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“Your 6’4”, weight more than Will Purdue, and think ur gonna grab 20 rebounds…How much u wanna bet”

For years conspiracy theories have been rumored by fans and rogue journalists only to be treated as blasphemy from outlets such as the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network. While Tim Donaghy may be as creditable a witness as Roger Clemans, his claims that referees in the 2002 playoffs wanted a Laker victory to extend the series is extremely believable. As in an investor in that game, I remember it clearer than the first time a saw junior high boobalies. With the Kings trying to close out the series, the Lakers shot 27 FTs in the 4th quarter…yes, you heard me right, 27 frickin trips to the charity stripe in 12 minutes while the Kings didn’t scratch double-digit attempts. In addition, the infamous end of game exchange where Mike Bibby was literally shoved and cross-checked by Kobe and Bibby was then called for the foul know doesn't seem so incomprehensible.

Tim Donaghy laid down a Bombshell on the NBA

You can believe what you want, but I believe the degenerate gambler…I know, surprise, surprise. And finally, the most amazing aspect of this story was when Commissioner Stern was asked about the filed documentation by Donaghy’s attorney to the U.S. District Court and responded that he hadn’t read it, but had parts of it read to him…ARE YOU FRICKIN KIDDING ME! Considering this a bigger bombshell than a crooked ref because it implicates a crooked league, I was insulted he had the audacity to say it didn’t read it?! You know what Mr. Donaghy…you better get some eyes in the back of his head quickly.

After all the years of practice, you'd think Kobe would shoot his freebies better than 11 of 18

So what did you think of my Game 3 predictions Homeboys?

1. Bryant would live at the charity stripe after Game 3’s discrepancy
Result – Krabby Kobe shot 18
2. Oddly shaped Paul Pierce would score unda 20.5 points
Result – Paulie mustered 6 points on 2-14 shooting
3. Teasing the Lakers down to -5 with unda 100
Result – Winner Chicken Dinner
4. KG would total unda 33.5 points & rebounds
Result – Garnet was 6-21 and totaled 25 pts/reb

Looks like the down payment on the White Tiger for my lady is underway, and...

...the Celts missed seeing some Green in the crowd!

Now before I get to my baseball pick of the day, and since my predictions are hotter than a pole-dance from a chick that used to go to your High School, it's time for:


Sasha will be punched in the face before he retires

Lindsay Lo will be doing this in Vegas instead of the Movie Screen before Anchorman 2 comes out

Even though the Yanks don't have room in their OF, since Jose batted .563 with 4 Hrs & 10 RBIs against them last weekend I expect Cashman to grab him by the deadline.

Stickball in Heels will replace the WNBA before Rafael Nadal loses on clay again

Paying ova 18 million a year for two guys that A) has lower Slugging% than Cristian Guzman and B) has the highest ERA of any starter w/ more than 3 starts will get GM Dumb-browski fired by 2010

Speakin' of 2010, all states will finally allow same-sex marriages by then

And finally, The Demp will win Greggy G some coin today!

After last night’s 5-run loss, Grandpa Cox’s boys are a league worst 7-22 on the road and have a gimpy Chipper Jones (pinch-hit last night/questionable today). On the mound for the Braves tonight will be 22 year-old Jar Jar Binks (6-3, 3.77), and while he’s been solid to open the season, he’s had some control issues of late and only averaged 5 innings over his last 3 starts with an 8.40 ERA. Doing the tossing for Cub Nation will be the 6th best pitcher in the NL (wins 7 and ERA 2.90) with a line-up behind him that cannot be contained at home (.310 in Wrigley). While Dempster has looked human of late, he’s done a remarkable job of pitching out of jams and keeping the damage to a minimum (last 3 starts 3.63 ERA…all wins!). And finally, the occasional laziness that can be found during a long season, and has been apparent in Wrigleyville in year’s past, seems to have vanished with another year of Sweet & Salty Lou and a vibe that a championship could be on the horizon (does that tickle your ball or what?). As for tonight’s final score…


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