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While I'm sure Rose's SUV didn't have the same items in the passenger seat as Clarett's, gettin' caught rollin' 106 mph is probably not what Pax was hoping from his savior. strong>

(BTW, I do give the former Buckey credit for having a lint-brush...you never know when you'll see a fine lady at the neighborhood panty!)

For all the jokes of the dangers sending Beasley to South Beach and Derrick “as sweet as a” Rose being the safer pick for Johnny Pax, I chuckled drivin' to the Insideplays office this morning hearing the speedy Rose was clocked going 106 at 3 a.m...and mysteriously reported by the Chicago media after his introduction to the city. While I’m not saying he’s Grey Goose Clarett, as a diehard Beasley-fan who listened to all the supposed character flaws for a 19 year old jokester, as Jim Rome would say…Hhhhilarious.

Since Vinny Del Baio has as much experience coaching the pigskin as he does the hardwood, maybe it makes sense to hire plenty of former coaches for help.

Briefly on the Bulls coaching front, with the rumors of Del Harris joining Bernie Bickerstaff & Bob Ociepka (a NBA assistant coach lifer) on Vinny Del Baio’s staff, I can’t decide if it's a brilliant move by Pax to assist a coach with no experience or an indictment on the selection of the Charles in Charge star.

Combining Baron w/ Elton Brand's newfound Alba-beach body, I'm expecting huge things from LA's lil sister ballclub.

As for Baron’s bouncing-azz signing in Clipperland, paired with the high-flying Al Thornton, the slashing rook Eric Gordon, the workhouse pivot Caveman Kaman, and the expected re-signing of Elton Brand…this team immediately becomes a top five squad in the West. Especially with Elton looking more fit than Jessica Alba on the beach and hungrier than Oliver Miller after sitting out most of last season, I think you’ll see Baron look twice as solid with a dominate low-post threat. Along those lines, with the former Warrior receiving 65 M ova 5 years, why the hell would the Wiz offer Agent Zero ova 120 M ova 6 years…it’s like their bidding against themselves cause I can’t see any truth to the rumors the Warriors are offering ova 100 M after low-balling Baron and plethora of youngsters they still need to extend.

While Borowski was a horse with the Cubs in '02 & '03...I think it's about time he heads to the glue factory!

As for my diamond notes, I have two quick thoughts for you…

1) Why the hell does the Tribe keep trottin' out Joe Bo (1-3, 7.56) as their closer. After blowing his 4th save in 10 chances...looks like it's time to make some Elmers!

2) Hearing that D-backs catcher Chris Snyder was placed on the DL after a foul-ball fractured his testicle is an even more disturbing image than Rosie O’Donnell in a skimpy-S&M leather outfit in Exit to Eden.

While Pedro's always been an asset in the clubhouse, he's no longer an asset on the mound and might be...

...better suited for a permanent vacation!

Want to know why and some more hotties...

Just like I think our friend is a lil OVA-dressed, I think the Mets/Cards game will go OVA tonight!

Over the Cards last 8 games they’ve averaged 5.5 runs per contest, and tonight, face the pitcher formerly known as Pedro Martinez (2-2, 7.12). With his velocity down and hitters sitting on his fastball, the former 3-time Cy Young winner has started to nibble on the corners and looked awful in his last two starts (10 innings, 15 hits, 12 runs, 6 walks). As for the Mets, they broke-out last night with 7 runs & 14 hits and will be facing the very hittable Joel Pineiro (last 3 starts: 21.2 innings, 24 hits, & 10 runs). In addition, with plenty of starters returning for Tony “too drinky & drivey” LaRussa from the DL, Pineiro might be pitching with a little more pressure since he hasn't won a game since April and could be the odd man out of the rotation. Even if one of these pitchers has a decent night, the odds of both them shutting down the opponent would be like the odds of Thome & Konerko getting two hits apiece on the same night…
Mets & Cards total 11-14 runs

I have to study some more ATS lines...take it light Homeboys!

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