2008 MLB RECORD: 11-8

After watching the Astros get blanked in Milwaukee I realized one thing yesterday, never again will I doubt the ability of Ben Sheets. Yeah, I know he will take his fair share of lumps, but you ain't gonna see this guy try to pick which days those lumps will come on. It was a damn good thing the Cubbies and BoSox treated me well cause that gave me a little more room for my 'Houston isn't that bad' redemption pick. So click below to see my thoughts on an all National League Sunday....

Attention shoppers, we have a headlight sighting on the left chesticle, I repeat, a headlight sighting on the left chesticle.

LA Dodgers @ NY Mets +136 (-1.5 runs)

The coast to coast series is split at 1 right now and you know Willie 'I blame people for being racist and then backpeddle' Randolph has challenged his team to never lose a series at home. Lucky for them, the new Met Johan Santana is toeing the rubber today, and that has resulted in way more wins than losses. After being held in check the last couple days on offense, you can expect NY to come out swinging, which will match perfectly with Hiroki Kuroda and his 2-4 record. The longer Santana can stay in the wider the victory today. Mets 8-4.

Even the fans are taking off their clothes lookin' for a win. Maybe I do want them to lose.....

Houston Astros +112 @ Milwaukee Brewers

Remember the Stro's from yesterday, and my comment that if they lost I was going to double up on them today. Well, it is today fellas. For them to come out on the plus side of the line puts a huge smile on my face. First of all, they have lost 4 in a row and 5 of 6, they are too good to keep that trend going. Secondly, they put Shawn Chacon on the mound with a 2-0 start against a should be minor leaguer in David Bush, sporting a vomit-like 6.15 ERA and 1-5 record. So, lets say I lost a nickel yesterday, I could easily put a nickel down today and with the win cover my loss, but a guy like me is putting down a dime, cause when they win I get eleven cents and that shows a six cent profit in my book! I like the over in this as well but won't play it with the outright win. And keep watching the Stro's, they will go on a winning streak when they get back home. Astros 7-5.

I know she believes in the D-backs, wait, maybe she believes in being on her back. I get those confused alot.

Washington Nationals @ Arizona Diamondbacks +116 (-1.5 runs)

I don't have much to say on this one except for the fact that it jumped out to me and I like it. The D-backs are looking to take the series, they have a brick wall for a defense while the Nationals can hardly score. Arizona had lost 5 in a row until yesterday and will look to create a winning streak at home. Enough for me as a third pick on a Sunday. Zona 6-2.

Now lets start drinkin'!!!!

Posted by Greg Gamble on June 1, 2008 5:43 AM |


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