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These ladies know all about Sunday Funday with Teasin' T-Bone!

Let me just start by saying that if you don't already celebrate Sunday Funday as part of your weekend campaign, today is the day to start. What a better sports situation to be in then to wake up at 7am and be able to turn on live sports. You know I'm talkin' about the British Open fellas, and of all things, a guy that goes by 'The Shark' (aka Sharky in my gambling mind) is leading the whole damn thing. As if I didn't need another friggin' reason to start the day off with Mimosas and a scoobie snack. And if you're not a golf guy, who cares, become one quick cause it'll be the only remotely legitimate reason that you can tell your old lady why you are drinking before noon.

I simply know things that others don't.......the outcome of games, how many licks it takes to get the the center of a tootsie pop, and that her name is Rachel.....

Switching over to where the lettuce will rest today, just click below to see what MLB teams will join in the Sunday Funday festivities with you.....

I think a cold shower last night helped the Cubbies, and hopefully turned that frown upside down!!

Chicago Cubs +129(-1.5runs) @ Houston Astros

If you think Pinella is not in the grills of every single Cubbie about the lack of offensive support they have provided since the All Start break, you are simply kidding yourself. I would love to actually see their BP today cause my guess is that the word 'business-like' would fit the bill. They are simply too good not to explode and quite frankly, I don't think the 'Stros have it in them to take 3 straight from the Cubbies. Chicago has been swept on the road twice this year in 15 road series, those 2 came to the hands of the Rays and south side Sox. Houston is a much lower caliber team if you ask me, and they have only swept 2 of 14 opponents this year. Ryan Dempster will be his usual self today and keep everything in check, which is all that will be needed. As the saying goes....Stro's before Ho's still applies, but Stro's before Cubbies just doesn't sound right. Chicago goes big 9-2.

I've never correlated the Tigers with Jolie, but sometimes 2+2=4.....

Detroit Tigers +123(-1.5runs) @ Baltimore Orioles

If you haven't figured it out, I'm a numbers guy, and there are 3 facts that stuck out to me like Angelina Jolie's tatoo filled body face down in my bed. 1) The Tigers offense has been rolling and the salaries are finally starting to pay off, they are 5th in the league in scoring and are averaging 7 a game in their last 3. 2) Justin Verlander is showing his 2006 form as of late. His last 3 outings consist of 20 innings, 8 runs, and 3 wins. Let me just say 'They boys are back in town'. 3) I have never seen a record like this....the Tigers love hitting against lefties, they are an amazing 18-4 against lefties this year, and they face one today in Brian Burres, who has a mediocre 5.03 ERA. Tigers roll big 7-3.

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