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August 1, 2008

Greggy G's Daily MLB ATS & Loving Banter

The only reason I've enjoyed some of Griff's struggles in Cincy is because I traded my Homeboy this card for 12 Junior Felix rookie cards...hopefully Felix makes a comeback!

Considering Swisher hits 100-points higher when he’s at 1B and not worrying about CF, the move adds some spice to line-up simply by sitting Konerko’s no-confident slow-azz. That being said, Junior combined with Jermaine Dye & Carlos Quentin makes the OF look twice as large and gives every flyball a 50% chance of landing in the grass.

While some are jumping for joy over the trade, I believe we desperately need another starting arm.

With two youngsters (Danks & Floyd) probably unable to match their 1st-halves and Contreras seemingly ready for an old-timers game, I was hoping Kenny Williams worked some magic to bring in another starting arm. And once the Twinkies finally call-up Francisco Liriano, my guess is Oz will be begging Kenny to work some waiver-wire magic.

I can't wait to see how Torre handles this!

Jason Bay .282 22 HR 64 RBI .375 OB
Man-Ram .299 20 HR 68 RBI .398 OB

For all the talk Bay’s never played in a pressure situation, with a line-up loaded with talent, I expect the former Bucko to have an easier adjustment than expected & to provide Francona better OF-play and less Advil purchases. As for Manny in the weak NL West, while he’ll produce like always, I think Torre’s asking for trouble in an already crowded OF (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Andruw Jones & Juan Pierre)

Adding Artest & #17 (B. Barry) make the Rockets lethal

After watching the Big 3 in Boston, Houston has finally added a championship-caliber 3rd-option and could easily become the favorites in the West. For all the talk of the Tru Warrior’s combustive persona, I expect him to be on his best behavior and pair with Battier to make sure T-Mac doesn’t ruin his back guarding anybody of importance. While initial discussions have Ron-Ron playing lots of PF where he’ll try to intimidate larger opponents on D & exploit them on the perimeter at the other end, my guess is you’ll see T-Mac, Battier, & Artest provide a nice rotation at the wing spots to keep things fresh for the post-season. In my opinion, the best move of the off-season.

Can u believe Mr. & Mrs. Packer r being bribed 2 stay home?

Obviously I’d love to see Brett in Chicago, but more for the entertainment and drama fodder it provides for IP.com then guaranteed success. I’m definitely of the Charles Barkley opinion that last year may have been an aberration for the veteran QB who threw 9 more INTs than TDs the two years prior and had QB ranking barely above 70. But I will admit I love his moxy on wanting to play in same division: “If you don’t want me, I’d rather you let me play against you.”

Spraying outside is legal if you use a hose...you know what I'm saying JamesOn?

Despite the fact that I told you the undersized no-defense playing shooter would never see the floor, I’ll admit I never expected him to leave a legacy in Chi-Town. Forever know as JamesTinkleOn Curry, can you blame a brother for causing a little disturbance after dreaming of stardom only to end-up in Idaho in-front of eight D-League fans. I’m guessing the urinating in public and resisting arrest was simply the most exciting nightlife activity available in Idaho.

Want more Greggy G MLB knowledge?...

Enough BS...time for some baseball ATS picks and Hotties!

Because of the inaugural MLB start for 22-year old Tommy Hunter...

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August 2, 2008


I'd like to line up against her to show her how I perform in the trenches....

I couldn't have asked for a better week after going 2-0 on Sunday Funday and then having the preseason college rankings come out. My only disappointment was seeing that the Big Ten is poised for another lack luster year among the other powerhouse conferences. Ohio State is the lone team in the top ten, followed by Wisconsin and Illinois. The Orange Crush? C'mon people, it can never be a good year for the Big Ten when a Ron Zook led team is in the upper half of the conference.

Is this really going to be all that the Hawks can bring to the table this year?
And where exactly are Penn State, Michigan, and Iowa? Can all 3 really be trying to rebuild so much that they can't be in the upper portion of the conference. I will make an early prediction about the depleted Big Ten....by the end of the year there will be 2 teams in the top 10, simply because whoever rises to the top with Ohio State will get some easier than expected wins throughout conference play, and while the other conferences will be beating up on each other, these 2 teams will continue to creep up the rankings.

For a state that is filled with blue hairs, the coeds for Florida schools are down right smokin'

On to the SEC, much to the surprise of many arm chair fans, Georgia will come out of the gate as the preseason #1. And let me tell you, if they can work through their road schedule without any losses, they should get the friggin' trophy before the bowl game. They play #16 Arizona State, #6 LSU, #11 Auburn, and South Carolina all on the road this year, add on the fact that they play #5 Florida at a neutral site and it all stacks up to a hell of a lot of moxy on the road to escape with victories. While I'm still on the SEC, lets not forget that Houston Nutt is at Ole Miss now, and he is sure to surprise a couple teams throughout the year. One thing I do know is that I am going to absolutely love watching the SEC again this year, and this is coming from a guy that has only lived in the Midwest, but they continue to gain strength year after year and simply have this Midwestern guys attention.

You can never leave out USC when engaged in a football conversation...

Let me leave you by saying that we only have 26 days until the CFB season kicks off, and if that doesn't get you excited, then hopefully the 6 point teasers that football brings to the table will.


Read on for my MLB picks.....


August 3, 2008


Leave the partying to the fans my fellow Bulldogs....

You know, I love sports, there is no other way to put it. But I am already at my wits end with reading headline after headline about how athletes somehow cannot keep themselves out of trouble. A day after the Georgia Bulldogs get the honor of preseason #1, more of their players get arrested. This mounts up to 8 Bulldogs that have visited the cop-shop since the season ended last year. Just how in the world does the coaching staff plan to get through the grueling SEC when their players are more concerned about partying and being thugs than winning football games? The good thing for them is that the rest of the SEC isn't much better off the field, so keep it up Georgia, you are keeping pace....

Hi, my name is Steve, and I believe that words are better than actions, and my coach does too!!

And if you are saying....c'mon T-bone, they are college kids, give 'em a break. Okay, then how do you explain Steve 'I deserve a better image' Smith. Less than a week after he is giving himself props for being a changed good guy and trying to convince the rest of the world that they misunderstand him, he throws down with his own teammate. And he only receives a 2 game suspension for it. Maybe you think that is too much, I think it is too little, and here is why.....Coach John Fox made it very clear that this is a very severe punishment, in fact he used the word severe about a half a dozen times. I ask, severe for who? You take an All-Pro receiver out of the mix for 2 games(I do credit them for making it regular season games), but most teams are still trying to figure out their packages and schemes during these 2 games. Then on game 3 Stevie will get thrown right back in the mix as the premier guy. So the result is that you take the equivalent of a $100 bill away from a millionaire, you let him rest his bones after a 4 week preseason, then say welcome back. I think the severe punishment is on the rest of the team cause they now have to try to win ball games w/o a star player. My arm chair school of thought is this.....make him run a 100 yd sprint for each $1000 he should be fined, let the rest of the team watch him, and by the end he will show his true colors...he will either throw an attitude and walk off pissed, or feel remorse and apologize to his team(not the media). Then make him do the laundry for the day. All of this to knock him down a couple levels and pop his big head.

Sports and gambling is like ice cream and ladies, how can you not love it.

I'm done grumbling for the day, so read on for my MLB picks....


August 4, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Love

With Liriano returning, how did Kenny not bolster his staff?


It is absolute blasphemy Kenny Williams grabbed another softball slugging old-guy when the Sox are more desperate than Tara Reid for a starting pitcher (FYI Tara, lipo on the stomach before the age of 40 makes you look 40!). After analyzing the staff, how could he possibly think they would continue their 1st half dominance?

1. Supposed Ace Mark Buehrle - last 3 years: 30-32 4.25

2. Supposed #2 Javier Vazquez - last 5 years: 59-54 4.49

3. Crusty Veteran Jose Contreras – last 2 years: 17-23 5.20

4. John Danks 2nd full season – last 4 starts: 6.84 ERA

5. Gavin Floyd – Never pitched more than 70 innings in a season

Throw-in the fact he knew the Twinkies were adding Francisco Liriano to an already dominate staff, and its embarrassing Kenny Williams infatuation w/ Griffey Jr. wearing black-n-white prevented the Camaro-driving Southsiders from another potential playoff run.

Want more of Greggy G's MLB Knowledge...

While Diaz was solid in the flick, Stiller helped me w/ Favre

First-off, thank the lord for Ben Stiller’s pronunciation of Favre’s name in Something About Mary. As you’ve witnessed w/ my drunk-azz trying to spell at 11:30 p.m., simply mouthing the Stiller phrase has desperately aided in my journalist abilities…hopefully Mark Buehrle’s in his next movie. As for the pain-killer loving’s return to Green Bay, mark my words…if they don’t trade him early, this distraction will lead to a divided locker room and mediocre season. As for the brightside, at least Favre's wife gets hotter w/ age!

Josh Howard’s Cole Trickle Impersonation
While being in the news for the Cubbies has been fun, being in the news about Josh Howard's latest incident won't be.

After a horrific playoff performance, where he also idiotically told a reporter he smokes the whacky-weed in the off-season and disobeyed a coach by not canceling a birthday party after a Game 4 defeat, I’m guessing Mr. Cuban wasn’t too happen to hear Howard was arrested for Street Racing. That being said, my guess is Josh does everything in his power to become the dedicated baller that made him a household name after an out-of-nowhere ascension in the NBA ranks. Unfortunetly, since the Mavs made a worse decision than a college star who decides to get married before turning pro by trading for J-Kidd, Dirk and the boys are Aurora Snow in Ass Bandits 2 screwed!

While some rely on long-legs, Josh relies on long-arms!

I'm sure the heavy scrutiny may persuade the Mavs to trade the 28 year-old swingman, but if they don’t, they’ll be happier than a rich white-dude in Thailand as I guarantee he raises his game this year (07-08: 20 ppg, 7 rpg, 45-fg%)…and then they should trade him!

The Two Coreys (Feldman & Haim)
Somebody out-kicked their coverage...nice work Feldy!

I was up late last night and caught a few episodes of the “My fingers won't let me change the channel cause this is such a train-wreck”-show about the Coreys. Maybe it’s because it makes my degenerate-azz feel like Father Teresa, but whatever the reason, watching those two interact in a somewhat real world environment is one of funniest things I’ve ever seen. First off, Haim looks like he’s 55 and has the facial twitches and expressions of an angrier Bobby Brown. As for Feldman, the episode I saw had his wife being courted by Hugh Hefner for a photo-spread. And while waiting for her interview the Lost Boys-flameout sat poolside with Playboy Bunnies and talked about the meaning of life. Even better…later in the show as the couple meets with their shrink, who also looks like she went to Tara Reid’s plastic surgeon, Feldman talks about his worry of friends & family seeing her naked.

Careful Corey, some ladies head to the mansion and stay a little longer than expected...Just lookin' out 4 ya Homeboy!

You know what you should be worrying about Corey, how fast your wife’s gonna leave you after she becomes a member of the Playboy Club and realizes she’s dating Corey “MFin” Feldman! With that, let’s take a peak at my MLB ATS play of the day & more hotties.

After getting beat down like Jason Kidd in the NBA Playoffs...

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August 5, 2008

Daily ATS Plays & Friendly Faces by Greg G

That’s really fair Mr. Fielder...next time try picking a fight with someone your own size!

Did you see Manny Parra’s reaction after Cecil’s boy gave him a facial shove? Manny fell back in the dugout and tried his hardest to portray a stoic unfazed expression, but instead, looked similar to an 18 year-old walking onto a film set for the 1st time and seeing T.T. Boy & Peter North w/ evil-grins. That being said, with a young potential playoff team trying to regain their moxy, I believe this is exactly what they needed 2 stir things-up...and more Ray Durham & less Ricky Weeks!

Who has better odds...Tila to win an Emmy for Shot At Love or the Yanks to make the Playoffs?

As Joba Chamberlain’s arm finally showed signs of strain from the mid-season change in repertoire and overuse, almost immediately after he was pulled the internet slowed as Bronx Bomber fans scanned the waiver wire for another washed-up arm…paging Livan Hernandez, paging Livan Hernandez. I wasn’t confident the Yanks would make the playoffs anyway, and if Joba misses any significant time, Tila Tequila has better chance of winning an Emmy than the Steinbrenner’s have of making the Playoffs. With fountain of youth hurlers Pettitte & Mussina pitching well considering righties are hitting almost .320 against them, Sidney Ponson (4.81) & Darrell Rasner (5.23) lucky to have jobs in the majors, and Mr. Wang still injured, I just can’t see how the AARP Yanks catch, Tampa, Boston or A-Rod-In-Madonna

Hey Fantasy Homeboys, let's not forgot who was throwing his crazy-azz the Pigskin last year!

Two thoughts on the Steve Smith Fantasy front:

1. With the most exciting WR in the game "supposedly" suspended the 1st two contests, fantasy experts have Stevie's stock droping from the top 4-6 WRs to the 10-12 range…but that ain’t happening in a league where Greggy G is drafting. The win-at-costs playmaker will have a huge chip on his shoulder on his return, not to mention, he finally has a real QB throwing him the pill. Last year, the former Utah Ute still amassed 87 catches and ova 1000 yards w/ a bunch of bums & a grandpa throwing him the pill (David Carr, Vinny T, & Matt Moore).

2. It’s not like John Fox has a guaranteed job past this season...no way he goes through w/ suspending his superstar the 1st two games.

As for the College Pigskin, are the Rainbow Warriors a late night "play-against" w/ Colt Brennan gone & whole new coaching regime?

For that answer, today's MLB pick, & more hotties...

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August 6, 2008

ATS Picks, Lovely Ladies, & Sports Banter

Sure I'd miss Bron-Bron if he jumped for Europe...but tell me the NBA-panic and would not be priceless!

Click Here if you Want more Hardwood Luv from Greg Gamble.

While the rumor King James would consider leaving for Europe if he received $50 M may have more BS than the gerbil in Richard Gere’s keester, the principle theory behind the overseas jump is intriguing. Only in America do sports organizations need salary limitations because GMs are too stupid to handle their high-priced, and many times, uneducated superstars. Sure it’s more annoying than Paris Hilton walking, talking, or doing anything besides slurping sausage on video when a Steinbrenner overpays for your boyhood hero, but how often has it actually worked. In my opinion, if an organization can’t compete with the big-boys, you might as well contract their azz resulting in an improvement of the overall product.

I know I'm over the top on this theory, but...

How about teams like the cost-saving Marlins & Twins who use a completely different blueprint and are able to stay competitive year after year…while also showcasing players that can be easier to root for? Listen, it’s not like I’m not a stargazer and wouldn’t hit-up the Spearmint Rhino if Kobe Tai was performing, but you know what would probably happen? She’d show-up late and give a half-azz show…unlike the amateur in Gary, Indiana who actually acts like she like you. Obviously I want the best-of-the-best playing in the U.S., but as we’ve seen in the last few International Basketball events, teams with structured organizations and players willing to actually be coached can be more entertaining than a GM that let’s a superstar and his entourage run the show!

Just like her belt...u saw the belt, right?, some seem to think Pigskin fans should feel lucky Brett's back...but not me!

Blah, Blah, Blah…Brett Favre gives me more of a headache than listening to Ozzie & Kenny tell me they won the World Series and get no respect...just get us a MFin starting pitcher please!

Only Greggy G pull Kimmy K into his White Sox Analogy

Damn-it! Even after my Southsiders pull-off a dramatic, extra-inning, come from behind victory, for some reason I’ve soured on the season and have nothing good to say…damn you Greg Gamble, damn you! (BTW, every time I type “come from behind” it always makes me think of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape…so wierd, but very nice!)

With that, let’s roll to some more Hotties & MLB Picks...

With the Giants only having a hitter-friendly park for the left-hand...

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August 7, 2008

Chicago Bears Preseason Opener Prediction

Hey look, the Bears top two Fantasy guys!

As the gridiron season opens, everybody knows the defensive is always a few steps ahead of the offensive. And in the Bears & Chiefs case, were talking Manute Bol to Bridget the Midget steps.


Without question, nobody in the NFL has a worse collection of skill-position players than Lovie, and nothing made it worse then when journalists asked him about Brett Favre or any other qualified QB and he responded in his southern-twang: “We have two QBs”


If you asked Lovie, “What do think of Jessic Alba’s cheeks?” he’d respond: “I have two azz cheeks”. Listen, you know my feelings on Favre and my prediction he’ll return to the extremely average and turnover happy QB of ’05 and ’06, but how could an entire organization actually believe this guy:

Or this guy…

Is somehow going to lead us to the promise land?

As for our WRs, Marty “I used to be good” Booker, Brandon “I’ve never been good” Lloyd, & Devin “I got paid like a WR cause our WRs are no good” Hester would struggle to find starting gigs in NFL Europe.

On the bright side, at least we have a nice tight end!

As for the running game, let’s just say Larry Johnson would struggle to find running room behind a right-side on the decline & left-side that’ll need the aging Olin Kreutz to help out rookie Chris Williams and the permanent rookie-skills of Terrance Metcalf, let alone a rook from Conference USA, a midget from Northern Illinois, & Whoopi Goldberg’s little bro. As for the Chiefs, take your pick on which one of these guys:


BRODIE CROYLE will be working for Craig Krenzel’s Molecular Genetics Firm by 2010

While Larry Johnson is a stud and will look better this season, don’t expect Herm Edwards to risk having him in the training room by opening day and to limit his touches the entire pre-season. Same thing with Tony Gonzalez

another nice tight end, leavin' Dwayne Bowe as the only talent that could burn the Bears 2night. Seriously, have you seen KCs list of WRs behind Bowe? Devard Darling, Jeff Webb, Will Franklin, & Andre Rison. Hey Herm, if Andre Rison’s house isn’t on fire or Tamarick Vanover isn’t financing Bam Morris’s glaucoma research, give’em a shout!

I wonder if that was from Bam Bam's stash?

On the defensive side, both squads improve greatly from last year simply because of their health, while KC has stockpiled some talented youngsters over the last few years and Chicago’s LB will be pumped with the home-crowd tonight (you know, trying to impress those groupies looking for some Linebacker swimmers).

As for a final score and a couple more hotties…

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August 8, 2008

Home of the ATS Diamond Guru & Earl Luv


Briefly, since the retirement of Spud Webb my hardwood hero has been Earl Boykins...and now, I have to travel to Italy to see him handle the rock. Good luck my speedy friend, comeback soon, and have fun breaking those Gucci-wearing ankles across the pond!

Looks like I found a guide for my Caleb Hanie Bandwagon!

As for Da Bear, let’s just say I’ve applied for my CDL license to drive the Caleb Hanie bus to Canton. After Bradlee Van Pelt (great porn name) Caleb is my all-time favorite Colorado St. Rams QB…besides Moses Moreno. And how about news 1st-round pick LT Chris Williams is possibly out the season after back surgery. You think he mentioned that during contract negotiations?

Just call my the DIAMOND GURU Homeboys!

Before we roll to by MLB ATS pick, how about this DIAMOND GURU
…don’t you guys loving telling people you know somebody famous!

Lester has the look of an Ace of late!

The boys from Beantown will roll tonight because…

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August 9, 2008


After 4 years of waiting, the Olympics are back with avengence. And I absolutely love the games for several reasons, but quite frankly, it is that beach volleyball azz that gets me going the most.

She's showing you the way, in case you didn't already know.
This is a sport that has quietly marketed themselves to the top by simply showing skin. There was some genius about 20 years ago that said "you know, we are never gonna get recognized as females playing volleyball unless we wear the skimpiest and tightest bikinis around, and then lets put our names across our backdoor to bring more attention."

Um, what was your name again....
Whoever thought that up, let me give you a very large 'Thank You' from the rest of the male population. And don't get me wrong, these ladies are athletes, but when I can watch athletes and all my mind can think is about soft porn on skinemax, I enter this state of euphoria that cannot be described.

Daddy, is this heaven? No son, it's beach volleyball, now shut up...
Outside of the sand, I will be keeping my eyes on a couple other sports. In true U.S. fashion, my eyes will be peeled on every basketball game that takes place. At this point, I'm thinking we are gonna see another let down by the US team for 2 reasons....1) if they wanted to put the best team together, they missed the boat by only getting one true center to make the trip, and 2) they continue to be an example of a team loaded with stars creates a bunch of ballers that are thinking about themselves, and we all know there is no I in team. The team that has the most cohesion will take the gold, unfortunately it won't be the US for the 2nd Olympics in a row.
The other sport I will watch closely is swimming. Michael Phelps is a machine and proved that even at a young age he doesn't let it get to his head. The man will get challenged, but his largest competitor from last Olympics, the Thorpedo from Australia, has since retired.

I think she likes swimming as well, and I like her, seems like a perfect fit!
And now on to insideplays MLB picks....


August 10, 2008


Focus gentlemen, I know it gets demanding to have a Sunday Funday every week, but the sports world needs you now.

Baseball continues to get more intense as each day passes, and we are certainly seeing the teams that know they still have a chance as opposed to those just waiting for the off season. And on this fine Sunday Funday, I give you my best crystal ball view point of what the beginning of October will look like for baseball fans....

The Angels continue to look good, and many times even better in rattlesnake skin boots!
LA Angels
Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins
Wild Card--Chicago White Sox

Yes, I am leaving both the BoSox and the Yankees out of October action this year, do you think America will survive such a thing? But I already feel that the Yanks are out of it, so that brings it down to the BoSox, the White Sox, and the Twins. Of the three, Boston plays the tougher schedule by far across the elite of the league so I have them being the odd man out. I believe in the Twins as an overall consistent team ahead of the White Sox, so the Twins get the division, the Sox get the card.

I'm not the only one that loves the Cubs in the post season.
Chicago Cubs
Philadelphia Phillies
LA Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers

I give the Dodgers the nod over the D-Backs with the recent addition of Manny, I don't think he will start creating major locker room issues until the off season. Also, having Torre running the show doesn't hurt anything. I gave the Phillies the nod over the Mets. I simply think the Mets spent most of their energy making their big run right after the All Star Break, they have hung in longer than I thought, but will faulter in the next couple weeks.

Read on for my Sunday MLB picks.....


August 11, 2008

Daily ATS Plays & Solid Olympic Coverage

Women's Sand Volleyball looks even better in Beijing!

Everywhere we went this weekend the ladies wanted to watch the Olympics, & while I’m not a hater of the Games, I am a hater of not knowing what the F*ck is going on! Seriously, could you please put some type of graphic up to let me know if its semi-final, single-elimination, how many cats advance, or if it’s a round robin tourney!

Is Sychronized Sand Modeling a double elimination event? How would I know if I turned it on halfway thru?

I’m a popular MFer and not sitting around watching every minute of the pre-race/match BS and by the time I look-up at the screen, I might as well be watching a cricket match after smoking some ditch-weed.

Moving to the dimaond action, impressive performances from both Chi-Town teams, but the season-ending injury to Jose Contreras leaves a huge hole in an already thin White Sox staff.

Onto some gridiron action, while I’ve never been more than a casual fan of Raider Nation, this season Al Davis & Co. have sparked my interest with an intriguing cast of characters.


I’m talking about the 6-6 260 lb cannon-arm of JaMarcus Russell, the fiery addition if CB DeAngelo Hall, and a three-headed rushing attack that might be the best in the NFL.

Trust me...Darren McFadden will be a future Hall of Famer!


Little-known son of Huggy Bear, RB Justin Fargas had a ridiculous season with limited touches last year (3 games with over 139 yards and a solid average of 4.5 with 1009 rushing yards), and…


…possibly the best collegiate RB in '06 before the former-QB broke his leg & missed all of his rookie year, Michael “250-lbs & fast” Bush has the potential to be the best short-yardage back in the NFL.


And finally, my Fantasy Sleeper in WR Ronald “I’m finally healed from blowing out both Achilles tendons” Curry.

With that, let's roll to my ATS picks and more Hotties!

Both the Cards & Marlins had rough road trips against division rivals this weekend, but...

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August 12, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS & Olympic Luv

As for Mr. Phelps, you may be #1 at the Olympics for some...

...but you're not even close to the top two talents in the Beijing water in my eyes. I'd pay top dollar to be chlorine on the day Bia & Branca are synchronizing their hottness!

If you don't believe me, WATCH THIS VIDEO

I'm not jokin' Homeboys, watch the REDONKULOUS VIDEO

As for Adam D, I'm a southsider & simply pissed we snagged the sluggin' Red known as Junior that's frickin' done & will struggle to hit .220 w/ more than a couple HRs w/ CHC

As for if Adam Dunn will aid in Zona coverin'-up more often...dude has an OB% of 371, let alone is good for at least a few diggers a week! In my world that's like askin' if Pamela is still has it.

BTW, from now on Greggy G uses Adam Dunn w/ Pamela. And if u don't know why, you need another website Homeboy!

On the gridiron, while all the talk has focused on Ocho Cinco's status, the Bengals rushing attack is gonna be sick this season with Rudi Johnson, Kenny Watson, the finally-healthy Chris Perry, and a greatly improved O-Line. Throw-in Carson, T.J., & former Colts TE Ben Utecht, & Chad Johnson will be on board for this playoff team in no time!

And how about the new and improved Raider Nation?
* BTW, the chick unda Walcott is an Insideplays spy!

Thanks to Archuleta signing in Oakland yesterday, looks like we'll be seeing Adam's better-half in Black-n-Silver soon!

And finally, thank you Joe Dumars! Signing the roundball version of Fabio gives me an opportunity to see My Homeboy Walter at the United Center a few more times this year!

With that let's try to find some MLB ATS Magic and more hotties!

Rich Harden coming off a lousy performance in his last outing means...

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August 13, 2008

Afternoon MLB ATS & Olympic Hotness

Greggy G's Hottest Olympic Javelin Tosser!
Need more research to find my favorite Olympians, but until then, Leryn Franco until 2morrow!


Javelin Sweetie – LERYN FRANCO - Paraguay
They definitely should be throwin' the Javelin in Heels!

As for the 12:10 MLB action between the Yanks n Twins...
Don't worry about the sun distracting the hitters this afternoon...this one's in the Twinkies Baggie!

With both teams desperate for wins, I expect...

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August 14, 2008

ATS Diamond Notes & Hot Olympians

In between my Pulitzer Price-worthy sports banter, I’ll be giving you:
*Obviously it's not fair to have Bia & Branca Feres in the rankings

While some were mad Soriano hurt his leg on his signature-hop, as a media giant, I luv everything about this crazy cat!

The Alfonso-bashers were out in full force after the gum-chomper was once again caught admiring a wall-shot and ended up with a single. Honestly, I’m amazed fans are still appalled at the actions of the Northsiders most dangerous hitter. Since returning from his broken hand 20 games ago, the so-called OF is batting .337 with 6 HRs, 17 Runs, & 17 RBIs. Deal with the antics Cubdom, that’s the price you pay for the most lethal lead-off hitter in MLB…who also rolls with Terrell Owens mantra: “I Love Me Some Me!”


Not only is James Blake rockin' a nice lady on his arm, the US Tennis vet just rocked Roger Federer at the Olympics!

Beating the great, but aging like Corey Haim-Roger Federer is a remarkable achievement if you know anything about Blake’s up-n-down journey. Not to mention, it might aid the New Yorker in keeping around a FLAWLESS GIRLFRIEND. Seriously, if I come back in life, just call my JB boyz…and I’m not talking about the NFL studio-host James Brown!


While he's struggled at times, hard not to luv the crafty lefty!

Great to see my Southsider vets sharpen their skills on the mound like T.T. Boy roughs-up a trimmed mound. After some inconsistent starts, Buehrle and Vazquez posted back-to-back shut-outs against the AAA Royals, which were desperately needed as the Twinkies keep winning. And even crazier yesterday, Griffey Jr. knocked in his 1st RBI since August 1st and raised his average to .200!

BTW, rumor has it this picture is of Michael Phelps Great Grandma...I knew he had some frickin' Mermaid in him!


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August 15, 2008

Fantasy Pigskin, NFL & MLB ATS, & Ladies

BTW, if you missed yesterday's off-the-chain magic...CHECK IT OUT

Guru Ranking: 25-30 - Greggy G ranking: 15-20

With every other WR injured & a QB that, even though he has an annoying sister-in-law, can light up the stat sheet...

Nobody has a more unproven batch of WRs than the Seahawks…and yes, even my very own Chicago Bears. The “Pamela Anderson to USA Female Swimmers”-huge difference between Seattle & Chicago, Mr. Holmgren actually has a gunslinger under center. While everybody drools over the big dogs in Indy, NE, & Jerry Jones land, Hasselbeck quietly ranked 4th in attempts last season, and under the former Favre-headmaster, always seems to rank in the top 8 in TDs, total yards, and fantasy points for QBs.

She's so happy, she must have Nate on her Fantasy squad!

As for the 26-year old speed demon Nate Burleson, he ranked 1st in TDs & 2nd rec. yards for the Seahawks last season with Bobby Engram, Deion Branch, & D.J. Hackett in the mix. This year, Hackett’s in Carolina, Branch is still recovering from a torn ACL in last year’s playoff loss, and leading receiver Bobby “how the hell did he catch 94 balls last year” Engram is out eight weeks with a cracked shoulder. Unless you’re Marty Booker-slow, I’m guessing you catch my drift with baldy’s options when he drops back…it’s like picking a hottie at a Green Bay bar with a guest appearance by an Olsen Twin and your holding a diet pill and bottle of Grey Goose. I know the former Nevada-star can be a little spacey at times, but seriously, how does he not greatly eclipse the 50-catch and 9 tuddies from last season.

Even though Seneca was robbed of a Heisman, unlike NEB's Eric Crouch he can actually play QB at the highest level!

And speaking of the Seahawks, Lovie Smith and his two-headed handicapped QB-monster head to Seattle Saturday for a preseason blood-bath…ok, maybe not that, but considering Vegas has a line, in my mind there’s no difference between this and the Super Bowl. Not to mention, my favorite footballer of all-time, Seneca MFin Wallace will be taking a ton of snaps with Hasselbeck’s stiff back.

While some will never like the unique flair of Seneca are a chick with an arm tat, I think you're missing out!

You laugh, but the former Cyclone was AURORA SNOW in Naughty Bottoms-flawless in Minny last week (15-20 and 3 TDs), not to mention QB Charlie Frye will be splittin' time with the superstar, and I’d rather have the former Brown throwin' to our cast of garbage in Chicago. Especially, with the Bears awful OL tryin' to mesh in possibly the loudest NFL stadium, I believe the Seahawks easily cover the -1.

As for my OLYMPIC HOTNESS yesterday, I received many complaints about not having any female ballers in my selections. So...

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The ladies of football are back in town!!!

We are officially less than 2 weeks away from the beginning of the college football season. And while the first Thursday night won't dazzle us too much, it is football. It's kinda like going without the cheeba for 8 months and then when you take that first puff you say...man this ditchweed sucks. What a normal guy says is...damn this is some good shiznit! So now that you understand my football addiction, it's time to roll into some pre-season news that changes the complexion of a few teams.

At least UCLA has some other things going for it this fall....

The UCLA Bruins were planning to be good enough to fight for a bowl bid and mid-PAC-10 finish, but the injury of QB Ben Olson and his foot have completely taken them out of even being a competitive matchup for most of the conference. In fact, with an out of conference schedule featuring Tennessee, BYU, and Fresno St., and 2nd stringer Pat Cowan down-and-out also, I would venture to say UCLA may only come out with 2-3 wins on the season. Hey, but at least they still allow you to strip their CHEERLEADERS with your perverted eyes.

But perhaps the biggest injury in my mind recently has been the GEORGIA BULLDOGS learning that their starting left OT Sturdivant is out for the year. In case you've been in a coma for the last month, the Dawgs happen to be #1 and the OL was going to be one of their bright spots with Sturdivant leading the way. Now Matt Stafford has to sit in the pocket(which he likes to do), with his back to a replacement. Stafford was beaten up enough in the early season last year to remember that inexperienced lineman aren't a good situation. Luckily, Georgia is good enough to dominate most games, but I think this will catch up with them when they run across speedy D-lines like Florida and Auburn.

And if you missed my LOVELY LADIES from last weekend, you better check it out.

Read on for some great series swing Saturday MLB picks.

Philadelphia Phillies +116(-1.5runs) @ San Diego Padres and ova 8.5 runs
With the Phillies sitting one game back.......

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August 17, 2008


Five is enough for me, but that's 3 shy for a machine like Phelps!!

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my eye was going to be on Michael Phelps through the OLYMPICS, and the man continues to amaze me. After watching his final race last night, I realized that part of the amazing story is that not only that he is the fastest in the pool, or that he can be the fastest in any type of swim, it is his conditioning that leads to stamina that is equivalent to Ron Jeremy.

I think it's time to move to Kentucky, unless Ron beats me to it....
When you look at all of the warm up and cool down time in the pool, the robot known as Phelps spends more time in the water than in his bed. And now that he is done, I think as sports fanatics, we all need to take a step back and realize that we have witnessed something that may never occur again. So take a second, clear your mind of the porn that is a continuous feed into your memory bank, and take a drink for Michael, cause we know he hasn't had one in a while.

So as the Olympics head into their 2nd week, and we wait patiently to see if our NBA boys can take the I out of TEAIM, I bring you some MLB action that may keep things interesting today.

I see a little lefty lean, and daddy like!!!!

Baltimore Orioles @ Detroit Tigers +120(-1.5runs)

While I got burned yesterday by going with the runs for the Yankees.....


August 18, 2008

Bears Hit, MLB ATS, & Whip Cream Bikini

Preseason Pigskin reminds me of ALI LARTER'S SCENE in the epic thriller Varisty Blues...back-up QBs hold all the power!

After kicking out the suburban-hoodrats who drained my liquor cabinet Saturday Night, I quickly grabbed my stashed bottle of Dr. Mcgillicutty's Vanilla from the fridge and sprinkled some caviar on my nachos before strapping-it-down to watch the Tivo’d Bears game in its entirety. Rarely have I been more than a casual watcher of Preseason action, but with the starting QB spot being decided on the night’s performance, I actually was excited to pass on a trip to the local watering-hole to check out every snap of the Sexy Mini Rexy & Krazy Kyle-duel.

While I like Krazy Kyle, especially ova the fumbling Midget, I don't like him to lead us to the promiseland!

To start, for all the talk the Bears have no QB, no WRs, and unproven RBs, by far their worst position on the field is the O-Line…especially the left side. I don’t car if Joe Montana, Tom Brady or Cleo Lemon were under center, you can’t find a bad WRer if you spent every second running from big-angry-black men. By the start of the 2nd quarter I was at Bodog droppin' another few bills on Lovie’s win total for the season. BEARS WINS 8…are you frickin’ kidding me! I know they rolled to the Super Bowl just a few years ago behind an awesome defense & ridiculous special teams, but the D is nowhere close to the dominating 06-07 squad, & Grossman had at least had a few seconds that year before he dropped the ball or was picked-off in the flat.


As for Devin Hester at WR, while he looked better than I thought, no chance he stays healthy throwing his body around like ASIA CARRERA in Whoriental Sex Acadamy 7 on running plays, not to mention, the safties will be licking their chops when he crosses the middle.

With Desmond Clark aging and banged-up, the Bears were smart to grab the Spartan giant Kellen Davis!

As for a bright-spot, I have no idea how 6-7 Michigan State TE Kellen Davis lasted until the 5th round. While he’s not the best blocker, he catches everything in sight and has decent mobility for someone his size. Paired with Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark (if his knee is ok), I’m guessing Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner will be instructing his bad QBs to ignore the garbage slowly running on the outside.

Just like the back-up QBs in the preseason, it's important to have two solid options!

In my humble, but correct opinion, preseason ATS can be

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August 19, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Luv

How many GMs can say they snagged unknown stars like Alexei & Quentin, and starred in a movie with Han Solo?

While this Southside pessimist is still leery of putting all his eggs into the Sox playoff basket & have been hatin’ on Kenny Williams inability to snag another starting arm, nobody in the league made two more unexpected franchise altering acquisitions than the former Star Wars star.


Throw-in the confidence he had in his pitching coaches to rejuvenate the careers of John Danks & Gavin Floyd, & Kenny deserves the rose pedals that covered MENA SUVARI thrown at his feet!


As for the Olympics, while Russian Pole Vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva was remarkable in winning the gold last night, in my opinion her form will always be considered 2nd best when it comes to the Stokke’inator...


Back to baseball and Maddux’s (6-9, 3.99) move to LA...


I think people might be a little too excited on what he has left. Considering PETCO might be the most pitcher friendly-park in the majors, Dodger fan might be surprised at how Mad Dog looks when their not playing in San Diego (Home: 2.62 – Away: 5.75).

Only Greggy G can compare a Bear quote to cinematic star Brittney Skye...btw, her best work was JIGGLE in 2006!

As for the Quote of the Day, when Kyle Orton was asked about the O-Line problems, he responded: “I’ll take our guys over any in the league” I know he’s trying to win-over a group of vets, but that’s like Ron Jeremy telling his fans he selected BRITTNEY SKYE for the thriller More Than a Handful 13 because of her charming personality.

For some reason...she has me thinking Twins!

I know the Twinkies were asleep for the first 7 inning yesterday...

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The Daily Rant by Money Mike

The Daily Rant is back! Had to take the summer off to take care of some shiznit but it's pigskin season & its time to get back at it!

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August 20, 2008

NFL Fantasy Sleepers and MLB ATS

While he'd look like a Beast in any uniform, Hasselbeck needs the former Seminole QB more than most!

Before I hit you with my Fantasy Sleepers (and no I’m not talking about the Woman’s Gymanstics team or James Blake’s GIRLFRIEND), with Anquan Boldin desperately wanting out of Arizona, Mike Holmgren should be begging management like a stripper begs an NFL-star not to wear a hat to fill his vacant WR-spot opposite Nate Burleson with the chiseled Cardinal (Ingram-inj, Branch-inj, Hackett-Panthers). I know Seneca Wallace can do it all, and selfishly I want the Bears to grab the most underappreciated WR in the game (the fastest player to 400 catches ever!), but tell me how the Seahawks owner doesn’t appease the oversized-mustached man in his final year on the sideline?


Just like Esquire's SEXIEST WOMAN of 2005 looks even better in 2008...

Palmer led the league in TDs in 2005 & will be filthy in '08

CARSON PALMER QB rank: 7TH – Overall rank: 66TH
GREG GAMBLE QB rank: 5TH – Overall rank: 39TH

While Carson’s had more drama with his WRs than Charlie Sheen after his lady catches him snorting coke off a relaxation therapist, the trio of Ocho Cinco, Henry, & HoushmanHasselhoff have basically been with him from the get-go. Throw-in a pass-catching TE for the first time in his career in Ben Utecht, and I expect Palmer to come close to duplicating his 32 tuddies and 68-comp% from 2005. While the yards may be a little down because the rushing attack should be lethal, more red-zone opportunities will result in more groupies jumping on your fantasy bandwagon if you grab him. For some reason, many gurus have Matt Hasselbeck and his missing band of WRs and Big Ben and his Steeler rushing attack ahead of the former USC Trojan…and that’s plain silly.

Just like your mom wouldn't like your wife wearing this wedding dress, just because Chris Henry shouldn't date your daughter doesn't mean he can't help your team!

BTW, nothing makes me laugh harder than media and righteous bitches screaming about character issues…their not porking your sister (well, probably not) and simply need to perform on Sunday Funday for you fools! While Chris Henry will never tap his full-potential (I honestly believe if he trained as hard as he partied he’d be a Hall of Famer) and will be suspended the first four game, the dude is a ridiculous deep threat and an absolute monster in the red-zone.

Just because people were hatin' on Britney for lip synching...

Doesn't mean you should drop Maroney in your rankings because he looks like one of the dudes from Milli Vanilli!

LAURENCE MARONEY RB rank: 19TH – Overall rank: 27th
GREG GAMBLE RB rank: 11th – Overall rank:17th

While the fantasy guru’s seem afraid of Maroney’s injury woes the last two years, considering he’s getting closer to a payday extension, I bet we see Golden Gopher-quality from the shifty back. In addition, while the Pats threw the pill around like they were at a Sebastian Janikowski party, after watching them piss down their leg in the Super Bowl because of the pressure up front, I expect the hoodie-sweatshirted-genius to get back to a more balanced attack. Sure Mr. Gisele Bundchen will still be marching the team down the field through the air with regularity, which also means more red-zone touches for LoMo (yeah, a made that sh*t up). As for talk Lamont Jordan and Sammy Morris will steal some of his touches, I’ve had both on my fantasy teams for brief stints in the past...and that means I sucked.

Just like FOX became the sexiest star after only a year...

Calvin Johnson will be a superstar in his 2nd year!

(In addition to Calvin, check out my piece on NATE BURLESON)
CALVIN JOHNSON WR rank: 25th – Overall rank: 65th
GREG GAMBLE WR rank: 16th – Overall rank: 45th

Hi, my name is Calvin. I’m 6-5, run a 4.3-40, jump like Spud Webb, and have hands that could handle Melanie Melons (remember her Homeboys…wonder if she’s still packing double dil-awesome-dos?). For all the chatter he struggled putting-up numbers...READ ON

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August 21, 2008

Greg Gamble's Daily ATS & Bears Preview

Hi my name is Josh Fogg. I currently have an ERA over 7 and now pitch for the Reds. I suggest playing the Cubs at 1:20 today and feel free giving-up 1.5 runs...or even 3.

I agreed Josh, I was able to pick this game sitting in my underoos! You were actually shelled at Wrigley earlier this year and are sporting a 40.50 ERA...not too good my friend!


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And the winner is...KRAZY KYLE ORTON!!!

The million dollar ATS question in tonight’s bloodbath between the Bears & 49ers is how Kyle Orton will respond now that the job is his. After last week and watching Sexy “Mini-Me” Rexy get absolutely destroyed by Seattle’s 1st team defense against the NFL’s 32nd ranked O-Line (and 32nd is being generous), I expect the Bears not to do much more than run the ball and execute a few dump-offs. Even if the Grizzly Adams-looking Orton can find some time, I still can’t see who the hell he’s gonna throw-to outside of the TEs.

The Packers QBs almost lost their shirt playing the San Fran D-Line last week...how you think they'll look against us!?

Considering Mike Nolan’s crew roughed-up the Packers in San Francisco 34-6 last week sacking the Favre-less QBs 6 times and recovering 3 fumbles, I expect the collection of youngsters to once again run circles around Lovie’s oversized turnstiles.

Not only does J.T. have experience with Matz's system from Det., he also was able to learn under the great Jon Kitna!

As for the 49ers offense, Joe Montana…I mean J.T. O’Sullivan & Alex Smith have been battling all camp, but with Mike Martz bringing-in the nappy-haired O’Sullivan from Detroit, he looks like the opening day starter. Regardless, the competition is still considered open, probably leading to some solid play-calling from the O-Coordinator in tonight’s match-up. In addition, the offensive line has been very impressive through two preseason games only allowing two sacks thus far.

Just like a chick's ability to lick her heel, the San Fran WRs are extremely underrated!

Throw-in an underrated group of WRs (Issac Bruce, Bryant Johnson, Ashley Lelie, & Arnaz Battle) some experienced RBs (Frank Gore, DeShaun Foster, & Michael Robinson), and the explosive Vernon Davis, and I expect the 49ers to win straight-up tonight. (SF +3)

Final Score: 49ERS 31 BEARS 24

"The Daily Rant" by Money Mike

Olympic track team:
How terrible are these clowns? How do professional athlete's not practice the baton exchange before competing in the Olympics? It's just unacceptable and embarrassing. Enough said.

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August 22, 2008

Bears Recap, Fantasy Flops, & MLB ATS

If you don't care about the Bears...FANTASY FOOTBALL FLOPS

You can tell this isn't a D coached by Bob Babich...just checking out their swagger you know it was Ron Rivera!


1. Following the Bears Super Bowl appearance where the defense and special teams carried the entire load, Lovie couldn’t handle the luv legendary Bear & D-Coordinator Ron Rivera received and the next thing you know Ronny was a LBer Coach for the Lightning Bolts and Smith’s minion Bob Babich was running the D. Since then, the Bears have sucked like an oral artist in Hugh Grant’s pimp-ride. No exaggeration as the so-called foundation of their squad ranked 28th in total yards allowed last season and looks like they haven’t tackled once in Training Camp so far through the Preseason.

Just like when you have Mike Brown on your squad, you need more than one option!

As for the permanently hobbled Safety Mike Brown, it appears the Bears are afraid to injury their smartest baller as they’ve kept him deep in the secondary instead of closer to the line-of-scrimmage where he thrives. Maybe the plan will change once the regular season starts, but if they don’t, Brown will not be close to the player he was for the few games he’s healthy.

If the black & white stripes down call are O-Line for holding, at least some of RBs could look solid!

2. I was a Kristy Alley-sized fan of Kevin Jones at the begging of his 1st two NFL seasons, only to have my fantasy brotherins mock my azz as I dropped him by Week 3. Great to see him break-out for a nice run yesterday, as well as rookie Matt Forte’s performance, and from all reports the former Hokie is in the best shape of his life (think Muhsin Muhammad during his contract year with the Panthers, before the Bears paid him like Jerry Rice in his prime), which means Whoopi Goldberg’s lil brother (Adrian Peterson) or short as a Wolfe is gone.

Can Rashied be the spark we need to...win 5 or 6 games?

3. I swear for how long I’ve heard Bear beat-writers talk about how great Rashied Davis has looks in training camp, he might be as old as Jose Contreras…that being said, they’re right! On the flipside, I was so pissed the 49ers totally blew coverage and misplayed Mark Bradley’s big catch. Before that he was probably gone, now…I have feeling their going to waste another roster spot on the former 2nd rounder.

While Kyle's acted like a dick in the past, maybe he's ready for the professional world!

4. Could Krazy Kyle Orton be our Carlos Quentin or Kosuke Fukudome…Oh wait, if he’s Kosuke he’ll suddenly forget how to play QB by Week 6!

Urlacher might have used Elmers as a kinky thing with his ex-girls, but I don't think he should use it on game day!

5. Brian Urlacher needs to stop rubbing glue all over his jersey before games...it makes it impossible to shed those blockers!

with that, let's hit-up my FANTASY FOOTBALL FLOPS...

Now that's what I call a Greggy G Fantasy!!!

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August 23, 2008



With only 5 days to wait for the beginning of the young kids pigskin season, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling exactly like Mike Tyson(watch this TYSON VIDEO) did when he was 5 days from being released from the pokey, except he was excited to rape and pillage more ladies, I simply want to watch some football. Now on to how the Big 10 will piece together by the end of the year...

I can't believe they all named their lady parts 'Michigan', and I always listen to what women say, or write...
Big 10 Champion: Ohio State Buckeyes
I know I'm not going out on a limb here, and I believe this is the easiest champion prediction in the last dozen years for this conference. Ohio State should be an example to the rest of the nation of what can happen when you allow a good coach the time to build his team. It's not like Tressel needed much time, but the way he has stayed on top is a testament to him getting the right players on his team, building relationships with them, and running the team like a business. The Buckeyes go undefeated this year and get the elusive national trophy.

Badger Red is never a bad thing....
#2 Wisconsin Badgers
I have seen many experts put Illinois in front of their northern foes, but Bielema and his team is too damn good. First, Bielema is showing that he won't allow nonsense on his team by releasing RB Lance Smith from the team. Most teams put the kid on a 3 game suspension, Bielema dumps him, and I love the message that sends to everyone that cares. I also believe they have a darkhorse in Allan Evridge at QB. On paper he looks like a typical 5th year clip board holder, but lets not forget that he set freshman passing records at K-State in 05, and has had a couple years to learn this system. A mature QB can go a long way.

Hey, they are better than staring at men, so just enjoy.
#3 Penn State Nittany Lions
By default of a better home schedule, I put Paterno in front of Zook. PSU needs to pick a QB soon and try to put together a similar LB core that they had last year, and both could be tough tasks, however they bring back enough at all other positions to carry them through, and they get Zook's orange crusaders in Happy Valley.

Without a horse in the backfield like Mendenhall, Juice will struggle....
#4 Illinois Fighting Illini
All the rumors say that Juice is going to be more of a passer this year. He better be since he can't just turn and give the ball to Mendenhall anymore. I agree that Juice creates some plays that many other QB's can't, but I just don't believe yet that Zook is actually good enough to build a program that competes among the elite of the Big 10. Even though I'm not a huge fan, I do feel sorry for them because of where they need to travel this year(#6 Mizzou, #20 Penn St, Michigan, and #13 Wisconsin). They do get the Buckeyes at home, but that doesn't really matter. So I see them w/ 4 conference losses and 5 total, a 7-5 record is more like the Ron Zook team that I am used to seeing.

Mediation and focus may get these teams a bowl bid, but I'd rather pack up the season a month early and take her instead!!
Michigan Wolverines--Rodriquez will have them contending for a bowl bid
Purdue Boilermakers--Top QB in the conference will win a couple more than expected
Iowa Hawkeyes--No returning RB's, a beat up WR crew, and a 53% passing QB

Instead of reading about the cellar dwellers of the Big 10, THIS CLIP of lovely ladies is much more interesting.


SD Padres @ SF Giants +138(-1.5runs)



Teasin' T-Bone here, ready to give some luv to all of our Big 12 friends, or football fanatics in general. Before I begin, if you missed my Big 10 predictions from yesterday, click HERE to read up.

Now on to what looks to be a pretty interesting year for the Big 12. Lets start with the South.

She may be the only thing that looks better than the Sooners this year...

The Oklahoma Sooners are the clear favorite in my mind to take the South. With Sam Bradford at the helm for his Sophmore session, it will be interesting to see what he has done in the off-season. With all 5 lineman, and most of the skill positions returning, the Sooners bring back 58 touchdowns. To add to the firepower, the schedule absolutely lines up in OU's favor. They have a powder puff non-conference schedule, then they get the tough conference games at home(Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech). The toughest traveling game is Texas, who won't be the normal Texas this year....

Texas Tech grabs the 2nd spot in the south. We all know that Harrell and Crabtree are only the beginning of the scoring machine, but I don't believe they can make it through the whole year because their defense hasn't been able to last much more than 8 games in years prior. And as I mentioned above, they have to try to take out OU in Soonerville, and it happens to be the 2nd to the last game of the year, when the Tech D will be nice and tired.

3rd--Texas Longhorns
4th--Oklahoma State
6th--Texas A&M

The North looks equally as good this year!


The Missouri Tigers will walk away with the North again this year. Chase Daniels will continue his pinpoint accuracy and Jeremy Maclin will find the ball in more ways than we can possibly imagin. But the Tigers are going to make headlines this year on the other side of the ball as well. With 10 returning starters on D, and an offense that takes the pressure off, they should be able to really utilize their Tampa Two scheme, pin their ears back, and completely throw teams out of their comfort zone.

Kansas is going to be a force to be reckoned with again this year, however I do believe that it is going to take Mangino a couple more years to get the depth of talent that he will need to contend for a Big 12 title. The bad thing for KU is that they will be better than last year, but their record won't show it because they added Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech to their schedule.

4th--Iowa State
6th--Kansas State

And now that I've found someone who likes to be the catcher, on to MLB...

I've got a couple MLB picks for you today, just click below for more picks and pics.

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August 25, 2008

Greg Gamble's Quick Thought & ATS Pick

I'll make this quick...WHO'S A BIGGER PIGSKIN BUST???
Everyone wants to know - MATT LEINART or JENN STERGER

I'm not saying droopy eyes doesn't know how to have fun...

I'm just wondering if he's a bigger football bust than Jenn...

Listen, I’ve been known to have a few too many cocktail and make a fool of myself with regularity over the years, but when it came time to get shiznit done, I’m like closer Jose Mesa…70% of the time I’m lethal. As for Hollywood Playboy, I’ve yet to see him have more than a couple games a year where he looks capable of being a starting NFL QB…and that’s with some of best WRs in the league.

Is the Red Carpet Reality Show Shagger the bigger bust?

Krazy Kyle Orton is a prime example of a party animal once hitting the professional circuit, but realized he was on a short NFL-leash and spent the last two off-seasons working out like madman and mastering the playbook. The major difference, Leinart’s Ladies were hot before the beer goggles and Kyle’s Kats were after. After another off-season of pictures with beer-bongs and nightly red-carpet parties, it was no surprise the Cardinals announced Grandpa Warner was the starter with Leinart’s performance in the decisive 3rd preseason game (4-12, 24 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs).

While your bad Leinart, you can't hang w/ her bust status!


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August 26, 2008

Fantasy Pigskin, Daily ATS Picks, & Babes

Bet u won't see a fantasy team w/ these 2 rollin' 2gether
...unless ur facing Greggy G in the Bowl-O-Dicks league!

Similar to the 2006 season when I drafted Peyton Manning 3rd and won the league, drafting RBs just because that's what the gurus say has been a huge downfall for me over the years. In my opinion, considering it’s the most often injured position, I think unless you have a sure thing you grab the cats that will score you the most points. With that, here are the results of my First Fantasy Draft Sunday:


Just like my favorite Moss, just because you in trouble sometimes doesn't mean you don't have serious skills!

Round One (6th pick) – WR Randy Moss
Even though you know the Patriots will be running more this season, the one thing that won’t change will be the deep bombs to Randy. Unlike most teams that utilize a player with Moss’s ability down the sideline, NE occupied different areas of the field by running Welker all over underneath, Stallworth down the middle, and as the play developed Moss would be crossing the field deep to a vacated safety spot. Considering he racked-up almost 1500 yards & 23 tuddies in his first season w/ Gisele’s man, and most of the top-dog RBs were gone, I went with the sure thing…the most points available w/ the 6th pick.

Just like Owens, Aniston's had trouble finding someone 2 love her longtime. But regardless of age, both are still flawless!

Round Two (19th pick) – WR Terrell Owens
By far this brought me more hazing than Rex Grossman walking around anywhere within 1200 miles of Chicago. With the only four QBs I wanted gone and a collection of RBs headlined by the crumbling knee of Willis McGahee, I decided to have the best combination of WRs in fantasy league history. Trust me, on weeks when both guys have solid Sundays, I’ll beat teams outright with these ova-sensative crazy cats!

The combo of Brady's foot injury & Maroney trying to dispell the injury-prone label with a contract extension on the horizon means he's a Greg Gamble roster invitee!

Round Three (30th pick) – RB Laurence Maroney
I was absolutely shocked my SLEEPER pick was still available...what can I say, some dudes in my league are a lil slow. Want to know why he’s gonna be solid this year...READ THIS (scroll down for Maroney)

Just like $2 Labatt, Michael Turner was a steal this late!

Round Four (43rd pick) – RB Michael Turner
I’ll admit I was a little scared after drafting two WRs that I’d be stuck with garbage in the backfield. But once again, the players in my league dropped the ball and I grabbed a RB ranked much higher on my Greggy G Big Board. Michael “The Burner” Turner has been starter material the last few years, but unlike most, is rested and has learned the game behind the best of the best...LT. I know some are down on the Falcons, but Turner on Turf is like a wet waitress T-shirt contest at a Sushi bar...frickin' perfect!


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August 27, 2008

Greg Gamble's ATS Plays Of The Day

With June Jones & Colt Brennan gone & the cupboards bare...

...this dude might be in some trouble in the Swamp Saturday!

* And Greggy G doesn't care how many Gator starters are out!

I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’ve been ATS-eyeballing the Florida/Hawaii match-up since June Jones mysteriously left for SMU. First-off, what the hell was the former Chargers headmaster thinking? He coached with a LEI around his neck on a gorgeous island with no expectations, and decides to leave for a Methodist University with a program that hasn’t made a bowl appearance since 1984 for a couple extra bucks. To-Each-His-Own I guess, but I think that car accident back in 2001 did some damage to June's noggin.

Not since waking-up religiously to watch workout wonder KIANA TOM was there been any reason to follow Hawaiian sports, surfboards aside, until Jones arrived to the island (BTW, watching Kiana's video & OTHERS makes me angry. How the hell does ESPN have 50 channels and no love for the workout girls...those sexist pigs!). Thanks to my man June, my two newts are named “Timmy” & “Chang”. That being said, maybe Jones knew this year was going to be a disaster for the Warriors with only four offensive & five defensive starters returning. Hawaii made a solid hire by signing a former coach under Jones in the well-traveled, well-accomplished defensive coordinator Greg McMackin, but considering the cupboards are bare on the coaching staff as well (June took all the goodies with him)…it’s gonna take some time.

At least in Hawaii you could try to distract the Gators!

And at least with Brennan to direct the offense...oh wait...

Sorry, didn't mean to do that...and u don't look like K-Fed.

So without cult hero Colt Brennan, his four starting WRs from last year, and basically the entire defensive line & starting corners, the Warriors fly across the globe to Gainesville to face an angry group of hopeful '08-09 National Champions. Nobody is stockpiled with more ridiculous size, speed, & strength than the Gators, and ever since Georgia scored a TD & proceeded to have their entire team run on the field for a dance, Urban Meyer looks like a crazy brother ready to kill a dude that stovepiped his sister. Throw-in Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and the slew of skill-position players that will be three times as explosive as what the Warriors have seen in camp, & I’d be shocked if Florida doesn’t score at least nine touchdowns.

Just like trying to use one hand to cover, the Warriors have no chance to cover using only one QB at a time!

On the offensive side of the ball for the Warriors, let’s just say Coach McMacklin might have some ill-will towards junior college transfer Brent Rausch because he’s the supposed starter. The poor sophomore has absolutely no collegiate experience besides a season at the College of the Desert (no joke, the College of the frickin’ Desert!), and will be opening his D-1 career in the Swamp! Seriously Mr. McMacklin, unless you’re lying about who’s starting, how they hell do you not open the season with one of the two signal-callers with some actual experience? Considering the Gator defense has been blamed for last season’s horrific three-loss campaign, I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but I can not fathom how young Rausch will have time to complete more than 10 passes before he leaves on a stretcher...and down 50!

Considering Timmy T & the boys are used to running through the big boys, the five returning defensive starters for the Warriors might be in a lil trouble!

The line opened at Florida -32 & already moved to 36, but don’t lose much sleep if it moves to 45 by the time u read this. Tebow & Co. will score a TD on every single drive until they're pulled early in the 3rd, while the 2nd string will be even sharper as they look twice as fast & strong with the worn down Warrior squad looking for the exits.

BTW, when you finish reading my Pigskin Pick, don't forget about my MLB ATS PICK & MORE HOTTIES FOR TODAY!!!

They only thing the Warriors can hope for is that she hasn't graduated and looks even hotter outside!

Final Score: FLORIDA 70 HAWAII 10

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August 28, 2008


Before we get to the open of the 2008 College Pigskin season, the play of the day in Greggy G's world has to be....

Even though some can be a lil too drinky, the Dawg Pound expects the Browns to get this thing rollin! As for the Bears...

...just like TILA'S effort in Season Two of Shot at Love, da Bears have been playin without passion this Preseason!

While nobody expected much from the listless Bears this season, the Dawg Pound has gone ape-shit over the Browns struggles thus far and every media outlet in that fine city (wink-wink) is acting like this is a must win. I know it’s only exhibition, but with the expectations leading into the season for Romeo & Co., I’m convinced they’ll do whatever it takes to appease the masses…especially at home. As for the Bears, Lovie’s theory on preseason is strictly to stay healthy, and as a result, the Midgets of the Midway have played like these are flag football contests. The OL is in shambles for Ron Turner’s offense, and without much depth, watch as Sexy Little Rexy & Calib the Hero Hanie are assisted by a bunch of practice squad talent for three quarters. Especially with this being the finale and only series or two of play for anybody near the top of the depth chart for Chicago, trust me when I tell you the Bears had absolutely no desire to fly out to Cleveland.

Final Score: BEARS 17 BROWNS 30


It's finally here Homeboys...let's have some fun!

I know it is the opening day of college football and I’m already on the road favorite, but besides the Deacons getting used the Waco weather, I can’t see how they don’t thrash the Big 12’s usual cellar-dweller. Wake Forest quietly has turned into a powerhouse in the ACC with 20 wins over the last two years, and in my humble/correct opinion, has the best coach on the college gridiron in Jim Grobe. Their defense was dominate at times last season and is returning nine starters, while the offense scored more than 30 points 7 times last season under the direction of two year starter Riley Skinner. The Jr. signal-caller is the epitome of a cool-cat under pressure, and while he’s comparable of turning the ball over at times, he always seems to bounce back with a steady drive.

Fr. phenom Josh Adams broke out for 169 yards & 2 tuddies against Florida St. last year. Think he'll do alright vs Baylor?

While skeptics will tell you the O-Line has been completely revamped, Grobe and his staff have turned Wake into a powerhouse by recreating a deep-pipeline of talent in the trenches since taking over in 2001. Adding in the attack will be ACC Rookie of the Year and 2nd team All-ACC RB Josh Adams (953 yards 4.4 avg 11 TDs) who didn’t take the full-load until the 4th week of season. Sharing carries with the phenom will be redshirt freshman Brandon Pendergrass who many feel has the talent to be a superstar. While Skinner no-longer has do everything WR Kenneth Moore at his disposal, the Deacons have plenty of veteran depth...including 5th year senior D.J. Boldin, brother of Arizona Cardinals Anquan.

While some things are flawless, the Baylor Bears are not!

On the Bears side, following another dismal season (3-9) and a winless record in the Big 12, Baylor fired Guy Morriss and brought in Houston’s headmaster Art Briles and his spread offense attack. While Briles was a great hire and has been successful wherever he’s gone, he basically needs to clean house and bring-in his style of players. Opening the season under center appears to 5th-year Sr. and Miami Hurricane transfer Kirby Freeman. Freeman will be playing for his third coaching staff in three seasons, and while he does have experience, Briles has spent more time than normal grooming some of the younger recruits given this year is somewhat of a wash. With the shelf life for coaches getting shorter by the year, does it really make much sense to develop a QB for one year?

While the backfield returns plenty of experience...KEEP READING


August 29, 2008

Home Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Plays

In year's past, Temple's outcome wouldn't have changed much if Huxtable was under center, but now...

...the Owls (or as I call them the Hooters) could actually be looking at 5 or 6 wins...and that ain't no lie cheese-rich!

Before we get to my Friday Night College Pigskin Pick, make sure to check out my ATS–favorite for Saturday’s action!

GREG GAMBLE'S 2008 CFB ATS RECORD: 1-0...aka 100%

Just like the most famous Hooter-girl (remember Kyla...kicked off Southwest for dressing to scantily & turned it into a Playboy gig), they have confidence to make things happen!

Before losing Sr. QB Adam DiMichele to a broken leg in ’07 the Owls were shocking the world (not that shocker Homeboys) with a three game win streak in October. With the heart & soul of their squad out, Temple proceeded to lose three of their final four games.

The best Hooters QB of my lifetime, DIMICHELLE, is back!

BTW...coincidence that the hottest hooters girl of my lifetime is named MICHELLE-click me!...I think not 'O Gamblin Gods!

Despite the poor finish, optimism has never been higher in Philadelphia as the fifth-year signal caller will be taking snaps again along with 21 other returning starters. And what better way to kick-off the potential miracle .500 season than against the Black Knights of Army. After another miserable season (3-9), 2nd-year coach Stan Brooks decided returning to their option-roots, last employed in 2000, might keep him around a little longer. Considering they only have four starters returning on the offensive side of ball, what better time to teach the triple-choice attack. While the option may prevent some of the blow-outs Army has partaken in throughout the 21st century, my guess is it’ll take some time for the correct personal to be in place. As for the defensive, they were near the bottom in almost every statistical category in the nation last year and only return five starters. Tonight, look for Temple to build on a few early tuddies & run away in the 2nd half.

Final Score: TEMPLE 31 ARMY 13


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Aaaahhhhhh, let it begin my friends. Even though the Seminoles aren't on my list, the FSU hotties are...

Teasin' T-Bone here, and giddy is a severe understatement to try to explain the level of excitement that I have going through my body right now. And after going 4 for 5 on Thursday night, I feel like I'm Tiger Woods lining up for an uphill 2 footer to win the Masters by 6 strokes. Okay, okay, I'm a friggin' football degenerate that gets his high from watching the cheerleaders sit on the guys hands when she is up in the air. There is so much action today that will pave the way for how the rest of the year plays out, so lets get to it.

Ain't nuttin' but a Hokie thang, baby!!

Virginia Tech -9.5 @ East Carolina

I fully understand that ECU is gonna walk through Conference USA......


August 31, 2008


Some teams are hot, some are not.....but the ladies are plentiful!

Now that we are through the first big Saturday of the season, I think we all have a much better feel for who is going to the real deal and also who is going to be asking their sister to the prom. Let me recap a bit just so you understand where my head is at....

1. The Ohio State Buckeyes will be in the national championship game. Even if Beanie misses some time, they have a depth chart equivalent to Ron Jeremy. And did you see Terrell Prior? The guy is like silk, he appeared to be walking when everyone else was grabbing for air, he will be lethal by the end of the year. To read up more on the Buckeyes, click HERE!!

I think these ladies will be smiling all season long....
2. The USC Trojans defense is the real deal. I'd go as far as saying that if Sanchez get get 3 tuddies on the board it should be enough in any game. Their D reminded me of Florida State in the early '90's when they had robots that would shuttle in and out of the game with no loss of talent.

Bama will continue to surprise us, much like her ability to still be standing!!
3. Never underestimate the Saban factor. I rode Saban and the Tide like a rented mule last year and banked some pretty good coin. I let the Clemson hype get to my head yesterday, and you see where it got me. Saban will continue to do more with less, I just hope the Vegas gods don't pick up on our little secret for awhile....

The Tigers D need to put down the drinky drink and get serious soon.
4. I was surprised to see Illinois get as many points as they did. I was hoping to see some good stuff from the Tigers D, but I guess I'll have to wait until next week. The Tigers will be in the BIg 12 Championship game against the Sooners, but they better figure out the D in the meantime cause they can't rely on Chase Daniels all year.

On to my pick of the day....

Colorado -11.5 vs. Colorado State

The Buffs are bringing some heat from....


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