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5. Brett Favre to Tampa rumors swirling

Before you call me Alonzo Spellman-crazy, hear me out. Even through all the coaching changes, Favre has basically run the same offense every year. And while I'm not saying he's Forrest Gump-slow, I think people underestimate how hard the transition will be for the Wrangler Jeans-wearing hero...and I actually believe Garcia's the better choice.

Speaking of the QB rumored to willingly jump azz-first towards an endzone pylon, considering he married Carmella, I should have started a rumor about my azz on all fours when I was in High School!

4. Carlos Q moves ahead of Maggie Q as my favorite Q

Somebody needs to move his azz off the plate! Let's forget that Carlos ranks 1st in the AL in HRs, 2nd in RBIs & Runs, & 6th in SLG%, and focus on how his quiet attitude and tireless work-ethic has rejuvenated a clubhouse and the Southside Camaro drivers!

As for moving past Maggie Q...nevermind, he's not that special!

3. The Longhorns to retire Kevin Durant's jersey

Are you frickin' kidding me! After only one year of college, looks like U of T smells Kevin's $$$ and is hoping he appreciates the gesture and builds a children's library for all the football players.

Seriously, retiring Kevin's jersey is like Jenna Jameson's thong being retired in 1994 after her 1st movie "Up & Cummers 10"

2. NBA looking worse than Tim Donaghy everyday

Listening to Stern immediately insist Donaghy was a rogue official is an insult to fans & a desperate attempt from the NBA to avoid culpability. To start, with docs proving Donaghy made over 130 calls to ref Scott Foster right before games he officiated, that's all the proof I need that this is larger than Timmy D...no, not that Timmy D!

Throw-in that two of Tim's high school buddies were just convicted, one of which was a well known professional gambler, means the NBA's background checker might be the same guy TO used to prove Garcia was gay...btw, have you ever seen Carmella before?

1. Great to see the Birdman's back...but Denver?

After a two year absence due to a drug-suspension rumored to be for a lil more than the wacky-weed, it's great to see teams giving Anderson another chance...but does running with those cats from Denver sound like a good idea? I'm not insinuating anything, I just think his agent should have pushed for a team with a lil more structure.

That's kinda of like this Anderson's agent telling her she should give another degenerate rock-star a try!

Since CC left the Tribe, not only his he smiling more, so is the whole Brewer clubhouse!

It’s well documented what happens when two aces follow each other in a rotation…kinda like the performances of the two superstars in the Jenna Loves Kobe movie. After CC pitched his 3rd straight complete game last night, I have feeling we’re gonna see some magic from Ben Sheets (10-3, 2.88) tonight in the Brewers attempt at a 4-game sweep. As for too much Drinky & Drivey Tony Larussa, the overachieving Todd Wellemeyer (8-4, 4.22) will be striding to the rubber hoping for more of the ridiculous run-support he’s received all season. And he’s gonna need it as everybody in the Brewers line-up seems to be hitting the cover off the ball and geared-up to catch the Cubbies…
Brew Crew by 2-3 runs

Just like a reality star can capitalize on her fame by a simple pose, Ben Sheets can capitalize on the Brewers momentum with a strong pitching performance...yeah, I don't know what that means either!

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