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The crooked-hat wearin' sizable southpaw may be the answer in Beer City...but only for this year.

While the Brew Crew and Cubbies should both be commended for snagging the two hottest pitching commodities and making a full commitment to the post-season, only one team pulled a David Spade and out-kicked their coverage (i.e. Heather Locklear) to steal the acquisition. Sure CC Sabathia (107-71, 3.82) has a more consistent track-record and the experience to settle-in nicely behind Sheets, but the Brewers gave-up their top slugging prospect (Matt LaPorta - .288 20 Hrs at AA), two solid minor league pitchers, and a player to be named later (rumored to be just as impressive) for a half-year rental with a pro-rated 11 million dollar salary. While it’s ballsy and I love the all-or-nuttin’ attitude in Milwaukee…it’s a lot of prospects and money for CC to make-up for in only a short period of time.

While the Canadian-born Harden might not be as famous as this Canadian, at least he's much cheaper!

On the Cubs side, I was shocked Mr. Money Ball and his gigantic-ego allowed Rich Harden (36-19, 3.42) to leave so cheaply, while also willing to throw-in a spot-starter/long-reliever like Chad Gaudin (24-23, 4.33). Especially with the 26 year-old Harden signed through next season and making under $5M, in today’s MLB world, the Cubs grabbed a potential #1 or #2 playoff starter for frickin' peanuts. I know he’s found his way to the DL for long stints the last few years, but amazingly, it hasn't set him back skill wise ('08: 13 starts, 5-1, 2.34) and maybe the Wrigleyville atmosphere and DePaul hotties will keep him from developing a sore arm. And as insurance for the A’s version of Mark Prior, they grabbed Gaudin, a solid young righty with experience pitching in every situation who’s become an extremely dependent reliever this year (5-3, 3.59).

With all the CSI tapings stunting his development, Murton never seemed to be in the long-term plans of the Cubs

As for what GM Jim Hendry gave up, let’s just say 3 out 4 would only look good with Cubbie-beer goggles on. The Patterson Family of midget lefties needed to be exiled from the organization, Matt Murton is not much more than a career back-up/platoon OF, the minor league catcher (that can’t hit) doesn’t matter because of Geovany the Great, and while Gallagher was the bait and a skilled youngster…will he ever be much more than a 3rd or 4th starter? All I know is Cubdom better be happy Johnny Paxson wasn’t finalizing the deal, I’m guessing he would've overvalued all his talent and wound-up spinning his wheels like Derrick Rose flying down the highway.

Speaking of the NBA, I’ll have tons of chatter tomorrow, but here’s a quick thought on the most underrated FA no longer available:

While there's no chance of it now, BOOBIE Gibson would've been all smiles if Ferry snagged Pietrus

The 26 year-old Mickael Pietrus is a steal at the mid-level and gives Stan “Ronny Jeremy” Van Gundy an offensive & defensive upgrade over Keith Bogans & Maurice Evans. With that being said and at that price, why the hell didn’t GM Danny Ferry attempt to pair him with King James? Shiznit, Ferry once saw Larry “Yes, my agent is sweet” Hughes play one end of the floor and gave him almost 15 M per year. With Pietrus’s deep range, freakish athleticism, long-arms, and the ability & willingness to lockdown defensively (when not in foul trouble), the duo would've traumatize every undersized opponent, not to mention, Bron-Bron would finally have a running mate to better utilize his abilities in the open court. In addition, with their size and court coverage, they’d enable Boobie Gibson to play the point full-time without being destroyed on the perimeter…allowing the sharpshooter to spot-up and lead the league in the 3-pt accuracy next season.

With that, let's head to the MLB ATS & HOTTIE portion of our show...

Just like the quality of their biggest assets, tonight's starters utilize the ability of their left arms!

As mentioned yesterday (prior to the ATS-unda victory between SF/NY), the Giants line-up is a joke and best summed-up by their half dozen-homers clean-up hitter Benji Molina. Yesterday, against a youngster with an ERA ova 4 and two relievers, the Giants somehow managed 3 hits, but were not able to watch any of them cross home-plate. As for tonight, they face Johan Santana (7-7, 2.96)…so it looks like we’ll be placing the ova/unda on Giants runs at 1. While we can’t only rely on the SF’s offensive ineptness to win the unda, at least the Giants are also sending their lefty-ace to the mound Jonathan Sanchez (8-4, 3.87). The 25 year-old actually faced the Mets in early June at home and looked extremely solid allowing 2 runs on 6 hits ova 7 innings…Final Score: Mets 4 Giants 1

Sportin' Tiger home-whites & a tattoo that might read "lucky"...what else u need!

The hobbled Tigers desperately needed a day off Monday to rest their veterans, and as a result, came out smoking Tuesday Night against the Indians (9 runs, 13 hits). With Jimmy “smoky treats” Leyland desperate for his squad to climb back into the race before the All-Star break, and with 2nd place Minnesota on the docket starting Thursday, the Tigers should have the mojo to roll the next few days. Especially against the sinking-ship known as The Former Employer of CC Sabathia, the Tigers and rookie Eddie Bonine (2-1, 4.30) shouldn’t have too much trouble sending the suddenly hitting-challenged Indians to their 10th straight loss. Taking the mound for Cleveland will be the crafty & now-crappy veteran Paul Byrd (3-10, 5.53)…kinda of mysterious how he’s sucked since they announced his name last year as a former HGH user…Tigers by 2-4 runs

Have a relaxing day Homeboys!

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