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There is no sport other than college football that brings out fans like these....

College Football got a couple days closer to kick off this week and we are now nearing 30 days until the season begins. With the Big Ten media day taking place in Chicago, we all got a feel for where the coaches heads are at on the upcoming season. I was reminded of a few things from last year.......

Sorry Illini fans, but is that Zook scratching his head again?

Ron Zook needs lessons on how to communicate and deliver a message without stumbling through a sentence. When a coach is referencing a one-and-done season coming off the Orange Crush's 07 campaign, you can't tell me that he's not severely concerned of that exact thing happening. Good job Ron, most coaches focus on the future, you keep living in the success of last year and tell me how that works out for you. Are you the same Ron Zook that drove the Gators into the ground a few years back?

I smell a dynasty in the making!

It is no surprise, but watch out for the Buckeyes again. Tressel simply knows how to get the job done, and his business-like approach is unmatched. Currently, the Buckeye program is several layers ahead of most ball clubs in the land, and with Beanie Wells back they will walk away with another Big Ten title by knocking heads in the trenches. Coach Tressel, you're all spades in my book buddy.

Maybe Ferentz shouldn't have gotten his recruiting techniques from a movie....

Lastly, I was severely disappointed in Kirk Ferentz and his banter. It appears that the Hawkeyes are now keeping stats on how much off the field arrests take place each year and how that is a direct correlation with the amount of wins in the following year. This isn't an exact quote, but Ferentz actually said something like this....'back in 01 we had a horrible year off the field, but in 02 we had our best season in my coaching tenure. We have had a lot of off the field issues again in 07, and we can't tell the future, but we hope similar things happen on the field.' So is the magic formula in football today something like this....hey guys, go drink as many beers as you can, do all sorts of drugs, accept money, use credit cards that aren't your own, and most importantly rape and pillage all these college hotties, cause the more of that we do, the more wins we will have next year. I would love to see the stat on number of players kicked off the team to number of wins, I'm thinking about 5:1. Kirk, I luv ya like a fat kid luvs candy, but sometimes ya gotta get back to the basics.

And while we wait for that first pigskin to fly, here's some MLB action to keep the competitive juices flowin'....

Much like our friend above, Verlander has bared all recently, with equal success!

Chicago Albino Sox @ Detroit Tigers +139(-1.5runs)

Motown has a couple good things going for them today. First, Chicago actually stole one last night with a 9th inning tater, so that leaves the Tigers with a fire in their belly for today. Secondly, Justin Verlander has brought back his 06 form since the beginning of June. He has won 5 straight, dropped his ERA by a whole point, and not allowed more than 2 earned runs in a single outing. He has also struck out 49 while only giving up 36 hits and 3 ding-dongs during that time as well. The man is on fire. Lastly, the Tigers face a lefty today in John Danks, and they love lefties so much that they are 19-4 on the year against them. Tigers win 5-2.

You can never underestimate the home whites.

Home Team Trifecta

The teams wearing home whites today have not only a severe home field advantage, they also have pitchers that are dominating the land. So put these three together for all day action....Chicago Cubs and Rich Harden @ -250, Philadelphia Phillies and Cole Hamels @ -240, and the Oakland A's and Justin Duchsherer @ -210. All of these are heavy favorites, so much that I just can't ignore it. As a parlay play the three will get you to +193, which is money in the bank today.

One for the road, just in case you were looking for some ear muffs today.

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