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Bet u won't see a fantasy team w/ these 2 rollin' 2gether
...unless ur facing Greggy G in the Bowl-O-Dicks league!

Similar to the 2006 season when I drafted Peyton Manning 3rd and won the league, drafting RBs just because that's what the gurus say has been a huge downfall for me over the years. In my opinion, considering it’s the most often injured position, I think unless you have a sure thing you grab the cats that will score you the most points. With that, here are the results of my First Fantasy Draft Sunday:


Just like my favorite Moss, just because you in trouble sometimes doesn't mean you don't have serious skills!

Round One (6th pick) – WR Randy Moss
Even though you know the Patriots will be running more this season, the one thing that won’t change will be the deep bombs to Randy. Unlike most teams that utilize a player with Moss’s ability down the sideline, NE occupied different areas of the field by running Welker all over underneath, Stallworth down the middle, and as the play developed Moss would be crossing the field deep to a vacated safety spot. Considering he racked-up almost 1500 yards & 23 tuddies in his first season w/ Gisele’s man, and most of the top-dog RBs were gone, I went with the sure thing…the most points available w/ the 6th pick.

Just like Owens, Aniston's had trouble finding someone 2 love her longtime. But regardless of age, both are still flawless!

Round Two (19th pick) – WR Terrell Owens
By far this brought me more hazing than Rex Grossman walking around anywhere within 1200 miles of Chicago. With the only four QBs I wanted gone and a collection of RBs headlined by the crumbling knee of Willis McGahee, I decided to have the best combination of WRs in fantasy league history. Trust me, on weeks when both guys have solid Sundays, I’ll beat teams outright with these ova-sensative crazy cats!

The combo of Brady's foot injury & Maroney trying to dispell the injury-prone label with a contract extension on the horizon means he's a Greg Gamble roster invitee!

Round Three (30th pick) – RB Laurence Maroney
I was absolutely shocked my SLEEPER pick was still available...what can I say, some dudes in my league are a lil slow. Want to know why he’s gonna be solid this year...READ THIS (scroll down for Maroney)

Just like $2 Labatt, Michael Turner was a steal this late!

Round Four (43rd pick) – RB Michael Turner
I’ll admit I was a little scared after drafting two WRs that I’d be stuck with garbage in the backfield. But once again, the players in my league dropped the ball and I grabbed a RB ranked much higher on my Greggy G Big Board. Michael “The Burner” Turner has been starter material the last few years, but unlike most, is rested and has learned the game behind the best of the best...LT. I know some are down on the Falcons, but Turner on Turf is like a wet waitress T-shirt contest at a Sushi bar...frickin' perfect!


While I didn't want to grab a TE here, just like when everyone else jumps in the hot-tub, sometimes you roll with the crew! (BTW, I wonder what #1 is doing?)

Round Five (54th pick) – TE Chris Cooley
Didn’t want to take a TE this early, but with Kellen Winslow drafted super early (by a cat from Cleveland, of course) the next thing I know there’s only one TE left on the board that I really want. Especially knowing I could find a comparable signal-caller to what was left a few rounds later, I shored-up another starting spot w/ a player who was 1st year starter Jason Campbell’s favorite target last year. Heading into his prime, Cooley should have a nice jump from last year’s solid numbers (66 catches, 786 yards, & 8 TDs) and doesn't drop a thing!

While you may not think J. Stewart is a legit baller, trust me on this one! BTW, doesn't he have little Chris Cooley in him?

Round Six (67th pick) – RB Jonathon Stewart
Actually had him ranked higher than Cooley, but with TEs going way too early, the potential rookie of the year (and almost my 5th pick) dropped in my lap. With Coach John Fox more comfortable with a power rushing attack, tough to see the 5-9 scatback like DeAngelo Williams stealing too many of the 1st rounders carries. Considering both rushied for over 100 yards last Saturday, worse case scenario they’ll split carriers...until little DeAngelo gets dinged-up, of course.

Last year Bulger was on his knees crying after a sack. This year, hopefully he's on his knees smiling after a TD!

Round Seven (78th pick) – QB Marc Bulger
Wanted Schaub, but he was picked just ahead of me. While not thrilled with the QB selection, let’s not forget he’s throwin' to Randy Moss & Terrell Owens on my squad…two tuddies and 200 yards will be fine to capture the title. Honestly, the Rams OL is much healthier this year and should have a balanced attack with S-Jax signed & Drew Bennett stretching the field alongside Holt & the underrated TE McMichael

Just like Ronald Curry, some things look great in a lil black

Round Eight (91st pick) – WR Ronald Curry
Finally a couple years removed from those horrific Achilles tears, the absence of Jerry Porter, Javon Walker still recovering physically & mentally from his life's misfortunes, and a 2nd-year QB that has a cannon, I expect Curry to quietly have a solid season as their #1 WR…and he also has a different bye week than my 1st two picks.

West Virginia's superstar Steve Slaton can be slippier than a swimsuit contest sponsored by a sun tan oil company!

Round Ten (102nd pick) – RB Steve Slaton
I’m of the theory if you’re drafting rookie RBs (drafted Jonathon Stewart), make sure to grab two and hopefully one makes a solid impact. Even better for a slasher like Slaton, he’s a perfect fit for the Texans offensive style, not to mention their other two backs are always hurt...and kinda suck (Ahman Green & Chris Brown).

If Bennett can get his hinny off the training table, he has the legs to stretch a defense!

Round Eleven (115th pick) – WR Drew Bennett
When healthy, the 6-5 Bennett is a deep threat with the potential to put-up 700 yards and 7 TDs this season.

Usually I'm all natural, but in some cases (like picking a kicker) I don't mind artificial things!

Round Twelve (126th pick) – K Nick Folk
While many believe you don’t grab a kicker till the end, since I’m confident in my squad so far, the icing on the cake would be a kicker who’s team will probably score a shit-ton of points playing in a kicker-friendly arena…you know what I’m saying Jerry Jones!?

Just like picking a blonde babe to win a surfing contest, grabbing the Steelers D is a safe pick!

Round Thirteen (139th pick) – D Steelers
I usually end-up playing defense week by week, but Steelers are usually a solid options when in doubt.

Just like trying to find some action, looking for a tat on the back is like Owen Daniels...a nice target!

Round Fourteen (150th pick) – TE Owen Daniels
Let’s see, grab a back-up QB that probably will suck and I’ll drop by week 2, or snag a lock for another position with injury troubles. The Chicago suburban kid actually caught 63 balls for 768 last season…kind of sums-up my kick-azz draft!

Buckle yourself in for this one 2night...should be a classic!

Milwaukee Brewers @ St. Louis Cardinals (even)
The Cardinals have been crushing the ball over the last week and know this series will make or break their postseason chances. Throw-in a little redemption from behind swept in St. Louis by the Brewers just after the All-Star Break, and look for their captain and the hottest hitter in baseball, Albert Pujols, to lead the charge. Over his career, Pujols is batting .382 with 4 HRs versus tonight’s starter Ben Sheets. Speaking of Ben Sheets, in his last eight starts he’s only added one win to his record, compared to five in the loss column. While the Brew Crew continues to play inspired ball, LaRussa’s newfound Ace Todd Wellemeyer has won three straight decisions, has a 2.13 ERA in his last four starts, and has only allowed two earned runs in 11 innings against Milwaukee this season. Add everything up, and tough not take the home team at even money tonight…Cards win the opener

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