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Teasin' T-Bone here, ready to give some luv to all of our Big 12 friends, or football fanatics in general. Before I begin, if you missed my Big 10 predictions from yesterday, click HERE to read up.

Now on to what looks to be a pretty interesting year for the Big 12. Lets start with the South.

She may be the only thing that looks better than the Sooners this year...

The Oklahoma Sooners are the clear favorite in my mind to take the South. With Sam Bradford at the helm for his Sophmore session, it will be interesting to see what he has done in the off-season. With all 5 lineman, and most of the skill positions returning, the Sooners bring back 58 touchdowns. To add to the firepower, the schedule absolutely lines up in OU's favor. They have a powder puff non-conference schedule, then they get the tough conference games at home(Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech). The toughest traveling game is Texas, who won't be the normal Texas this year....

Texas Tech grabs the 2nd spot in the south. We all know that Harrell and Crabtree are only the beginning of the scoring machine, but I don't believe they can make it through the whole year because their defense hasn't been able to last much more than 8 games in years prior. And as I mentioned above, they have to try to take out OU in Soonerville, and it happens to be the 2nd to the last game of the year, when the Tech D will be nice and tired.

3rd--Texas Longhorns
4th--Oklahoma State
6th--Texas A&M

The North looks equally as good this year!


The Missouri Tigers will walk away with the North again this year. Chase Daniels will continue his pinpoint accuracy and Jeremy Maclin will find the ball in more ways than we can possibly imagin. But the Tigers are going to make headlines this year on the other side of the ball as well. With 10 returning starters on D, and an offense that takes the pressure off, they should be able to really utilize their Tampa Two scheme, pin their ears back, and completely throw teams out of their comfort zone.

Kansas is going to be a force to be reckoned with again this year, however I do believe that it is going to take Mangino a couple more years to get the depth of talent that he will need to contend for a Big 12 title. The bad thing for KU is that they will be better than last year, but their record won't show it because they added Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech to their schedule.

4th--Iowa State
6th--Kansas State

And now that I've found someone who likes to be the catcher, on to MLB...

I've got a couple MLB picks for you today, just click below for more picks and pics.

Would these ladies equal a parlay, or a double parlay? My brain is starting to hurt....


Pittsburgh Pirates @ Milwaukee Brewers -155(-1.5 runs)

Washington Nationals @ Chicago Cubs -175(-1.5runs)

Both the Brewers and Cubs are trying to grab the Central outright, and these games are money in the bank to them since their foes today have packed their bags for the off-season. CC Sabathia is going to continue his dominance since his trade, and Rich Harden will give up his 3-4 runs as the Cubs explode again at home. I could throw more stats at you that prove out my parlay theory, but that would be like Jenna Jameson saying that she needed more shaft in her to prove she is a porn star. Let this parlay fulfill your Sunday Funday and prep your account with a little more cabbage as we enter the football season.
The NC stands for 'No Chance', but I'm okay with closin' my eyes and lettin' lefty do the work!

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