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The only reason I've enjoyed some of Griff's struggles in Cincy is because I traded my Homeboy this card for 12 Junior Felix rookie cards...hopefully Felix makes a comeback!

Considering Swisher hits 100-points higher when he’s at 1B and not worrying about CF, the move adds some spice to line-up simply by sitting Konerko’s no-confident slow-azz. That being said, Junior combined with Jermaine Dye & Carlos Quentin makes the OF look twice as large and gives every flyball a 50% chance of landing in the grass.

While some are jumping for joy over the trade, I believe we desperately need another starting arm.

With two youngsters (Danks & Floyd) probably unable to match their 1st-halves and Contreras seemingly ready for an old-timers game, I was hoping Kenny Williams worked some magic to bring in another starting arm. And once the Twinkies finally call-up Francisco Liriano, my guess is Oz will be begging Kenny to work some waiver-wire magic.

I can't wait to see how Torre handles this!

Jason Bay .282 22 HR 64 RBI .375 OB
Man-Ram .299 20 HR 68 RBI .398 OB

For all the talk Bay’s never played in a pressure situation, with a line-up loaded with talent, I expect the former Bucko to have an easier adjustment than expected & to provide Francona better OF-play and less Advil purchases. As for Manny in the weak NL West, while he’ll produce like always, I think Torre’s asking for trouble in an already crowded OF (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Andruw Jones & Juan Pierre)

Adding Artest & #17 (B. Barry) make the Rockets lethal

After watching the Big 3 in Boston, Houston has finally added a championship-caliber 3rd-option and could easily become the favorites in the West. For all the talk of the Tru Warrior’s combustive persona, I expect him to be on his best behavior and pair with Battier to make sure T-Mac doesn’t ruin his back guarding anybody of importance. While initial discussions have Ron-Ron playing lots of PF where he’ll try to intimidate larger opponents on D & exploit them on the perimeter at the other end, my guess is you’ll see T-Mac, Battier, & Artest provide a nice rotation at the wing spots to keep things fresh for the post-season. In my opinion, the best move of the off-season.

Can u believe Mr. & Mrs. Packer r being bribed 2 stay home?

Obviously I’d love to see Brett in Chicago, but more for the entertainment and drama fodder it provides for IP.com then guaranteed success. I’m definitely of the Charles Barkley opinion that last year may have been an aberration for the veteran QB who threw 9 more INTs than TDs the two years prior and had QB ranking barely above 70. But I will admit I love his moxy on wanting to play in same division: “If you don’t want me, I’d rather you let me play against you.”

Spraying outside is legal if you use a hose...you know what I'm saying JamesOn?

Despite the fact that I told you the undersized no-defense playing shooter would never see the floor, I’ll admit I never expected him to leave a legacy in Chi-Town. Forever know as JamesTinkleOn Curry, can you blame a brother for causing a little disturbance after dreaming of stardom only to end-up in Idaho in-front of eight D-League fans. I’m guessing the urinating in public and resisting arrest was simply the most exciting nightlife activity available in Idaho.

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Enough BS...time for some baseball ATS picks and Hotties!

Because of the inaugural MLB start for 22-year old Tommy Hunter...

While Ranger hurler Tommy Hunter doesn't have a stomach like this at 255 lbs, he does have a a nice K/BB-ratio!

Because of the inaugural MLB start for 22-year old Tommy Hunter, the Rangers are a nice price at home. As for how the former Crimson Tide hurler has performed in the minors, in 22 starts this season Hunter is 11-8 with a 3.56 ERA, but has caught the eye of scouts with 95 Ks and only 29 BBs. While Blue Jays righty Shaun Marcum is once again having a solid season (5-5, 3.22), his ERA is over 4.00 on the road and will be facing a team that’s hitting .290 versus righties and .304 overall at home. Especially with Texas only sitting 5 games back in the Wild Card Race, I expect them to have a nice run in August even with the newcomers they’ve added to the staff. As for Toronto's line-up, they’ve only scored 6 runs in the last 4 games and probably will need more than that just to pick-up a victory tonight in Arlington...
Rangers by 2-3 runs

Have a great weekend Homeboys and make sure to...
...keep your eyes peeled for this when the temp-drops!

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