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Not since Sheff & Doc have I jumped on a bandwagon just cause a team has some cool cats on the roster...anyone have an xtra Cubbie hat?

With the vibe in Wrigleyville approaching a Playboy Mansion party meets Amateur Night at the Admiral Theater and the sudden excitement of the NBA Draft for the Bulls, I’ve officially placed all my base-clogging Southsider tickets on Stub Hub. Besides watching Ozzie explode like the first chick who’s told Sex in the City is sold-out, the Sox are unbelievably boring and it’s inevitable they’ll be below .500 by the All-Star break. What can I say…I’m on the Cubbie Bandwagon and praying that Michael Beasley will be throwing out a ceremonial 1st pitch in late June. Speaking of The Bease, trust this hardwood guru when I tell you he's gonna be the most dominate combo forward EVER. And while everybody in Chi-Town is clamoring for Derrick Rose, who’s a great kid and will eventually be an awesome floor general, I don’t even think he’s the 2nd best player in the draft. Here’s how my top-4 shapes-out simply on talent:

I think the Bulls selection is even easier than this one!

With a silky smooth jumper w/ NBA 3-point range, a vast array of low-post moves, better hands than Tori Hunter, and a relentless passion to clean the glass, The Bease will average 24 ppg 12 rpg by his 2nd season in the Association and will end-up being one of the all-time greats.

2. O.J. MAYO 6-4 G
Similar to Beasley, as soon as Mayo enters the gym he’s a threat to score. With a lightning quick cross-over in either direction, a pull-up J that’s unstoppable, and an underrated defensive intensity, OJ will step right-in be a dominate force in year one.

With a ridiculous combination of speed & strength, Rose will be a nightmare for virtually every guard in the NBA for the next 12 years. While more of a true point than Mayo, the comparisons to CP3 & D-Will are a lil over-hyped as his natural playmaking abilities are nowhere close to where those two were prior to the draft. Throw-in a jumper that needs some work and he may need more time than people think.

Just cause #12 doesn't play D, doesn't mean all white-kids can't play D!

4. KEVIN LOVE 6-10 F/C
The talk that he’s in the 10-12 range has more to do with his light shade than his baller abilities. Since Bill Walton, no Big Man has entered the draft with more all-around skills than Mr. Love, not to mention, he's a much better shooter than the annoying broadcaster ever was. Sure he needs to lose a little baby-fat, but he's more athletic than advertised and has a bball IQ that's off the charts. While PGs are the flavor of the year, Love’s ability to dominate the high-post will completely alter the defensive strategy of his opponents.

As for how I’m warming-up to the Douggy Collins 2nd sideline tour in Chi-Town, I think he’ll combine with Beasley to make the Bulls a top-3 team in the East next year. While he’ll be burned out by year two, it enables Johnny Pax to convince a young brilliant assistant to come to the Windy City knowing he’ll be a Head Coach by 2010. Alrighty, enough roundball talk, let’s hit it up with some ATS diamond picks.

While that's not Bernie the Brewer...he's just as cool!

The Brewers have started to regain their mojo, and with a line-up full of righties, should have a field day against lefty Doug Davis (2-2 4.57). In addition...

Actually, just like Ms. Underwood, I have a important gig this afternoon and can't spend anymore time w/ you...

...so just cheer on the Brew Crew and wish me luck!

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