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Bears Recap, Fantasy Flops, & MLB ATS

If you don't care about the Bears...FANTASY FOOTBALL FLOPS

You can tell this isn't a D coached by Bob Babich...just checking out their swagger you know it was Ron Rivera!


1. Following the Bears Super Bowl appearance where the defense and special teams carried the entire load, Lovie couldn’t handle the luv legendary Bear & D-Coordinator Ron Rivera received and the next thing you know Ronny was a LBer Coach for the Lightning Bolts and Smith’s minion Bob Babich was running the D. Since then, the Bears have sucked like an oral artist in Hugh Grant’s pimp-ride. No exaggeration as the so-called foundation of their squad ranked 28th in total yards allowed last season and looks like they haven’t tackled once in Training Camp so far through the Preseason.

Just like when you have Mike Brown on your squad, you need more than one option!

As for the permanently hobbled Safety Mike Brown, it appears the Bears are afraid to injury their smartest baller as they’ve kept him deep in the secondary instead of closer to the line-of-scrimmage where he thrives. Maybe the plan will change once the regular season starts, but if they don’t, Brown will not be close to the player he was for the few games he’s healthy.

If the black & white stripes down call are O-Line for holding, at least some of RBs could look solid!

2. I was a Kristy Alley-sized fan of Kevin Jones at the begging of his 1st two NFL seasons, only to have my fantasy brotherins mock my azz as I dropped him by Week 3. Great to see him break-out for a nice run yesterday, as well as rookie Matt Forte’s performance, and from all reports the former Hokie is in the best shape of his life (think Muhsin Muhammad during his contract year with the Panthers, before the Bears paid him like Jerry Rice in his prime), which means Whoopi Goldberg’s lil brother (Adrian Peterson) or short as a Wolfe is gone.

Can Rashied be the spark we need to...win 5 or 6 games?

3. I swear for how long I’ve heard Bear beat-writers talk about how great Rashied Davis has looks in training camp, he might be as old as Jose Contreras…that being said, they’re right! On the flipside, I was so pissed the 49ers totally blew coverage and misplayed Mark Bradley’s big catch. Before that he was probably gone, now…I have feeling their going to waste another roster spot on the former 2nd rounder.

While Kyle's acted like a dick in the past, maybe he's ready for the professional world!

4. Could Krazy Kyle Orton be our Carlos Quentin or Kosuke Fukudome…Oh wait, if he’s Kosuke he’ll suddenly forget how to play QB by Week 6!

Urlacher might have used Elmers as a kinky thing with his ex-girls, but I don't think he should use it on game day!

5. Brian Urlacher needs to stop rubbing glue all over his jersey before games...it makes it impossible to shed those blockers!

with that, let's hit-up my FANTASY FOOTBALL FLOPS...

Now that's what I call a Greggy G Fantasy!!!


While it's tough to bitch about a player trying to get paid, Grant's cockiness boarders on a chick-DJ at a posh club!

Contract problems in the off-season and more pressure after signing an incentive-laden deal, hamstring issues resulting in street-clothes during both preseason games, and a bevy of RBs that have looked solid thus far (last year’s 2nd rounder Brandon Jackson, Vernand Morency, Noah Herron, & unexpected camp star Kregg Lumpkin), makes Grant a great canidate for a one-year wonder!

What do you think is riskier...Licking that poll at 2:00 am or trusting McGahee's knee?

I was one of the doubters after witnessing one of the gruesomest knee injuries I’ve ever seen for a RB that McGahee might never play again. While his production the last 4-years can be considered miraculous, it was only a matter have time before the same knee weakened for the undersized back. McGahee’s camp claims the surgery was minor and he’ll be ready for the opener, but the former Hurricane still hasn’t even started jogging and rookie rocket Ray Rutgers Rice wasn’t drafted in the 2nd round to be a future back-up. Especially after Rice’s 8-carry, 77-yard, and a TD performance in last week’s preseason game, he might actually be a nice pick-up late in the draft.

Is that Hasselbeck's head?

As mentioned at nausea, three of baldies top-four targets from last year are gone, while last year’s numbers where juiced from a running attack that was awful. This year, expect the Holmgrem to rush Julius Jones more often and try to keep his defense off the field....not to mention I never draft a QB that has Seneca Wallace waiting in the wings!

While she's simply solid like Hines Ward, just like in my fantasies and fantasy football...I want more flair!

With Santonio Holmes on the verge of a Pro Bowl season, TE Heath Miller becoming Big Bencycle’s favorite target underneath, 4th year pro Nate Washington continuing to develop, 2nd round 6-4 phenom Limas Sweed’s productive preseason, and a duel-headed rushing attack with Parker & Mendenhall, I’d be shocked if Ward is in the top-30 of points scored by WRs, not to mention, he doesn’t have the upside potential of some of the youngsters ranked around him.

And now my ATS PLAY OF THE DAY...

Just like Jamie in the Home Whites, the Sox are simply solid!

I know my azz probably deserves to lose my first Sox play in a month after doubting their abilities all season…but this isn’t about me, it’s about my Southsiders. Lefty John Danks continues to prove he was deserving of the hype as youngster (last 3 starts: 1.83), while also looking like Cy Young in two starts this season against the Rays (2-0, 0.69). And lucky for him, the Sox have been crushing the ball since returning from Oakland (11 runs/gm), and for the year, have been absolutely dominate at The Cell (45-19). As for the banged-up Rays (no speedy Crawford, no sluggy Longoria), while they’ve continued to win close games, with the injuries a slugfest is not in their best interest. While Tampa’s hurler Edwin Jackson has finally shown signs of becoming a decent pitcher (9-8, 3.97), the Sox used him for batting practice in the two starts batting .370 and cracking out 10 runs in just ova 10 innnings. Call me a bandwagon jumper on their success, but if it helps me buy booze for that bandwagon…I don’t think you’ll mind...White Sox by 3 to 5 runs

I know we're talking about different things...but I agree!
Have a great weekend Homeboys!

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