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After a weekend full of sporting excitement, I think it's time for...

The White Sox fans that drudged through the rain this weekend were rewarded with a Nintendo RBI Baseball-style hitting performance! And while everybody is talking about Joe Crede's .611 average w/ 5 dongs ova the stretch, I think it's more amazing that Paulie Konerko actually hit .304!

While Horse Racing is only exciting in certain instances to yours truly, controversy at this weekend's Triple Crown attempt made it well-worth the hype!

Once information leaked that shady-trainer Rick Dutrow was pumping Big Brown with more goop than McNamee gave The Rocket, the cocky-sweaty Dutrow promised not to shoot-up the colt prior to the Belmont. As for the results, let’s just say they reminded me of the year after Brady Anderson stopped taking those Flintstone Vitamins.

Just an FYI, no matter if he’s walking the sideline, jumping in an NBA brawl, or just doing commentary for the NBA Finals…

One more quick thought on the Sox, Ozzie's decision to blow-up to the media might be the best decision since Nick Cannon decided to marry Mariah "Rich-Cougar" Carey!

As I told you when it happened, it’s ridiculous how many so-called media gurus chastised Oz for throwin' his coaches, players & GM under the bus. But even if Guillen is a Nick Cannon-type of genius (Btw, in less than 2 years we'll be hearing Nick say "Show me the Money"), no way he thought they'd precede to average 9 runs per game, hit over .350, and win 6-straight. Btw2, Alexi "105 lbs soaking-wet" Ramirez is quickly catching Pablo Ozuna as my favorite Southsider.

While I agree with the Zenmaster on the FT discrepancy, I won't let it take away how huge Mr. Rando was and will be.

Even though the Charity Stripe differential was beyond ridiculous (38 to 10), Rajon Rondo’s dominance ova the Lake Show PGs was reminiscent of Jesse Spano’s surprising emergence ova Gina Gershon in Showgirls (btw, Gershon may not be flawless, but something bout her screams “I’m horny & kinky as hell”). His athleticism, speed, & ridiculous wingspan on D can be sickening for even the top floor-generals in the Association, let alone LA's slow trio. Combine that w/ an understanding he should never shoot outside the paint (have to give a lil credit 2 Doc as well), & he’s quickly becoming the difference maker in this series (Game 2 - 16 ass, 6 reb, 2 turnovers, & only 4 chucks).

Watching Nadal dominate Federer on clay was almost as nice as watching Anna on clay back in the day!

When Ricky Will started saying he could help Mr. Benson, I should've taken that as a sign...bye-bye Ced!

As for tonight's ATS call, the Angels have the 2nd most underrated pitcher toein' the rubber 2night!

Angels southpaw Joe Sanders (9-2, 2.63) might be the most underrated young pitcher in the game and will be facing a Rays squad that hits 25 points lower against lefties (.244). While LA lost an extra inning affair in Oakland yesterday afternoon, they had a short trip home while the Rays are leaving hitter-friendly Texas and had a little in-house dugout scuffle Sunday that might take away from their concentration today. In addition, after opening the season with some solid outings, Tampa’s Edwin Jackson (3-5, 3.95) has looked shaky in his last two starts allowing 8 earned runs and 16 hits in 11 innings. While the Angles are a little banged-up...

Two of the Rays were awfully passionate in the dugout yesterday (fight), and I expect there to be a little carry-over effect in tonight's contest!

While the Angles are a little banged-up, Chone Figgins and Erick Aybar’s replacements have played extremely well (Rob Quinlan - .556 last 5 games – Howie Kendrick .338 for the season) and the middle of their line-up is due to catch fire one of these days (Garrett Anderson .263 5 dongs, Vlade .250 8 dongs, & Tori Hunter)…
Angeles by 3-5 runs

Joe Saunders left arm is the 2nd best one I've seen of late

The "RANT"
By Money Mike

Lakers vs. Celtics:

Very interesting series thus far. Paul Pierce and Leon Powe seem to be the difference, with the Lakers having trouble overcoming the fouls disparity/situation thus far. Kobe has to quit settling for jumpers and take it to the basket, and the rest of the Lakers have to step up and play well. I still think the Lakers will take care of business at home and take this series back to Boston up 3-2. Phil will surely get fined for his rant about the officials, but I think in game 3 you will actually see the game called more even which will benefit the home team. Not sure what the line is but it should come out at -2 or 3 in favor of the Lakers. Lakers roll in game 3! But don't take it from me .......wait for the pick from Greggy G! That's all I have for today fella's. Check back in tomorrow for more inside info after both teams practice today.

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