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Daily ATS Plays & Friendly Faces by Greg G

That’s really fair Mr. Fielder...next time try picking a fight with someone your own size!

Did you see Manny Parra’s reaction after Cecil’s boy gave him a facial shove? Manny fell back in the dugout and tried his hardest to portray a stoic unfazed expression, but instead, looked similar to an 18 year-old walking onto a film set for the 1st time and seeing T.T. Boy & Peter North w/ evil-grins. That being said, with a young potential playoff team trying to regain their moxy, I believe this is exactly what they needed 2 stir things-up...and more Ray Durham & less Ricky Weeks!

Who has better odds...Tila to win an Emmy for Shot At Love or the Yanks to make the Playoffs?

As Joba Chamberlain’s arm finally showed signs of strain from the mid-season change in repertoire and overuse, almost immediately after he was pulled the internet slowed as Bronx Bomber fans scanned the waiver wire for another washed-up arm…paging Livan Hernandez, paging Livan Hernandez. I wasn’t confident the Yanks would make the playoffs anyway, and if Joba misses any significant time, Tila Tequila has better chance of winning an Emmy than the Steinbrenner’s have of making the Playoffs. With fountain of youth hurlers Pettitte & Mussina pitching well considering righties are hitting almost .320 against them, Sidney Ponson (4.81) & Darrell Rasner (5.23) lucky to have jobs in the majors, and Mr. Wang still injured, I just can’t see how the AARP Yanks catch, Tampa, Boston or A-Rod-In-Madonna

Hey Fantasy Homeboys, let's not forgot who was throwing his crazy-azz the Pigskin last year!

Two thoughts on the Steve Smith Fantasy front:

1. With the most exciting WR in the game "supposedly" suspended the 1st two contests, fantasy experts have Stevie's stock droping from the top 4-6 WRs to the 10-12 range…but that ain’t happening in a league where Greggy G is drafting. The win-at-costs playmaker will have a huge chip on his shoulder on his return, not to mention, he finally has a real QB throwing him the pill. Last year, the former Utah Ute still amassed 87 catches and ova 1000 yards w/ a bunch of bums & a grandpa throwing him the pill (David Carr, Vinny T, & Matt Moore).

2. It’s not like John Fox has a guaranteed job past this season...no way he goes through w/ suspending his superstar the 1st two games.

As for the College Pigskin, are the Rainbow Warriors a late night "play-against" w/ Colt Brennan gone & whole new coaching regime?

For that answer, today's MLB pick, & more hotties...

While it's only alleged Lucy and Timmy were an item...

I'm guessin' the Heisman didn't hurt his chances at gettin' unda this!

Hawaii opens at Florida (-33) this year and with Tim Tebow looking to prove he’s more than gimmick a QB with hot-azz girlfriends, Urban Meyer sporting an angry-swagger, and ridiculous athletes that are twice the size & speed of Warriors, I’ve already sent my minions to Sin City to drop my 401K on the Gators!

Just like our friend, Scott Baker will look good tonight wearing a hint of red!

Nothing gets my ATS juices flowing more than seeing R.A. Dickey’s name in the morning paper. Considering he’s 33 years-old and only made 43 career starts, while boasting a 5.41 ERA, when he’s pitching it means a team is completely out of the race and decided to shutdown their young arms. Tonight, he faces a hot Twinkies squad that had won 7 of 9 before losing last night in the series opener…and I’ll chalk-up the loss to the Sunday Night travel from Minny to play the worst team in baseball. After leading 6 to 1 thru 6 innings, the baseball gods must not have been happy with something Manager Tom Kelly did back in the day as the Mariners put-up a 10-spot in the 7th…and that means the Twins &their pen will be extra focused for tonight. Scott Baker (7-3, 3.53) will be toeing the rubber for Gardy’s crew, and while his ERA has been on the rise of late, it’s not like the opponents have been crushing on the ball off him (last 5 starts: 33 innings & 23 hits)…Twins by 2-3 runs

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