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Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Picks & Banter

While most in Wrigleyville believe Harden's success will determine a postseason spot, unless he's able to stretch out his outings I actually believe Sean Marshall's performance in relief will be what determines Cub success


If she was on a trampoline, it would remind me of Rich Harden's show on the mound

While Rich Harden’s pitching style is more fun to watch than plastic jugs on a trampoline, considering he’s on a limited pitch-count, strikeouts should be the last thing on his mind. Too often we see Harden work deep into counts before a nasty pitch spins the opponent into the ground, resulting in Sweet & Salty Lou looking to the bullpen by the 6th inning. No matter how dominate his numbers look, if every time he toes the rubber we need at least 4 innings of relief he’s not much more than an average pitcher in my adult book. Considering Lou treats Jason Marquis like a red-headed step-child, hopefully he can ruffle some feathers of Mr. Harden as well.


I don't care what you say...she'll always be #1 in my Tennis rankings!


Could you image how solid Vernon would look w/ a real QB?

I know it’s more likely T.T. Boy heads for a life a celibacy, but how perfect would Brett Favre’s crying-azz look in San Fran? As I’ve mentioned, while I believe Forrest Favre would struggle more than most people think trying to learn a new system, playing for pass-happy O-Coordinator Mike Martz, alongside potentially the most lethal TE in the league (Trust me, Alex Smith is the sole reason Vernon Davis not a top-4 TE), a Pro Bowl caliber RB in Frank Gore, and a vastly improved & veteran WR-core (Issac Bruce, Ashley Lelie, Bryant Johnson, & Arnaz Battle), is that exactly what his Wrangler-wearing-azz needs. I know Thompson & McCarthy aren’t interested in trading him to team they’ll be playing this year, but the game is in San Fran in Week 2…how dominate could he possibly look by then?


I concur...Ice Girls are very important to the integrity of the game


While some like 'em short...

...I prefer them a little longer!

Did GM Johnny “make the safe pick” Pax not see how off-season contract distractions stuck in Deng & Gordon’s noggins all last season? For all the talk the Bulls can low-ball Deng because nobody has any money to offer is really not true since Luol can simply take the 1-year tender and become an unrestricted FA next year (rumors are Portland desperately wants him, and I believe he’d be a better fit there than Gisele with Victoria’s Secret). So frickin’ lock him up Pax! Especially after a somewhat sub-par season and some nagging injuries, even paying him market-value is good deal in my eyes for a 23 year-old with great fundamentals and an always improving repertoire.

Just like her foot, I believe there's only 1-star to sign!

As for the no-D, no-handle undersized Ben Gordon, I’d rather see a sign-n-trade than a 1-year tender with our backcourt already overstocked. Nobody made a worse decision, except maybe GM Johnny for offering, than the former Husky guard did turning down last summer’s offer of 5 years and more than 50 M. Maybe Gordon’s overvalued self-opinion is why a sign-n-trade hasn’t worked out yet, but regardless, I better not see anything close to what they threw at him last year. Considering the Cavs Boobie Gibson, whose value is similar to Gordon’s in my blood-shoot eyes, signed a 5 year deal for between 4-5 M per…the Bulls better not do anything stupid!

When this guy (Christian Guzman) & Ronny Belliard are your offensive stars...that's usually not a good thing!

Do you know who leads the Nationals in HRs? Lil Ronnie “MFin” Belliard with 9 as he hits .227 in the process. Do you know who leads them in RBIs? Of course you don’t, it’s Jesus “Who in the flying-cowcatcher is that” Flores with a measly 42. Seriously, the D.C. line-up is Courtney Love on the beach hideous and it’s no surprise they’ve lost 6-straight and have the worst record in the Majors. Tonight...

Top to bottom, the Nats line-up looks nothing like this!

Tonight, the unfortunate youngster headed to the mound without any run-support will be Collin Balester (1-2, 5.75). This will only be his 5th major league start and he’ll be facing a Phillies line-up loaded with speed & power that is playing with plenty of confidence (last 6 games: hitting .282 and averaging 6 runs/gm). While most ATS investors would tell you they’d rather play than unda at Coors Field than invest on Brett Myers (3-9, 5.82), after a month long stint in the minors the crabby and sometimes wife-beaty right-hander has committed himself to keeping the ball down. In his 1st start in his return, while Brett only lasted 5 innings because of some control problems, he only allowed 3 hits (3 ERs) and recorded 13 groundball outs to only 2 flyball outs. Throw-in that his return was in a pressure situation against their biggest threat in the Mets, and I believe we’ll see an even better performance from Mr. Myers in Washington. While I’d usually play this at -1.5 runs, the take-line is only 50 arcade tokens better so it doesn’t seem worth the risk …Phillies by 3 to 5 runs

If Brett can control his emotions like her...we'll be ok 2night

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