie Konerko actually hit .304!

While Horse Racing is only exciting in certain instances to yours truly, controversy at this weekend's Triple Crown attempt made it well-worth the hype!

Once information leaked that shady-trainer Rick Dutrow was pumping Big Brown with more goop than McNamee gave The Rocket, the cocky-sweaty Dutrow promised not to shoot-up the colt prior to the Belmont. As for the results, let’s just say they reminded me of the year after Brady Anderson stopped taking those Flintstone Vitamins.

Just an FYI, no matter if he’s walking the sideline, jumping in an NBA brawl, or just doing commentary for the NBA Finals…

One more quick thought on the Sox, Ozzie's decision to blow-up to the media might be the best decision since Nick Cannon decided to marry Mariah "Rich-Cougar" Carey!

As I told you when it happened, it’s ridiculous how many so-called media gurus chastised Oz for throwin' his coaches, players & GM under the bus. But even if Guillen is a Nick Cannon-type of genius (Btw, in less than 2 years we'll be hearing Nick say "Show me the Money"), no way he thought they'd precede to average 9 runs per game, hit over .350, and win 6-straight. Btw2, Alexi "105 lbs soaking-wet" Ramirez is quickly catching Pablo Ozuna as my favorite Southsider.

While I agree with the Zenmaster on the FT discrepancy, I won't let it take away how huge Mr. Rando was and will be.

Even though the Charity Stripe differential was beyond ridiculous (38 to 10), Rajon Rondo’s dominance ova the Lake Show PGs was reminiscent of Jesse Spano’s surprising emergence ova Gina Gershon in Showgirls (btw, Gershon may not be flawless, but something bout her screams “I’m horny & kinky as hell”). His athleticism, speed, & ridiculous wingspan on D can be sickening for even the top floor-generals in the Association, let alone LA's slow trio. Combine that w/ an understanding he should never shoot outside the paint (have to give a lil credit 2 Doc as well), & he’s quickly becoming the difference maker in this series (Game 2 - 16 ass, 6 reb, 2 turnovers, & only 4 chucks).

Watching Nadal dominate Federer on clay was almost as nice as watching Anna on clay back in the day!

When Ricky Will started saying he could help Mr. Benson, I should've taken that as a sign...bye-bye Ced!

As for tonight's ATS call, the Angels have the 2nd most underrated pitcher toein' the rubber 2night!

Angels southpaw Joe Sanders (9-2, 2.63) might be the most underrated young pitcher in the game and will be facing a Rays squad that hits 25 points lower against lefties (.244). While LA lost an extra inning affair in Oakland yesterday afternoon, they had a short trip home while the Rays are leaving hitter-friendly Texas and had a little in-house dugout scuffle Sunday that might take away from their concentration today. In addition, after opening the season with some solid outings, Tampa’s Edwin Jackson (3-5, 3.95) has looked shaky in his last two starts allowing 8 earned runs and 16 hits in 11 innings. While the Angles are a little banged-up...

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June 10, 2008

Greggy G's Cubs, Sox, Bulls, & NBA Finals

New Bulls Headmaster did have a nice look as a youngster!

What do I think ofVinny Del Negro you ask…ok, let’s see…he had a funny looking haircut back in the day, kinda reminds of Scott Baio, and has the amount of coaching experience as the entire Charles in Charge cast. What else can I say; GM Johnny Paxson is either a genius or trying to get fired!

While I was never a fan of the sitcom, there was one good thing that came out of the Charles in Charge show!

Before I breakdown Game 3 of the NBA Finals like Derek Jeter breaks down the morale of every hot-model in the Big Apple, with the Cubbie Party Boat back in Wrigleyville let’s first take a quick look at tonight’s WGN contest.

While it's awesome Chipper wont be playing tonight...

...it sucks that she's out as well!

The Cubs currently lead the NL in basically every offensive category, and while they’ve been solid against righties ranking 2nd in batting average, they’ve been Wrigleville tube-top hot against southpaws hitting 23 points higher (.297). And tonight, you guessed it my little degenerates, their facing veteran lefty Tommy Glavine (2-2, 4.47) in their shoe-box ballpark. Especially having the day-off yesterday after a 4-3 road-trip out West, I expect the Cubs to jump out early against the contact pitcher who hasn’t pitched into the 7th in his last 5 starts. On the flipside, while Ted Lilly (5-5, 5.23) has been up-n-down all season, the lefty looked solid in his last start (7.1 innings, 2 ER, 8 SO) and will be facing the worst road team in the majors (7-21) who will be without lethal slugger Chipper Jones. Even with his historic numbers as we close-in on the midway point of the season, ATL is only sitting at .500 and in the midst of a 3-game losing streak. With Chipper out, the Braves will be relying on Mark Teixeira to represent the middle of the line-up, but unfortunately, while he’s hitting .283 with 10 dongs this season, the former Ranger has been awful against lefties (.216, 3 dongs). And finally, this game’s on WGN tonight and I always invest my emergency-fund money on a Chi-Town game that’s televised…Cubs by 3-5 runs

Even though she's a Charger fan, she's famous, luvs a team from Cali, and fits my theme for LA's home-court advantage!

As the Hollywood stars pre-party with Vicodin and Caviar, I bet the Zenmaster is sitting with Mr. Bryant and giving the following speech:

“I don’t care if you have more bodies on you the Jack Nicholson at the Playboy Mansion, put your head down like an NBA groupie and get your grabby-azz to the FT line. I promise you the zebra’s cannot handle my mind games, and if you listen to my throbbing brain, you’ll be at the charity-stripe 20 times tonight.”

Watch Kobe attack the basketall relentlessly in Game 3!

No questions asked, the refs will attempt to even the discrepancy, but in my opinion, that only adds to the refereeing predisposition that drives hardwood fans Courtney Love-insane. While I could go on, I rather spend my time breaking down the game and some of the prop bets tonight.

While the Lakers have looked a little light in the frontcourt...

...I bet the unique home-crowd in LA pulls them thru!

I know this will shock you more than Shawn Kemp wearing a hat, but while I like the Lakers to win pretty easily, -9 seems like a dangerous backend cover by the Celts and I’m not playing this straight-up (of course, I’ll probably tease it down to 5 with the unda). After a couple emotional victories in Boston, I struggle to see the same type of efficient intensity from Doc’s crew with the unique atmosphere in LA. In addition, Kobe will not settle for jumpers and knows the refs will give him the benefit of the doubt when he attacks the rim tonight. Throw in the young Laker bench that’ll look much more comfortable at home and a bearded Spaniard looking to prove he has a lil Charles Oakley in him, and I’m more confident than Scott Baio at the bar in 1990 that the Lake Show controls this contest from the onset.

Just like how much more dominant LSU is in-front of their home fans, I don't see Paulie able to ride the emotion like he did in Boston!

Even though Paulie’s injury was akin to a World Cup soccer flop, he’s been unbelievable in this series and is shooting an imaginable 88% from behind the arc (7-8). With that said, you have to think the travel and one less day of treatment for the somewhat out-of-shape Jaywalk will keep him from being as effective. Especially with his Boston faithful not in attendance and a chance he sits if the Lakers take a commanding lead, and I’d be surprised if he scores much more than 15 tonight…or continues to shoot like Mitch Richmond in NBA Jam from behind the arc…Pierce 14-18 points

While that's not KG...Mr. Garnett is #5!

While KG has been aggressive offensively to open the series, I think he’s due for one of those: “Why they hell does he keep kicking-it out to Rando”-type of games. Even in the Celtics Game 2 victory where they scored a whopping 108 points, Garnett only totaled 17 points (& 14 rebounds) and shot 37% from the field. And usually...(better Continue Reading Homeboys)

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June 11, 2008

Home of ATS Picks & Greggy G's Knowledge

“Your 6’4”, weight more than Will Purdue, and think ur gonna grab 20 rebounds…How much u wanna bet”

For years conspiracy theories have been rumored by fans and rogue journalists only to be treated as blasphemy from outlets such as the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network. While Tim Donaghy may be as creditable a witness as Roger Clemans, his claims that referees in the 2002 playoffs wanted a Laker victory to extend the series is extremely believable. As in an investor in that game, I remember it clearer than the first time a saw junior high boobalies. With the Kings trying to close out the series, the Lakers shot 27 FTs in the 4th quarter…yes, you heard me right, 27 frickin trips to the charity stripe in 12 minutes while the Kings didn’t scratch double-digit attempts. In addition, the infamous end of game exchange where Mike Bibby was literally shoved and cross-checked by Kobe and Bibby was then called for the foul know doesn't seem so incomprehensible.

Tim Donaghy laid down a Bombshell on the NBA

You can believe what you want, but I believe the degenerate gambler…I know, surprise, surprise. And finally, the most amazing aspect of this story was when Commissioner Stern was asked about the filed documentation by Donaghy’s attorney to the U.S. District Court and responded that he hadn’t read it, but had parts of it read to him…ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME! Considering this a bigger bombshell than a crooked ref because it implicates a crooked league, I was insulted he had the audacity to say it didn’t read it?! You know what Mr. Donaghy…you better get some eyes in the back of his head quickly.

After all the years of practice, you'd think Kobe would shoot his freebies better than 11 of 18

So what did you think of my Game 3 predictions Homeboys?

1. Bryant would live at the charity stripe after Game 3’s discrepancy
Result – Krabby Kobe shot 18
2. Oddly shaped Paul Pierce would score unda 20.5 points
Result – Paulie mustered 6 points on 2-14 shooting
3. Teasing the Lakers down to -5 with unda 100
Result – Winner Chicken Dinner
4. KG would total unda 33.5 points & rebounds
Result – Garnet was 6-21 and totaled 25 pts/reb

Looks like the down payment on the White Tiger for my lady is underway, and...

...the Celts missed seeing some Green in the crowd!

Now before I get to my baseball pick of the day, and since my predictions are hotter than a pole-dance from a chick that used to go to your High School, it's time for:


Sasha will be punched in the face before he retires

Lindsay Lo will be doing this in Vegas instead of the Movie Screen before Anchorman 2 comes out

Even though the Yanks don't have room in their OF, since Jose batted .563 with 4 Hrs & 10 RBIs against them last weekend I expect Cashman to grab him by the deadline.

Stickball in Heels will replace the WNBA before Rafael Nadal loses on clay again

Paying ova 18 million a year for two guys that A) has lower Slugging% than Cristian Guzman and B) has the highest ERA of any starter w/ more than 3 starts will get GM Dumb-browski fired by 2010

Speakin' of 2010, all states will finally allow same-sex marriages by then

And finally, The Demp will win Greggy G some coin today!

After last night’s 5-run loss, Grandpa Cox’s boys are a league worst 7-22 on the road and have a gimpy Chipper Jones (pinch-hit last night/questionable today). On the mound for the Braves tonight will be 22 year-old Jar Jar Binks (6-3, 3.77), and while he’s been solid to open the season, he’s had some control issues of late and only averaged 5 innings over his last 3 starts with an 8.40 ERA. Doing the tossing for Cub Nation will be the 6th best pitcher in the NL (wins 7 and ERA 2.90) with a line-up behind him that cannot be contained at home (.310 in Wrigley). While Dempster has looked human of late, he’s done a remarkable job of pitching out of jams and keeping the damage to a minimum (last 3 starts 3.63 ERA…all wins!). And finally, the occasional laziness that can be found during a long season, and has been apparent in Wrigleyville in year’s past, seems to have vanished with another year of Sweet & Salty Lou and a vibe that a championship could be on the horizon (does that tickle your ball or what?). As for tonight’s final score…

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June 12, 2008

Cubs, Bears, NBA Finals, & ATS LUV

Aside from missing his entertaining artistry in the OF, thanks to Reed Johnson, the Cubs will be just fine!

Before we hit-up my Gamy 4 Finals anal-y-sis, I’d like to calm the Wrigleyville Faithful regarding Alfonso’s absence the next 6 weeks. With a line-up that doesn’t have an easy out and a former starter, Reed Johnson, replacing the worst OF since Barry “My heads suddenly bigger” Bonds ended his stint as the 1st stationary OF in history, I think Sweet & Salty Lou will be more thank ok (softball-looking-southsider Greg Luzinski was exceptionally bad as well). Johnson is the definition of a baseball-grinder with a kamikaze approach in the field, and is a solid .280 hitter for his career (.342 OB%). Besides shortening Lou’s bench, I honestly don’t see how this affects more than a couple games for the Cubbies the next month & a half…besides missing the fun adventures of Soriano when it’s sunny and there’s a pop-up.

Reed Johnson no longer has to wear this shirt!

Also, I had one of my peeps at Bears Training Camp & we discussed two things that stuck out like Ronny Jeremy in a crowd:

Just like this party, Urlacher showed-up at Training Camp!

1. After vowing not to attend, Brian “Where's Planned Parenthood” Urlacher showed up at Training Camp, which probably means he’s getting a lil more paper from da Bears. And if there’s anybody to thank, it’s Maurice “Greg Goose” Clarett, wait...I mean Ced Benson. With so much egg on their face from the Benson fiasco, da Bears can not afford another PR nightmare w/ a hold-out from Mr. Chicago Bear.

2. Have you seen their WR group…I swear half the Arena teams have a better class of pass-catchers. With headliners like Marty “slower by the day” Booker, Brandon “Alligator Arms” Llyod, and Mark “getting paid to sit in the training room was a great career choice” Bradley, do you really think Brett Favre could make these guys look good, let alone Rex “I have compromising pictures of Jerry Angelo” Grossman and Kyle “too much Drinky” Orton...yeah, this is gonna be a painful year Homeboys.


No matter how aggressive these two are tonight, I don't think many fouls will be called...same thing for the Celts & Lakers

1. If there was an ova/unda on the number of foul calls tonight, I’d invest all 264 of my Spud Webb rookie cards and my Kobe Tai’s some-what real feeling…ah, abdominal-area plastic thing that it goes UNDA. With the Donaghy controversy and the crazy home-court FT advantages so far, it’s much easier for the refs to avoid a discrepancy if the foul differential is 6 to 4.

As Celtic fans know, it's too bad he's wearin that shirt!

2. Because of the Rondo’s injury, I’m taking the UNDA (191.5). I’ve never seen a team struggle more bringing ball up the court then when Cassell & House tried to replace Rojan? Even more embarrassing was the fact that the harassment was coming from Farmar & Fisher. By the time they finally initiated the offense, there was less than 10 seconds on the shot-clock for KG and Paulie to miss an open jumper. I expect more of the same problems tonight, and possibly even Paulie & Shuttlesworth being forced to bring the ball up the court. Also, the injury to Rondo means more minutes for Sam I Am Not Pretty, and he looks like a dude on a last place team in a contract year jacking-up shots. And finally, my lack of fouls called theory tonight means less freebies and more frustration.

While LA fans probably luv the 2-3-2 format because they get to party for 8 days, it's not fair for the Celtics!

3. While I initially called for a Celtic win in 7, I’m starting to doubt the pick. To start, the 2-3-2 format is ridiculous and completely unfair to the higher seed. Three straight seems like an eternity for a team on the road and could possibly put enormous pressure on a fragile Celtic squad that would normally feel ok heading home 2-2. In theory, winning all your home goes would actually give the lower seed the lead in a series, momentum, and add elimination game pressure for a team that should never have it.

While it won't be because of his son, the Lakers will win!

4. As for my prediction, the Lakers will win tonight, but I might be an Ann Coulter and tease it down (-3) with the Unda (195.5). Paulie misses the home-crowd adrenaline more than anybody, and I believe the flight and only two days rest between games (they had 3 after his World Cup flopping injury), has taken a toll on the physique-challenged Jayhawk. In addition, my Homeboy KG seems rattled and lacking confidence as the Lakers dare him to shoot. Throw-in the Lakers crazy white-boys off the bench playing like Hollywood stars in LA, and by the time I finish writing this I may take the Lakers straight-up! (BTW, is there a worse finisher around the bucket than Luke Walton…he reminds me of Doug Gottlieb at the FT-line)

*I know my email comes out later, but that just means you need to come to IP.com sooner Homeboys!

Thinks always look better during the day!

As for my anal-y-sis, more picks, and friendly faces, you better click Continue Reading below…

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June 13, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Kobe Hatin'

Krabby Kobe is showing his true colors when it matters

As mentioned at nauseam, for all the talk that Kobe has turned into the quintessential teammate, the Lakers being a family is a bigger joke than GM Jerry Angelo saying he likes his QB situation. While nobody outside of King James can beat you one-on-one like Bryant, making your teammates better does not just entail a beautiful kick-out to a wide-open shooter. As the stakes have been raised, Kobe’s true colors have shown thru and we see that the one they call Black Mamba bites his own. I honestly believe the Lakers are afraid to make a mistake, miss a shot, or not give up the rock to their superstar. With his deadly stare, arms flung in disbelief, & embarrassing scoldings, the young Lakers look like their in a bad marriage and walkin on egg-shells the tighter things get (btw, Kobe shot 31%, his teammates shot 45%).

U think Kobe's ever thrown a pool-party for his teammates?

When asked by a reporter what he said to his teammates as their leader, Kobe responded: “Nothing”. Sure the Zenmaster shares the blame and has never been able to break thru for more than brief stretches with his star, but watching the end of the game summed-up why he’ll never be considered a leader in my eyes. Some will say His Airness had many of the some traits, but those cats don’t know a basketball from a blueball. To tell you the truth, I was one of those cynical fans in the 90s rooting against MJ because he seemed so frickin cocky, but as the years past, I became smarter than Lou Piniella and realized he walked a fine line. Take a step to the right and your teammates know you’re trying make them better, but take a step left, and nobody wants to play with you. You have a couple more changes to prove me wrong Mr. Mamba, but from what I’ve seen, you make Naomi Campbell look like Mother Teresa.

Ainge grabbin Posey & House makes him GM of the year

Props to the Celts & Doc…watching them feed off each other is what sports are all about. I’ve been extremely critical of some of Doc’s maneuvers early in the playoffs, but he’s learned from those mistakes and become a better coach on the fly. I’ve never been a Celtic fan, but watching them come together reminds me of my Church League Championship squad in 1989 where our motto before every game was: “Where we going for pizza!” Throw-in some an Eddie House & James Posey and I’m quickly falling in luv with this team!

The Yanks line-up is too stacked not to break out!

As for why I'm rollin' with the Bombers...better click Continue Reading below

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June 14, 2008


Stop right there, I gotta know right now, before we go any further do you love me? Will you love me forever, do you need me?

2008 MLB RECORD: 16-11

Today is a story of home team dominance mixed with mid season minor league call ups. And my opinion on pitchers being called up goes like this....if they were that good to begin with they would have been in the starting rotation at the beginning of the year. So just cause they are in the bigs now doesn't make them any better than what they showed the coaching staff back in February. It is kinda like leavin' the bar with the 250+....you can tell your friends that you got laid, but it doesn't compare to getting laid by any of the other women in the bar that turned you down. With that, have fun with that monopoly money today and go cougar hunting after dark.

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June 15, 2008


I thought my Saturday picks were as good as these three, but who was I kidding....

2008 MLB RECORD: 16-14

Well fellas, all 3 of my picks fell on their face yesterday. Somehow, the Dodgers, Braves, and Twinkies all managed to win convincingly on the road on the same friggin' day. If I had the time to track it, I would post a wager that it wouldn't happen again the rest of the year. But the past is the past and all I know is that I am 0-3 going into today, and I traditionally finish out the weekend at least a game above .500. So ride me like I am your best friends mom! For those Father's out there, have a great day, and for those who don't think they have kids, if you are over 30, chances are you have one running around somewhere, so just pretend you have one and take the day for yourself!
I've got 2 for you on Sunday Funday!!

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June 16, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks


With Alfonso in street clothes for awhile, I'm expecting a huge month from Mr. Ramirez

1. After years of absentminded play in the field and the occasional lackadaisical jog to 1st , the slimmed down Aramis Ramirez has played this season with an Albert Puljos-type of locked-in passion and I bet his numbers soar in the 2nd half.

It's not a good sign that she has as much coaching experience sitting on the bench as Vinny Del Negro!

2. How the hell can GM Johnny Pax tell us with a straight-face that Vinny Del Negro was his 1st choice? Even worse, he’s been evaluating the position since X-Mas and goes from the offensive-minded D’antoni, to the veteran defensive guru Dougie Collins, before settling on a guy with absolutely no experience…now that’s what I call heading in a sound direction!

Just like our friend's match-up here, I think the Celtics will have plenty of confidence heading home!

3. Watching Sasha Vujacic’s meltdowns as he agonizes over his awful play has been more enjoyable than watching A-Rod crap down his leg every year in the Playoffs.

4. As a life-long Camaro-driving Sox fan it pains me to say this…but the Southsiders are beyond boring and I’d be shocked if their above .500 by season’s end.

5. After initially enjoying the Jeff Van Gundy/Mark Jackson combo in the booth, as the playoffs have progressed their analysis has turned into a competition of who has better coaching credentials…on each frickin’ possession!

6. And finally, Videobox.com is worth every penny!

With that, let’s find an ATS play on tonight’s tiny docket

Anytime the Rockies see a fan drinking Coors Light they know their in a happy place!

While Rockies phenom Ubaldo Jimenez (1-6, 4.93) has struggled this season after looking dominate in last year’s playoffs (’07 Playoffs: 3 starts - 2.25 ERA), he looked sharp in his last outing at Coors (7 innings, 4 hits, 0 runs) and is overdue for some run-support. Colorado seemed to open the season with a hangover after their unexpected World Series appearance, but has finally started to regain their mojo winning 4 of their last 6. The biggest reason for their recent success has been the reemergence of Willy Taverez at the top of the line-up (last 6 games - .300 w/ 9 stolen bases). Throw-in last year’s MVP candidate Matt Holiday and Garrett Atkins ridiculous numbers at home (.346 & .353) and I expect the Rockies to sneak back into the NL West race ova the next month. As for the Braves...

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June 17, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS picks

I'm hopeful Javon has better days ahead!

Quickly, the Insidplays team would like to send out our thoughts to Javon Walker and his family after he was found unconscious on the streets of Vegas following a robbery. Talk about a poor guy with Dillon McKay 90210 after the Noxzema Chick dies-kind of luck…after a breakout Pro Bowl season in only his 3rd year with Green Bay, the clouds have darkened for Mr. Walker:

1. After initially tryin' to negotiate a new contract, Favre pleaded for Javon to return w/ the thought another huge year would bring him the coin he desired. Walker finally reported to camp, but proceeded to blow-out his ACL in the opener & missed the remainder of the season.

2. After a long rehab, the Packers traded Javon to Denver in the off-season…which meant going from Brett Favre to Jake Plummer.

3. Following the final game of his 1st season with the Broncos, Javon & teammate Darrent Williams decided to celebrate in downtown Denver. The evening ended with their limo being sprayed w/ bullets resulting in a deceased & bloody Williams landing in Walker’s lap. It turned out a confrontation between the shooter and teammate Brandon Marshall, not Williams & Walker, was the cause of the horrific event.

4. Walker vowed to dedicate his season to Williams only to struggle with knee injuries throughout the year. After the Broncos were unable to find a trading partner for Javon, he was released and ended-up signing w/ the lowly Raiders.

6. And now, following the Vegas incident, he's strugglin' w/ "significant injuries" after he was robbed of cash & jewelry.

Hopefully they’ll be brighter days ahead for Mr. Walker, and more importantly, the madness surrounding many professional athletes can be resolved in the coming years. But particularly in Sin City, I’m shocked these things don’t happen more often...my azz is afraid walking down the strip when I’ve won a couple hundred bucks and a Bellagio buffet voucher.

Just an FYI for Cubs fans tonight, Rays hurler Scott Kazmir is nastier than...yeah, you get the picture

While I feel bad for Chien-Ming, I have to admit reading the headline "MRI Needed On Wang" made me laugh like a school-girl. As for a Greggy G prediction, the loss of Mr. Wang will surely keep the already starting pitching-depleted Yanks from making their annual trip to the postseason.

For all the bitchin' about what a travesty it was they didn't fire Willie Randolph before having to fly to Anaheim...give me a frickin' break. A chartered flight with gourmet meals and stewardesses like this...what a rough life for a millionaire.

And I agree with my Homeboy Larry the Legend...watching the Mets absolutely choke the end of the 2007 season & sleepwalk through the 1st half of 2008 has been more embarrassing than firing a guy after everyone’s a sleep. Seriously, a chartered flight that’s probably cooler than my house, getting to enjoy a postgame meal that rivals a Sports Bar in Heaven, and not being able to answer questions from the media about how you feel about losing your job…that must suck. With that, enough BS and time to get some ATS Luv...

I studied this play hard & can't come up w/ anyway KG doesn't come close to 40 pts & rebs

KEVIN GARNETT (OVA 32.5 points & bounds)
In what KG described as a “garbage” performance in Game 5, the passionate forward still totaled 27 pts & rebs in 33 foul plagued minutes...while only sinking one FT (1-4 from the line). Tonight, especially with Perkins (shoulder) not able to control the glass even if he plays, I expect Garnett to snag at least 16 rebounds and look to attack the basket early n’ often. The Lakers don't have an answer for his combination of size & quickness, and with him riled-up more than normal, I can’t see how they contain him for two straight games…
KG’s final numbers 20 points 17 rebounds

While I have no idea if she's still even a Celtic Dancer, just like yesterday, from here on out everytime the Celtics, Sox, or Patriots, are my ATS pick you'll see our cute lil friend!

The opening game of the series went unda (186), and following some jetlag & a change of venue in Game 3 we saw another easy unda (168)…which means with only a day of rest, a flight, and a return to the ruckus atmosphere in the Garden we’ll see another point total that goes unda. Especially with the lockdown D the Celtics displayed the final three quarters in games 4 & 5 (LA averaged 20 pts per quarter in the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th) after looking lackadaisical in both opening quarters (LA averaged 37 pts in 1st quarter), Doc will make sure they don’t allow Kobe to explode to start things off tonight. The Lakers did their damage with open looks in transition so expect the Celtics to keep the tempo at a snails past from the onset. In addition, KG claimed he was lousy in Game 5 so look for the Defensive MVP to have even more energy than normal & to avoid the silly fouls that only kept him on the floor for 33 minutes. While the LakeShow bench has the ability to catch fire from deep...

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June 18, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks

What's amazing is the picture doesn't even have this goof



1. The Lakers have more useless white-dudes than my buddies and me when they circled for house-dancing at Prom.

Just like Posey, just cause someone's dirty doesn't mean they shouldn't be invited over

2. While every Chicagoan spews hatred for James Posey like he’s the brother of John Starks, if they knew anything about ball they’d want him assisting Vinny Del Scott Baio to toughen-up the bitch-azz Bullies.

You the man Paulie...You the Frickin' Man!

3. Paulie Pierce and his oddly-shaped body shouldn’t be able to do the things he does…like matching-up with Kobe & dominating him like Jesse Spano dominated that cracker in the pool during Showgirls!

I think Phil's coaching the LakeShow for two reasons...
$$$ and his front office friend!

4. I really don’t think the Zenmaster cares anymore…Starting Vlad Radmanovic ova any other option on the bench is like casting a thespian ova a no-talent hottie in a summer blockbuster.

Just like Rondo's arms, her legs seem to never end

5. Forgot about Rajon Rondo’s 21 points…how bout 8 ass, 7 reb, 6 stls, & 1 turnover! With his combination of athleticism & Manute Bol-wingspan, he’s a nightmare for every PG for years to come.

Shaving this work of art would be stupid...

6. Referee Joey Crawford’s decision to shave his head might be the worse decision since Dmitri Young decided to shave this masterpiece

Do you think Mrs. Gasol married Pau for his looks?

7. In Pulp Fiction, is The Gimp supposed to be the lovechild of Sam Cassell and Pau Gasol?...and yes, that is Mrs. Gasol Homeboys!

These 2 definitely didn’t go 2 Eddie’s House of Celebration!

8. And finally, I demand Eddie House at my next party and I want a chest-bump every time we slam a class of Sangria together!

While Pax has made some strange decisions in the past, I trust he'll make the easiest decision of his life next week!

To start, I absolutely luv Beasley’s comments to the media at the Bulls practice facility regarding the overreaction that his listed height in college didn’t match his combine measurements:

"It's a little disappointing to me to find out I'm actually a midget”

While 90% of NBA draft gurus are duped by GMs completely using them to report misinformation, as we get closer to draft day, I’m surprised to see more and more experts jumping on my Michael Beasley-bandwagon. With NBA 3-point range, a silky smooth mid-range game, an array of post-moves, a pair of mitts with magnets, and a rebounding prowess that cannot be coached, at just ova 6-8 with underrated athleticism the lefty will immediately dominate at either forward position. As for his height, remember what they said about Kobe Tai when she broke on the scene in 1994 - “She’s too tiny to handle the grind of this business”…and next thing you know it’s 2003 and I’m checking out the new release “Jenna Loves Kobe”

I have luv for only two Kobe's...Beef & Tai!

Speaking of Kobe, after predicting Mr. Bryant was too selfish and demeaning to his running-mates for a LakeShow victory, how nice was it see his azz blown-out last night and moping on the sideline…it was similar to the joy I found watching Roger Clemens squirm as he lied to Congress. Alrighty Homeboys, enough chit-chat and time to put the women & midgets to bed and go lookin for Caviar & Cristal

While I could see the Bulls gettin' distracted in Miami, I don't see the Cubs havin' the same problem in the Tampa Dome!

If you want my breakdown and some flawless hotties, better click Continue Reading below…

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June 19, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Pick of the Day

I wonder if Big Z's shoulder is sore from all the pointing!

Maybe the Rays will be around come playoff time...after watching them face both Chicago team's, no squad has the combination of speed, defense, a solid bullpen, no expections, and no pressure from the few fans in the stadium. As for watching Zambrano's ackward throw and what it could mean for the Cubs, with a loaded line-up, decent starting pitching depth, and enough $$$ to find somone easier than Vivid Entertainment can find a damaged newbie for "18 and Ready for Fun", there's nuttin' to worry about Cub Fans.

I bet (legally) Soto would've at least given A.J. a black eye

To prep you like a fluffer in the Adult World for the Wrigleyville Weekend of Madness, make sure to check in tomorrow for my position by position breakdowns...and for each player that I deem worthy for the Greggy 's Chicago All-Star Squad, I'll have a hottie in minimal attire that most reminds me of that player...talk about MFin journalistic creativity Homeboys!

As for who has hotter fans...

...it all depends on what kind of mood your in!

DAY BASEBALL PICK & HOTTIE (click Continue Reading below)

* If you only read this when you get my 2:00 pm email, that’s your fault for not checking earlier…I mean, who doesn’t like a little thong action at 10 AM?!

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June 20, 2008


(...with a hottie to match each diamond winner!)

While Soto's numbers at the dish are redonkulous, his passion behind the plate and confidence with the staff are what makes him so special to Lou!

No matter how much I love the surly left-handed a-hole’ish A.J., no backstop is more dangerous than the soul-pole swinging Soto…and I’m talking eating space-cakes, shrooms on a pizza, lost my Homeboys and wandering the streets of Amsterdam late night-dangerous! Even with Pierzynski hitting ova .300 and unexpectedly holding his own in the 2-spot, Geovany’s numbers rival most 3rd baseman while he’s shown a veteran maturity handling the pitching staff…I’ll take Soto by two Micky’s Ice 40s and a bag of Chili Fritos ova AJ

At first I thought Justene was perfect to represent Geovany, but I later found out she's only half Puerto Rican.

So instead, I'm going with my fav Puerto Rican V-ball playa Lyann Puig

While I wouldn't want him on my side in a streetfight, I will take him on my Greggy G ball squad!

Even if he was hitting .320 with 15 dongs...


June 21, 2008


I'm f**ckin' hot, deal wit it...

2008 MLB RECORD: 18-14
I'm gonna keep this simple, I love a couple games today and am looking for a new bff, click below to see if I found one....

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June 22, 2008

Home of Greggy G's still really drunk ...and posting for Teasin' T-Bone's sorry azz

I'm expecting both teams to bust out again 2night!

Because they have Aramis, we have some dude named Wise, it's on TV and the ova is so much more fun to root for...and cause I said so BEEATCH!

June 23, 2008

Home of too much drinky this weekend

This isn't your step-daughter's Cub team...instead of guys like Gaetti & Mabry at the corners, you have frickin All-stars and stadium full of hotties...so stop giving me shiznit!

Even though I’ve told you for months my Sox suck & will piss away their lead in a terrible division...and that the Cubbies have a lethal line-up anchored by a slimed down Aramis & a hilarious manager, thank you for the 150 text messages that read: “White Sux”…wow, very creative Homeboys, you should get a website. While I’m a southsider till Leonard Little hits me w/ a car, I’m too frickin' busy (and popular) to waste my time following a shitty ball-club all summer and decided early-on not to invest in the '08 White Sux (how creative…I used your stupid-azz quote). Yours truly is busy getting together an NBA draft report that will blow your mind like Paris in hotel room, so stop giving me shiznit for a team I’m not watching. With that, I’m rolling to 7-11 for a Smirnoff Ice and some JuJu Bees…the classic hangover antidote.

I'll be catching tonight's ATS play on Direct TV!

Want to know why….

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June 24, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Luv

Before we get to my NBA Draft Sleeper of the Day, my ATS Diamond selections, and my favorite nighttime attire for a friendly female, let's take a look at a few headlines from yesterday...

While Makin' it Rain Pac-Man Jones probably was submitted to some racism during one of his six arrests, listening to Don Imus pull the race card in defense of Jones is like having Barry Bonds scream from the mountain tops: "I Love White People...especially Jeff Kent!". Stick to your redneck garbage Imus...at least that way you don't sound like a fraud.

While everybody's talkin' about Shaq's dissing of Kobe during his freestyle at a club Sunday, did u actually hear MC Diesel's attempted rap? It sounded like it was written by a kindergardener, not to mention, Ditka had a smoother flow singing the National Athem at Wrigley!

And finally, while I was saddened to hear the original and my favorite MILF/Cougar was headed to rehab for psychological problems, please don't tell me it was because...

...she's still upset her former friend D. Rich had shagged former husband Richie Sambora...

...it's cause she remembers she let his lil swimmers go for a ride!

Enought trash...time to find a hidden gem for Thursday's Draft!
KOSTA KOUFOS C 7-1 265 lbs Ohio State
Freshman Stats: 14.4 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 1.8 bpg 51-fg% 35-3pt%
While he may look like he needs his beauty sleep, GMs in need of a skilled big would be crazy to sleep on Mr. Koufos!

The Ohio-native came to the Buckeyes with some ridiculous hype and was expected to carry a squad that lost virtually their entire starting line-to the NBA following a NCAA Championship game appearance. While Kosta has a nice jumper w/ 3-point range and can play with his back to the basket, he never seemed comfortable in Thad Matta’s system and struggled early in Big Ten play. What was impressive was how he fought through some inconsistent play to finish the season strong (averaged 18 ppg ova his last 6 games) and definitely has a game better suited for the pro-level. While he’s not an unbelievable athlete or rebounder, he measured over 7-feet at the combine with a 7-4 wingspan, is naturally strong, and should improve his numbers on the glass once he hits the weight-room with some consistency.

Overall, you’ll struggle to find a player in this year’s draft with his size and skill set that has mean streak and passion for playing on the hardwood. When compared to players like Brook Lopez, I think Koufos has much more of an upside and could become the best center taken in this year’s draft. While he’s projected between 14-18, if Love is off the board for the Cats O Bob at #9, I think he’s a perfect fit alongside Okafor long-term and will be big-time contributor by year three. If MJ and Larry Brown decided they’d rather have the more NBA-ready player like Lopez, the Nets at #10 should be drooling to pair Koufos with their plethora of young athletic rebounders & shot-blockers that struggle at the offensive end.

Previously reviewed Greggy G Sleepers:
J.J. Hickson PF NC St.
Donte’ Green SF Syracuse

After losing their last 9 on the road and gettin' embarrassed ova the weekend, you think Ozzie has started smokin' ?

The combination of a cross-town hangover and the pressure of trying to prevent a double-digit losing streak on the road means...

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June 25, 2008

Greg Gamble's ATS Magic & NBA Draft Luv

With the NBA Draft only a day away, I had trouble sleeping like it was the day before X-Mas or the day after my High School girl told me we should skip 2nd base altogether. As for my hotter than Denise Richards & Neve Campbell getting to know each other-Draft Report, check in 1st thing tomorrow for GM Greggy G's team-by-team selections...and of course, a swimsuit to match each pick! Until then, here's a few quick thoughts and a Cubs ATS play that seems way too easy!

To start, I apologize for not acknowledging the B-Day of the greatest actor & musician of my lifetime, but to tell you the truth, everyday that passes since I convinced myself 2pac & Biggie were on an island making a double-disk…the reality of his death creeps closer. Much luv always Tupac and thanks for making this dorky-white kid think he was a thug for throwing in “All Eyez on Me” and mixing-up “One part Alize, One part Cristal” for all my frat parties.

With that, let's roll into some of my favorite draft moments...

First off, my favorite part of the draft process is when the NBA experts analyze who had more passion in the one-on-one contests...that's like deciding on the 90210 pilot w/ just Brandon & Brenda and not witnessing their chemisty w/ the entire cast.

btw, it's only been a couple years since he was a lottery pick...

...you think the NBA has changed Robert Swift at all?

Did I mention how stupid the one-on-one analysis's are?

As for my favorite draft attire...gotta luv LJ!

As for the craziest lottery selection, I told my Homeboys for months that Redick & Morrison were unbelievable college players, but would never be drafted in the lottery because they couldn't play D... I guess MJ saw something different with the 3rd pick. Alrighty, let's jump into some ATS baseball so I can finish-up my kick-azz draft review.

I'm guessing your better Continue Reading below to find out why...

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June 26, 2008


After much debate, I was forced to move Drew from #1

Anybody can produce ten versions of a mock draft after being lied to for months by GMs and scouts…aka smokescreen…kinda like having a top-10 list of adult performers and basing your selections on who looked like they liked you the best. Even more ridiculous is the claim that you grab the best player available instead of what your need.. Sure, if your planning on trading the pick, I understand the logic, but if your desperate for a position or can’t stomach a dude with a huge posse…PICK WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR TEAM! With that, I give you MY most logical selections if I were GM, what the so-called mock experts pick, and most importantly, a beautiful hottie that best represents each selection…enjoy Homeboys:

I guess scoring 39, grabbing 11 bounds, swatting 3 shots, and knocking down 4 of 7 from behind the arc in only 31 minutes against the National Champs isn't that impressive!

PF/SF 6-8 239 lbs Age: 19 Kansas St.
Who they’re projected to take: DERRICK ROSE

In todays pick n roll/pop NBA world, Beasley’s combination of a silky-smooth/quick-release J & a ridiculous ability to finish w/ either hand in traffic will be beyond nightmarish for every opponent to defend. While I’ll admit his antics ova the last few weeks had me thinking of a young Punky Brewster (not in that way), every time I witnessed him touch the floor at Kansas St. I saw a confident S.O.B. with a dominating presence & win at cost-passion for the game. With an AAU-type coach, the best squads in the country triple-teaming him, and watching him maneuver with ease against collapsing zones, his ability to light-up teams more often than Smokey in Friday was absolutely jaw-dropping.

While Rose will be a phenomenal addition to the Bulls, for all the criticism of the current Chi-town guards, they’ve never had an inside presence or go-to scorer to loosen things on the perimeter. In addition, Paxson’s current overprized & undersized backcourt will not bring-in what most fans think on the trade market, while Drew Gooden’s expiring contract & efficient low-post play…or T-Time’s still oozing potential would bring back twice as much. I know I’m in the minority, and it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion, but don’t bitch to me when The Bease is averaging 25 & 10 and taking his team to the finals by year four.

While I think Beasley would be flawless in the Bullie home-whites, I guess Pax sees something I don't.

PG 6-3 196 lbs Age: 19 Memphis
Who they’re projected to take: MICHAEL BEASLEY

The lightning quick, athletic guard is only missing a consistent J and natural passing instincts to instantly become GM Johnny Pax’s savior. While he’s an unbelievable kid and a lock to be a dominate PG for the next 15 years, I believe pairing him w/ a superstar early in his career is much more of a necessity than people realize…and unfortunately, any backcourt running mate Vinny Del Baio picks (Capt. Turnover Kirk, the undersized/defenseless Gordon, & Lazy Larry Hughes) might actually stunt his growth. I luv ya Rose, and that’s why I want to see you running with D-Wade & GM L.A. Looks in South Beach.

While Rose seems nicer than a girl with a stuffed kitty on her back, does that make his jumper any better?

SG 6-4 200 lbs Age: 20 USC
Who they’re projected to take: O.J. MAYO

While I don’t know how he fits on the Wolves w/ a game similar to Randy Foye, everybody and Shawn Kemp’s 24 baby's mamas want him after the big two. Whether they believe they can fit him alongside Foye or trade him for twice the value, McHale & his hairy armpits has no choice but to take him. After earning a star for being overrated & selfish on my Draft Board early in the year, watching him mature ova the course of the season & handle the hype surrounding his status was astounding. Throw-in a ridiculous cross-ova, range well-beyond the arc, and some underrated ball-handling that would make Brandi Belle proud, he’s simply too talented to pass-up. As for the scandals & payoffs circulating about him…what else do expect from a kid from USC.

While some blame O.J. for the scandal, trouble always seems to find kids wearing the USC crimson

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June 27, 2008

Greggy G's Cubs/Sox ATS Prediction

It looks like he's wants to be a future White Sox player...and if he is, he better practice runnin' slow and strikin' out a lot! (Sorry, I'm still pissed my baseball team is eventually gonna be in 3rd place and that Pax didn't have the balls to take Beasley.)

While I'm Southsider for life, I'll admit your fans...

...are a little bit sweeter than our fans!

torturedfanbase.com ...this is my Homeboys site, so check it out if ur an azz-clown Cub fan too or just want to read some funny shiznit.
They even made a sweet T-shirt to wear on the South Side.

The Dikembe Mutombo of the diamond, Jose “no-way I’m 36” Contreras has slipped back to his 2007 “I can’t handle my divorce so I’m pitching like shiznit”-approach. Over his last three starts, Contreras is 0-3 with a 10.13 ERA and been hit around like a piñata. While the Sox just won 2 out of 3 in LA against a lousy squad (coached by a dude needin' to pull his hat down a little & decide if he’s really going to finish his Hall of Fame career looking like he’s managing an old-timers game…aka Joe Torre), they only mustered 8 runs and still only score when Dye & Quentin are rolling. On the mound for the Cubbies, suddenly-Cy Young Ryan Dempster (9-2, 2.63) will look to hit double-digit victories for the first time since 2002. As for how the Cubbies will handle the DH, let’s just say our DH sucks and the Cubs have 3 guys on their bench I’d luv to have. And finally, while the Sox may be a lil jet-lagged & probably aren’t excited to come home to cigarettes in the sleeve groupies, the Cubs are only traveling across town & would luv to embarrass Ozzie and the Southsiders again. Yes, I'm a Sox fan...and I think we'll get our azz-kicked.
Cubs by 3 to 4 runs

As for which team has better female attire...

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June 28, 2008


Since my Wimbledon time with Ana got cut short......

and she is the best thing in golf this weekend.....

my focus will stay with the ladies that know all about a bat and balls!!!

2008 MLB RECORD: 20-14

After the Cubs disappointed my homey Greggy G yesterday, I'm guessing a good night sleep has them in a different mindset. I've also got some pretty strong opinions on whether the Braves brought their passports to Canada and just which New York team took the subway and which took limos to the game today. Click below to see my picks, and as always, I'm guessing my past girlfriends will somehow get their pictures posted as well.


June 29, 2008


She still can't believe that T-Bone went 1-2 yesterday, but she knows I have something special for her today.

2008 MLB RECORD: 21-16

Thankfully my Canadian friends to the north were able to pull something out for me yesterday, cause my Cubbies have put themselves in a tough place and the Yanks reminded me of yesteryear. So on to Sunday Funday we go, I don't know about you, but I'm having a tough time staying away from the Windy City for a third day in a row.....


June 30, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks

While the pickings of free agent RBs are slim (and some not so slim), I believe once Kevin Jones fully recovers from his knee injury he'll be the most productive option

I agree Adriana...I can't wait for football season either!

Every time I rip my White Sox, they respond with an Alyssa Milano Poison Ivy 2-type of effort. With that being said, with the Twins & Tigers laying in the weeds & plenty of BBQs to crash this summer, I’m still not convinced the Southsiders are worth my valuable time & will eventually be sitting around .500 (and yes, I’m a pessimist that doesn’t like the thought of Konerko returning & moving Swish back to CF). As for the Chicago “We’re solid except for our skill positions”-Bears, I was disappointed to hear they did not attend RB Kevin Jones’s “I need a Job”-work-out. For the right price, grabbin' the former Hokie & the recently released Najeh “poop in ur hamper” Davenport to solidify the fullback position would make too much sense for Jerry Angelo to actually bring them in. And finally, everyday that passes and GM Johnny Pax doesn’t trade one of his overpriced guards is another day to complain that we don’t have the Future Hall of Famer Michael Beasley.

Speaking of undersized Bulls guards, I wonder who will be paying Duhon to miss practices this year...NY?


Using Cardinal red for support is the sign I needed!

While I’ve never been a “bet-on-Kyle Lohse”-type of guy, he’s been solid this season (9-2, 3.94) and always seems to get nice run-support. Especially with his numbers at home...

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