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You know what time it is Homeboys...time for a lil Sweet & Salty Lou acting display to rile-up the troops!

Or, just like my Southsiders, the Cubbies should throw some Northsider colors on a blow-up doll to simply relax the clubhouse...wait, is that a blow-up doll?

As for the streaky & sweaty Jason Marquis, the Cubs should've released him and signed cast-off Sidney Ponson a month ago (signed by NYY). At least when he's inconsistent the fans can still enjoy his crazy-azz on the town!

As for the Gridiron, while everybody thinks the Jason Taylor trade was huge for DC, unless Clinton's silly-azz can improve on a 3.9 average and the most fumbles of his career, Matt Jones has a better chance of working for the DEA than the Skins have of making the playoffs

The best aspect of the Taylor trade is if his Dancing w/ the 'Hot-Azz Partner'-Star actually shows-up in the Hogs section

And finally, congrats to Josh Childress for signing the biggest deal in EuroLeague History. Looks like that Stanford education is the real-deal as the dollar is much stronger across the pond, not to mention, Josh has the option to opt-out after every year of the deal!

And I'm bettin' those hypnotic Greek girls will luv his silly fro

With that, time for my ATS Pick and some Hotties!

Tough to find much orange lingerie to support my Orioles play...so bare with me. Even though her top is red, if you squint her thong kinda has an orange tint, right!?

The battle of mediocrity in the AL East continues tonight as two of the most boring teams in the league face off in the 3rd game of a 4 game series. As for why I’ve selected this game as my wager of they day…1) Because when I watch sportscenter I won’t have to flip the channel when this highlight comes-up, and 2) A.J. Burnett has struggled more on the mound against the Orioles than Alyssa Milano has struggled keeping baseball wood out of her mouth. In two starts against Baltimore (June 7th, July 9th), A.J. has allowed 15 earned runs and walking 7 in just unda 10 innings. On the flipside, the Orioles Jeremy Guthrie (6-7, 3.60) has looked like Cy Young sporting a 1.29 ERA in his two starts against the Blue Jays only walking 1 in 14 innings. Throw-in a solid home record for the Orange Birds (28-19) and I’m kinda surprised I don’t have to risk too much to my boy Guthrie…Orioles by 2-3 runs

Sorry for the minimal selections lately, but 2morrow, I promise to have at least 3 ATS plays/hotties 2 make u smile

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