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Krabby Kobe is showing his true colors when it matters

As mentioned at nauseam, for all the talk that Kobe has turned into the quintessential teammate, the Lakers being a family is a bigger joke than GM Jerry Angelo saying he likes his QB situation. While nobody outside of King James can beat you one-on-one like Bryant, making your teammates better does not just entail a beautiful kick-out to a wide-open shooter. As the stakes have been raised, Kobe’s true colors have shown thru and we see that the one they call Black Mamba bites his own. I honestly believe the Lakers are afraid to make a mistake, miss a shot, or not give up the rock to their superstar. With his deadly stare, arms flung in disbelief, & embarrassing scoldings, the young Lakers look like their in a bad marriage and walkin on egg-shells the tighter things get (btw, Kobe shot 31%, his teammates shot 45%).

U think Kobe's ever thrown a pool-party for his teammates?

When asked by a reporter what he said to his teammates as their leader, Kobe responded: “Nothing”. Sure the Zenmaster shares the blame and has never been able to break thru for more than brief stretches with his star, but watching the end of the game summed-up why he’ll never be considered a leader in my eyes. Some will say His Airness had many of the some traits, but those cats don’t know a basketball from a blueball. To tell you the truth, I was one of those cynical fans in the 90s rooting against MJ because he seemed so frickin cocky, but as the years past, I became smarter than Lou Piniella and realized he walked a fine line. Take a step to the right and your teammates know you’re trying make them better, but take a step left, and nobody wants to play with you. You have a couple more changes to prove me wrong Mr. Mamba, but from what I’ve seen, you make Naomi Campbell look like Mother Teresa.

Ainge grabbin Posey & House makes him GM of the year

Props to the Celts & Doc…watching them feed off each other is what sports are all about. I’ve been extremely critical of some of Doc’s maneuvers early in the playoffs, but he’s learned from those mistakes and become a better coach on the fly. I’ve never been a Celtic fan, but watching them come together reminds me of my Church League Championship squad in 1989 where our motto before every game was: “Where we going for pizza!” Throw-in some an Eddie House & James Posey and I’m quickly falling in luv with this team!

The Yanks line-up is too stacked not to break out!

As for why I'm rollin' with the Bombers...better click Continue Reading below

Joba has a few more things to tie-up, but after that, I'm seeing a CY Young in his future!

I believe tonight is a breakout evening for Joba Chamberlain (1-2, 2.67), while Shawn Chacon (last two starts: 6 innings, 12 hits, 11 earned runs) will continue to falter against a Bronx Bombers squad desperate to get back on track. The Yanks have done a brilliant job of working Joba’s arm into the rotation and his teammates seem to have an extra bounce in their step when he takes the mound. As for the Astros, their bullpen is a disaster right-now and giving-up 19 runs the last two days doesn’t bode well with Chacon toein' the rubber…
Yanks by 3-5 runs

Have a weekend that would make these two proud Homeboys...and don't forgot to check-out the best ATS-man at Insideplays this weekend...Teasin' MFin T-Bone!

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