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Devin Hester & ATS Luv from Greg Gamble

Hester's in the Driver’s Seat and not Pumping Gas!

I was floored by the backlash from the Chicago scribs on Hester’s decision to skip training camp awaiting a new contract. Considering our offense has the worst cast of skill position players since the adult-feature “Grumpier & Hornier Old Men”, the Bears have no choice but...

to throw the kitchen sink at the most exciting player on the gridiron. While the Bears don’t want to pay him like a top flight WR, rather a top-tier returner, GM Jerry Angelo dug his own grave in the situation as Lovie’s top two WRs are Brandon “Gator Arms” Lloyd & Marty “I was good in 1973” Booker. Throw-in two QBs that would struggle to find a starting gig if the XFL started back up and a backfield made-up of a rookie from Tulane, a former Lion off major knee surgery, a Wolfe that’s smaller than Wolf, & the wrong Adrian Peterson, and every Bear fan knows Devin has to be on the field as much as possible…even if just as a decoy.

The Bears better get on all fours and beg Hester to sign!

On top of that, we just witnessed Angelo back-up the Brinks truck for a LB already making 12 times Hester’s salary coming-off an average year and back problems, as well as, extensions for DE Alex Brown and our frickin’ kicker! And I have to read that he needs to be in Bearbonnais, risking injury, so he can pick-up the playbook. Yeah, what a dumb decision by the former Hurricane to skip training camp…he has absolutely no leverage in the situation!

* with a gratuitous photo to match each ATS play!

The Giants are awful and looking to trade anybody over the age of 25, and tonight...

If Brooke was on the Giants, they'd even try to trade her!

The Giants are awful and looking to trade anybody over the age of 25, and tonight, face possibly the most dominate starting pitcher in the majors this season Dan Haren (9-5, 2.58). Over his last six starts (43 innings), Haren has allowed 4 ERs while allowing 18 less hits than he’s struck out! Throw-in rumors that have the D-Backs looking to make a huge acquisition (Mark Tex-Mex) and I expect the youngsters to look to sharp hoping to keep their day-jobs...
D-Backs score more than 1, while Giants muster 3 hits.

Even though Houston has a long trip from down South, just like Krystal in Miller Park, everybody plays well in MILW

I love playing the Ova when a pitchers overall numbers, Wandy Rodriguez (5-3, 3.31) & Manny Parra (9-2, 3.68), don’t match his current situation. In July, Mr. Rodriquez has a 5.24 ERA and opponents are hitting .326 off him, while Manny has 6.46 ERA in three starts versus Houston this year. Couple that with a Brewers squad returning home to an exuberant crowd after they swept the Cardinals and the Astros knocking-out 7 runs and 11 hits in their last outing, and I expect balls to be flying around hitter-friendly Miller Park more than during the filming of “Honey, I Blew Everybody!”…
Astros/Brewers total 12-14 runs

Greggy G’s Bargin Play of the Day

Even though Volquez has been excellent throwing the perfectly round objects, I'm guessing he struggles tonight!

I know it’s been at home, but the Rockies have been absolutely destroying the ball since the All-Star break (last 7 games: .382 & 48 runs) and look desperate to prove to management their not out of the NL West race. And how could they be, that’s like picking between the Olsen Twins to win a hot-dog eating contest…actually, just picturing that gave me a halfie! On the mound tonight for Colorado is groundball phenom Aaron Cook (12-6, 3.58), who the Rockies always seem to hit for, and is a perfect match against the softball slugging Reds. While Dusty’s son will be sending Edinson Volquez (12-3, 2.49) to the rubber, having never pitched more than 35 innings in a major league season, I believe we may see some of the magic start to wear off. In his last 5 starts, the 25-year old has an ERA of 5.27. Considering the potential of $30 extra bills on a weekend I’m thinking of treating my girl to some Ponderosa, I can I pass it up…
Rockies pull it out Homeboys

Have a great weekend Fellaz, & hopefully the weather holds-up so yours truly can do some swimming & sunning!

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