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Greg Gamble's NBA Finals Preview

What can I say, I've done a flip-flop...Celtics baby!

Even though I predicted a LakeShow Championship 60 games into the season and have bashed Doc’s coaching ability more than Kimbo Slice bashes a cauliflower ear, after a weekend of analysis & inhibitors I found myself at the Dollar Store Monday looking for Celtic Zubaz & more Tom Collins Mix. While no one likes a flip-flopper unless you’re dealing with some late night drunken naughtiness, the combination of KG’s look of destiny and the defensive vibe they have at the Garden has me in a Harold Baines type of trance.

Mr. Garnett…it is your time...

...so make the kids from Boston proud!

Sure Showtime has the best player on the planet, the Zen Master perusing the sideline, a bunch of crazy Europeans feeling the flow, but I officially pulled a 180 on my finals prediction catching Kobe’s sit-down interview with ESPN over this weekend. His candid interview was full of laughs, Jordanesque smirks, and speaking of his teammates as if they were lucky he finally learned not to be an azzhole. On the lucky leprechaun side, I didn’t hear a peep and for some reason that sealed the deal for me.

How quickly will Kobe’s friendly tone change?

How could u not luv those crazy Europeans?

And yes, I have been a Kobinator hater at times and will admit watching the combination of Stephen Annoying Smith’s juvenile questions and #24 talk about how much he loves his teammates almost made me vomit, my prediction of a Celtic victory in Seven has more to do with the look of the Homeboys from Beantown!

The 3 Amigos have the passion & will shine like never before

While I watched Paulie dominate from the sidelines at Iowa St. and still can’t figure out how he does what he does with that strange looking physique, he’s become a different player this season/playoffs…not an ounce of fear and displaying much more of a controlled anger. As for Shuttlesworth, with Kobe forced to help on Pierce & KG, I expect him to finally look like the sweetest shooter on the planet, next to Dedric Willoughby of course, as he finds plenty of open-looks. And finally, while Garnett has looked passive at times during the postseason, if he matches his aggressiveness on offense with his passion on D and on the boards…even Dr. Phil won’t have an answer.

Don't worry Homeboys...we won't see this 2night!

While I’m confident the Three Amigos will have a solid night, the combination of The Garden’s excitement and Rondo’s smothering defense on Fisher, Vujacic, & Farmer will be something new for the LakeShow. Even though Boston doesn’t have a one-on-one match-up that can hinder Bryant, I believe their team defense will keep him from blowing-up in this series, especially on their court. Another instrumental aspect of this series is how well Perkins can play (or merely stay out of foul trouble) on Pau Gasol so KG can cover Odom. While I’m sure Gasol will have some big games, tonight...

While Kobe's harder to contain than these, she doesn't have the Celtic D on her side!

While I’m sure Gasol will have some big games, tonight I’m guessing it takes some time to get his feet wet and handle the ruckus atmosphere. The biggest advantage for LA is definitely in the depth and versatility of their bench, but just like for Gasol, look for them to have much more success near Hollywood. As for my prediction, I expect the Celtics to slowly build a lead by halftime and then come-out with more intensity than the lucky dude in scene 2 of Naughty Asian Nurses #4…Celtics by 7-11 points

Just like Tiff after Saved by the Bell & before 90210...

....I'm taking a lil break from baseball!


By Money Mike

I have to say that usually nothing GG says surprises me......but today I'm surprised. As much as Mr. Gamble blasted Doc this season and in the playoffs...... how can he say he thinks Boston wins the title? You have me baffled Greggy G! Let me give you my short laundry list as to why the Lakers will win the title in 5-6 games from both sides of the fence:

The Lakers have the best player on the planet, if the games are close (and most the of the time finals game are) I am putting my money on the mamba to close the deal.

Boston fans: "We have home court advantage, all we have to do is win our home games".

It all sounds good, but the pressure is even more intense in the finals. Especially for the home team. Boston has already shown weakness at home and the Lakers have showed they can win in the playoffs in the most hostile environments in the league (Denver, San Antonio and Utah). The Lake show will find a way to beat Boston in Boston atleast one time.

Boston fans:

"We win all the match ups except for Kobe". Perkins will bully Gasol, and Garnett will kill Odom on the block".

What you fools fail to realize is Gasol is going to guard Garnett and Odom will play Perkins. Good luck to Perkins trying to guard Odom at the top of the key and stop him from getting to the basket. And if they go down low, Odom will out board Perkins every day of the week. Gasol is long and will keep a 7'6" reach in Garnett's face to defend that 18 ft jumper he loves to shoot. Garnett likes the ball on the high block where he can face the basket and make decisions. That plays right into the hands of what Gasol and the Lakers try to do defensively.

Boston fans on their bench:....................................................

Silence on the match up between benches? Exactly! Who even knows who will play consistently off of Docs bench! Here is my best guess:

Farmar vs.. Cassell
Farmar wins this match up. A young spry Farmar will beat the wheel chair down the court every time.

Vujacic vs. House
Slight edge to Vujacic since House's minutes may be limited

Posey vs. Walton/Ariza

PJ Brown vs. Turiaf
Turiaf wins this match up. To much energy from Turiaf.

Big baby vs. Mbenga
wash....neither will probably play

Boston fans on coaching: ............................................

Again silence? Everyone knows that aside from the guy who coaches the Hawks (don't know his name) Doc was probably the worst coach in the playoffs this year. Phil will make small adjustments from game to game to keep Doc jumping up and down on the side line as he watches leads slip away or Laker leads grow.

Boston fans:

What about Rondo on D Fish? Rondo should have no problem getting to the basket!

Fisher is plenty ready for one dimensional Rondo. He had the #1A and #2 best PG's in the league as warm ups (Deron and Tony Longoria) in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the playoffs. Rondo trying to get in the paint every time he has the ball will be no surprise for Fisher. As for that inconsistent jumper that Rondo shoots, he will give him that shot all day long to keep him out the paint.


Boston fans:.........................

Are you kidding me? again silence? Only PJ Brown has been this deep in the playoffs? WOW.

Boston fans: Ray Ray will light up Kobe on offense and make him work to get his shot.

Are you kidding me? Kobe just finished lighting up one of the best defenders in the league (Bruce Bowen). The old ankles of Ray Ray will give the mamba no trouble at all. Good luck Boston fans counting on Ray Ray hitting a big shot down the stretch after chasing the mamba for 45 minutes!

What team has the best player?

L.A. does of course. Lakers split in Boston and finish the job in LA. Lakers in 5. enuff said!

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