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Home of too much drinky this weekend

This isn't your step-daughter's Cub team...instead of guys like Gaetti & Mabry at the corners, you have frickin All-stars and stadium full of hotties...so stop giving me shiznit!

Even though I’ve told you for months my Sox suck & will piss away their lead in a terrible division...and that the Cubbies have a lethal line-up anchored by a slimed down Aramis & a hilarious manager, thank you for the 150 text messages that read: “White Sux”…wow, very creative Homeboys, you should get a website. While I’m a southsider till Leonard Little hits me w/ a car, I’m too frickin' busy (and popular) to waste my time following a shitty ball-club all summer and decided early-on not to invest in the '08 White Sux (how creative…I used your stupid-azz quote). Yours truly is busy getting together an NBA draft report that will blow your mind like Paris in hotel room, so stop giving me shiznit for a team I’m not watching. With that, I’m rolling to 7-11 for a Smirnoff Ice and some JuJu Bees…the classic hangover antidote.

I'll be catching tonight's ATS play on Direct TV!

Want to know why….

Tonight's ATS play should be an easy cover!

Both teams can’t hit and both teams will be sending their ace to the mound. Seriously, I can’t type straight today and need another Smirnoff Ice…Mariners/Mets score 3 or 4 runs

BTW, did u know ex-Mariner Jay Buhner was from Kentucky?

Posted by Greg Gamble on June 23, 2008 11:46 AM |


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