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Before we get to my NBA Draft Sleeper of the Day, my ATS Diamond selections, and my favorite nighttime attire for a friendly female, let's take a look at a few headlines from yesterday...

While Makin' it Rain Pac-Man Jones probably was submitted to some racism during one of his six arrests, listening to Don Imus pull the race card in defense of Jones is like having Barry Bonds scream from the mountain tops: "I Love White People...especially Jeff Kent!". Stick to your redneck garbage Imus...at least that way you don't sound like a fraud.

While everybody's talkin' about Shaq's dissing of Kobe during his freestyle at a club Sunday, did u actually hear MC Diesel's attempted rap? It sounded like it was written by a kindergardener, not to mention, Ditka had a smoother flow singing the National Athem at Wrigley!

And finally, while I was saddened to hear the original and my favorite MILF/Cougar was headed to rehab for psychological problems, please don't tell me it was because...

...she's still upset her former friend D. Rich had shagged former husband Richie Sambora...

...it's cause she remembers she let his lil swimmers go for a ride!

Enought trash...time to find a hidden gem for Thursday's Draft!
KOSTA KOUFOS C 7-1 265 lbs Ohio State
Freshman Stats: 14.4 ppg, 6.7 rpg, 1.8 bpg 51-fg% 35-3pt%
While he may look like he needs his beauty sleep, GMs in need of a skilled big would be crazy to sleep on Mr. Koufos!

The Ohio-native came to the Buckeyes with some ridiculous hype and was expected to carry a squad that lost virtually their entire starting line-to the NBA following a NCAA Championship game appearance. While Kosta has a nice jumper w/ 3-point range and can play with his back to the basket, he never seemed comfortable in Thad Matta’s system and struggled early in Big Ten play. What was impressive was how he fought through some inconsistent play to finish the season strong (averaged 18 ppg ova his last 6 games) and definitely has a game better suited for the pro-level. While he’s not an unbelievable athlete or rebounder, he measured over 7-feet at the combine with a 7-4 wingspan, is naturally strong, and should improve his numbers on the glass once he hits the weight-room with some consistency.

Overall, you’ll struggle to find a player in this year’s draft with his size and skill set that has mean streak and passion for playing on the hardwood. When compared to players like Brook Lopez, I think Koufos has much more of an upside and could become the best center taken in this year’s draft. While he’s projected between 14-18, if Love is off the board for the Cats O Bob at #9, I think he’s a perfect fit alongside Okafor long-term and will be big-time contributor by year three. If MJ and Larry Brown decided they’d rather have the more NBA-ready player like Lopez, the Nets at #10 should be drooling to pair Koufos with their plethora of young athletic rebounders & shot-blockers that struggle at the offensive end.

Previously reviewed Greggy G Sleepers:
J.J. Hickson PF NC St.
Donte’ Green SF Syracuse

After losing their last 9 on the road and gettin' embarrassed ova the weekend, you think Ozzie has started smokin' ?

The combination of a cross-town hangover and the pressure of trying to prevent a double-digit losing streak on the road means...

The only thing good about this road-trip for the Sox is that they'll be close to the beach!

The combination of a cross-town hangover and the pressure of trying to prevent a double-digit losing streak on the road means I’m taking this week’s lunch money and rolling with a Dodger squad sneaking into NL West race. After a slow start, veteran Derek Lowe (5-6, 3.90) is starting to find a nice rhythm having won three of his last 4 starts. Toeing the rubber for the White Sox will be the equally hot Mark Buehrle (4-6, 4.28), but he’s facing line-up tonight that hits more than 20 points higher against lefties (.279). Throw-in the struggles Oz has mixing and matching his softball style line-up in NL ball parks and I expect the Dodgers to make some moves late to extend Chicago’s road woes…Dodgers by a couple

Just like our friend, Marlins hurler Scott Olsen looks so much more comfortable at home!

Looking at the numbers in this contest, I struggle to see how the Marlins aren’t the easy selection tonight. The Rays will be without the DH tonight, have played their last 9 game in their unique dome, are 4 games unda .500 on the road (Marlins are 7 ova at home), and are barley hitting ova .250 against lefties. While Florida hurler Scott Olsen (4-4, 3.51) was shelled in Seattle in his last outing, he’s performed much better at home with a 2.89 ERA compared to a 4.46 away from Marlin Mermaids. As for Rays starter Andy Sonnanstine (9-3, 4.92) for the Rays, he’s been living dangerous lately and it’s pretty amazing he has 9 wins considering opponents are hitting .304 off him for the year.
Marlins continue to slap around average pitching

After the long weekend, I think tonight is another day to relax and watch some diamond action!

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