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After watching two months of sappy montages & witnessing Farve cryin' for the 4th consecutive off-season, do everybody a favor...including the Pack, and put the Vicodin down & play some sudoku with your wife...

…unless the Packers are willing to trade you to the Bears. With the worst QB situation since the Broncos decided to split possessions w/ Tommy Maddox & Shawn Moore for part of '92, the Bears enter the season with a midget (Grossman) and a drunk (Orton) so why not…nevermind, just kidding. While I understand Brett’s itch like an NBAer after a summer of groupies in the hot-tub, let Aaron Rogers finally try to turn the page in Green Bay. The only reason to leave your 3million acres is if Rogers goes down with an injury…so, I guess we’ll see in Week 4 then.

While everybody looks better loungin’ in Warriors-yellow, don’t leave Baron all by his lonesome Elton.

I feel for you Mr. Brand…with Don Nelson & Chris Mullin acting like high schoolers that lost their girls & now are throwing their hard-earned Little Caesars money at slutty grunge chicks, stick with your gut and stay in Clipperland. I know it’s a ton of paper, but you’re not the right-fit alongside Stephen Jax, Monta Ellis, and an offensive that plays like Loyola Marymount w/ Earl Boykins at the point..

Nicky the Swish’s crazy antics shift from annoying to hilarious when he’s playing like this

Since the streaky, kinda bad, Konerko went down, the Sox have looked rejuvenated and finally have a defense to compliment the pitching. Especially Swish, who was forced to adapt to a new city while playing out-of-position in center, the move to first has relaxed the crazy-cat and resulted in some solid production at both sides of the plate (last 7 games: .318 avg, .444 ob%, 3 Hr, & 10 Rbi). Throw-in the opening in CF for a defensive wiz like Brian Anderson and the Sox are actually worth watching. I know I’ve been off the bandwagon and ripping my Southsiders all season, and I’m still not confident this will continue once Paulie returns, but just like a youngster who buys his girl a Kama Sutra book…I’m a flip-flopper baby and proud of it! BTW, is it me, or does the Tribe look like they forgot to take their Flintstone Vitamins this off-season?

While nobody is as fun to watch as the highflying Nate Dogg, is he really a PG?

Rumor has it the Knicks will be signing Chris Duhon, cutting Starbury, and letting Duh & Nate compete for the starting backcourt spot alongside shot-happy Jamal. While this sounds scary, from the looks of D'antoni's long-term deal, maybe getting a top-3 pick in next year's Draft is the best solution in Gotham.

If they Knicks want a top pick in next year, why not just let these two start in the backcourt...oh wait, same superfan.


While the Sox are playing passionately of late, after sweepin' the Tribe I expect a letdown from their bats tonight

Want to know why and a couple more hotties...

Just like our friend, I don't know the A's pitcher too well...but that doesn't mean he isn't flawless

While Javier Vazquez (7-6, 4.49) has struggled of late, he’s facing an A’s squad that ranks 2nd to last in hitting in the AL (.250) and just placed Eric Chavez on the DL. Throw-in their travels from the West Coast after losing 2 of 3 from the rival Angles and I expect Javier to get back on track tonight. As for Oakland’s hurler, let’s just say Justin Duchscherer (8-5, 1.91) might be the most unheralded pitcher over the last two years, and might be catching the Sox a ‘lil hungover after sweeping the Tribe…Sox/A’s total 4-6 runs

Nuttin' better than Lakehouses & swimsuits on the 4th...be safe this weekend Homeboys & check-in when your bored!

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