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With only 5 days to wait for the beginning of the young kids pigskin season, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling exactly like Mike Tyson(watch this TYSON VIDEO) did when he was 5 days from being released from the pokey, except he was excited to rape and pillage more ladies, I simply want to watch some football. Now on to how the Big 10 will piece together by the end of the year...

I can't believe they all named their lady parts 'Michigan', and I always listen to what women say, or write...
Big 10 Champion: Ohio State Buckeyes
I know I'm not going out on a limb here, and I believe this is the easiest champion prediction in the last dozen years for this conference. Ohio State should be an example to the rest of the nation of what can happen when you allow a good coach the time to build his team. It's not like Tressel needed much time, but the way he has stayed on top is a testament to him getting the right players on his team, building relationships with them, and running the team like a business. The Buckeyes go undefeated this year and get the elusive national trophy.

Badger Red is never a bad thing....
#2 Wisconsin Badgers
I have seen many experts put Illinois in front of their northern foes, but Bielema and his team is too damn good. First, Bielema is showing that he won't allow nonsense on his team by releasing RB Lance Smith from the team. Most teams put the kid on a 3 game suspension, Bielema dumps him, and I love the message that sends to everyone that cares. I also believe they have a darkhorse in Allan Evridge at QB. On paper he looks like a typical 5th year clip board holder, but lets not forget that he set freshman passing records at K-State in 05, and has had a couple years to learn this system. A mature QB can go a long way.

Hey, they are better than staring at men, so just enjoy.
#3 Penn State Nittany Lions
By default of a better home schedule, I put Paterno in front of Zook. PSU needs to pick a QB soon and try to put together a similar LB core that they had last year, and both could be tough tasks, however they bring back enough at all other positions to carry them through, and they get Zook's orange crusaders in Happy Valley.

Without a horse in the backfield like Mendenhall, Juice will struggle....
#4 Illinois Fighting Illini
All the rumors say that Juice is going to be more of a passer this year. He better be since he can't just turn and give the ball to Mendenhall anymore. I agree that Juice creates some plays that many other QB's can't, but I just don't believe yet that Zook is actually good enough to build a program that competes among the elite of the Big 10. Even though I'm not a huge fan, I do feel sorry for them because of where they need to travel this year(#6 Mizzou, #20 Penn St, Michigan, and #13 Wisconsin). They do get the Buckeyes at home, but that doesn't really matter. So I see them w/ 4 conference losses and 5 total, a 7-5 record is more like the Ron Zook team that I am used to seeing.

Mediation and focus may get these teams a bowl bid, but I'd rather pack up the season a month early and take her instead!!
Michigan Wolverines--Rodriquez will have them contending for a bowl bid
Purdue Boilermakers--Top QB in the conference will win a couple more than expected
Iowa Hawkeyes--No returning RB's, a beat up WR crew, and a 53% passing QB

Instead of reading about the cellar dwellers of the Big 10, THIS CLIP of lovely ladies is much more interesting.


SD Padres @ SF Giants +138(-1.5runs)

Much like these 2 teams, she's ready for the off season and sleep in her own bed....

Here is the thing about this game, I got blasted last weekend by the Pads bringing up a minor leaguer from Portland, and yet again they bring up another today with Dirk Hayhurst. I'm thinking to myself, if these guys were this good all year, why not bring them up when SD was still sniffing a playoff bid. The answer....they aren't that good. And with Zito on the mound for the Giants, even though he hasn't had the best 08, he is still a hard throwing lefty, this will mean good things for the home team. Giants win 7-3.

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