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And on this Sunday.....

The Pacman is still in street clothes trying to figure out why the NFL doesn't think he is God.

The KC Sunshine Band found a way to beef up their traditional dominate defense....can he play QB?

And the Cubs have figured out a way to blow their wad before they even get the chicks bra off...

I tell ya what fellas, I normally don't admit many of my faults, cause that's not very good for a handicappers mind, but my Saturday performances as of late have been about as strong as a 17 year old in the back of a car. The good thing for you(and my kitchen cupboards), are that Sunday has been stellar. So today, I post my blame on baseball in general....for putting the middle game of a series on a Saturday, because swing games aren't my best friend right now. Then in the next breath I will give baseball all the praise in the world....for putting the last game of a series on Sunday, because what better way to celebrate Sunday Funday than with a bunch of cabbage bulging your pockets. All I need now, as my good friend Dr. Killmer used to say, is a month full of Sundays. Click below for my love and good luck today fellas!

When the Rockies are rolling, you simply need to feed the horse, oh to be a horse....

Colorado Rockies -137 @ Cincinnati Reds

The Rocks are going for the sweep in Cincy today and are on an absolute roll right now. Ubaldo is on the mound today and is getting into his late season 07 form by winning his last 2 outings(shoudl've been 3 if the mile high boys were hitting), and dropping his ERA below 4 for the first time this year. But what really caught my eye in this game is that the Reds have Josh Fogg on the mound who has a single A performing ERA of 7.68, he normally lasts about 5 innings, and the Reds pen has put in a lot of work recently. I normally don't like to go with the sweep, but this was too good to pass up. Rockies win 7-3.

I've been 2 deep, 2 short, stuck between 2 jugs, but one thing holds true, if you stick it out you are sure to be happy in the end!

I honestly don't like any other games today, but I will tell you this. I am 2 games deep into the Cubbies this weekend, and that simply means that I'm riding them until they get me back to even par. And I honestly don't believe that they can be swept at home this year anyway, so that means today is the today that the windy city can put a mini-smile back on their face.

And now it is back to studying the lines....and the ladies! I luv them college coeds!!

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