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I'd like to know who had the nerve to dig the old Pedro from the grave...

I am absolutely beside myself after watching the Mets one hit the Rockies yesterday. I don't know how Pedro Martinez and one hit can be included in the same sentence anymore, but it was. I know he only went 4 innings and left with a groin injury, but the fact that he only allowed a hit in those innings is still a mystery. Anyway, I'm not bitter.

I can see a few more wrinkles on his face, he must have switched to the generic wrinkle cream after deciding to shell out 1.5M to the Mountaineers...

A couple college football lines caught my eye today, and both of them relate to the mighty University of Michigan Wolverines. First off, I would like to be a fly on the wall with the whole buyout dispute that is still going on between Rodriquez and West Virginia. Although the 4 million clause is a bit excessive in my mind, and West Virginia has looked like cry-babies through most of it, I have some respect for the fact that they stuck to their guns and demanded the money. There isn't many that actually make an effort to get it, and it shows a good step toward keeping coaches committed to their contract and not jumping all over the place at the best opportunity. So Rodriquez is going to pay half, and Michigan is going to pay half to get the issue resolved before it starts to affect their season. Lots of money, even more bad blood, but a great step at slowing down the coaching turnstiles that have been created at many universities.

Just cause I was driving an 07 Denali and super wasted doesn't mean I should get in trouble right? C'mon, don't you know I'm a 20 year old with speed....

Secondly, running back Kevin Grady for the Wolverines just got nabbed on July 2 for a DUI. Reports say he was 3 times over the legal limit. The funny thing is that he just plead 'not guilty' and now it goes to a jury selection. Let me be very clear when I say this....the young adults of today have already grown up in a world where they have received ribbons & medals just for participating in something, they can do no wrong, their parents treat them like gold, and their is no accountability for their actions. I am stereo-typing here, but the majority of young adults feel as if they can do whatever they please because there will be no reprocussions for their actions. And this is even worse when they become scholarship college athletes and get pampered with freebies, ladies, and the answers to tests. It is this mentality that leads to someone getting pulled over at 3 times the legal limit and having the thought actually cross their mind to give a not-guilty plea. Are you friggin' kidding me!! I would also bet money that his coaches and parents helped him develop this plea as well. Sometimes I want to vomit on Sunday mornings, but this has been the first time in a while it has been for non-alcohol related reasons.

All arrows point towards heaven.....

On to MLB where I continued to find a way to not pull out of my slump yesterday, maybe if I plead not guilty I can just think to myself that it didn't happen.....

This puts a whole new definition to Diamondback, but I don't know that I can find a finer jewel than this....

Arizona Diamondbacks +125 @ Philadelphia Phillies

The D-Backs got the bats going on the road yesterday and were helped out by having lefty Randy Johnson on the mound. The bats will continue today cause they will get just as much support from Brandon Webb, who has sported 13 wins thus far which is almost unheard of prior to the All-Star Break. Webb will get the support he needs today as the D-Backs face lefty Cole Hamels, and Arizona wins 2 of 3 when facing lefties. Webb is simply too much today on his way to his 14th victory. Zona wins 4-3.

Here's 2 goodies for ya, and they should get you as excited as it does her!!!

I've got a parlay for my next pick, and I admit it is a bit ghetto, but will bring in coin. Put a dime on the parlay of the BoSox and the Brewers. Both are heavy favorites with Matsuzaka and Sabathia on the mound, but I don't see how the visiting team losers(Orioles and Reds) can stay close today. Chalk this one up as one of the most stress free plays of the year. The parlay ends up coming across at +105, not too bad for a couple games that are as close to locks as they get.

And just in case you were pondering what you were going to drink today, I have taken the guess work out of it. Today, my friends, I have declared Mimosa Sunday, so drink early and drink often.

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