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ATS Picks, Lovely Ladies, & Sports Banter

Sure I'd miss Bron-Bron if he jumped for Europe...but tell me the NBA-panic and would not be priceless!

Click Here if you Want more Hardwood Luv from Greg Gamble.

While the rumor King James would consider leaving for Europe if he received $50 M may have more BS than the gerbil in Richard Gere’s keester, the principle theory behind the overseas jump is intriguing. Only in America do sports organizations need salary limitations because GMs are too stupid to handle their high-priced, and many times, uneducated superstars. Sure it’s more annoying than Paris Hilton walking, talking, or doing anything besides slurping sausage on video when a Steinbrenner overpays for your boyhood hero, but how often has it actually worked. In my opinion, if an organization can’t compete with the big-boys, you might as well contract their azz resulting in an improvement of the overall product.

I know I'm over the top on this theory, but...

How about teams like the cost-saving Marlins & Twins who use a completely different blueprint and are able to stay competitive year after year…while also showcasing players that can be easier to root for? Listen, it’s not like I’m not a stargazer and wouldn’t hit-up the Spearmint Rhino if Kobe Tai was performing, but you know what would probably happen? She’d show-up late and give a half-azz show…unlike the amateur in Gary, Indiana who actually acts like she like you. Obviously I want the best-of-the-best playing in the U.S., but as we’ve seen in the last few International Basketball events, teams with structured organizations and players willing to actually be coached can be more entertaining than a GM that let’s a superstar and his entourage run the show!

Just like her belt...u saw the belt, right?, some seem to think Pigskin fans should feel lucky Brett's back...but not me!

Blah, Blah, Blah…Brett Favre gives me more of a headache than listening to Ozzie & Kenny tell me they won the World Series and get no respect...just get us a MFin starting pitcher please!

Only Greggy G pull Kimmy K into his White Sox Analogy

Damn-it! Even after my Southsiders pull-off a dramatic, extra-inning, come from behind victory, for some reason I’ve soured on the season and have nothing good to say…damn you Greg Gamble, damn you! (BTW, every time I type “come from behind” it always makes me think of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape…so wierd, but very nice!)

With that, let’s roll to some more Hotties & MLB Picks...

With the Giants only having a hitter-friendly park for the left-hand...

Even though Chuck James has received a chilly reception at home and at the beach, I'll bet he wades through SF's line-up smoothly this afternoon!

With the Giants only having a hitter-friendly park for the left-hand swinging Braves, two huge voids in the middle of the line-up with Teixeira in LA and Chipper on the DL, and possibly the best young pitcher in game toeing the rubber for SF (Tim Lincecum 11-3, 2.71), I can’t see how the Braves muster much more than a two spot this afternoon. As for the Braves, while Chuck James (2-4, 9.47) has struggled this season (in-large part because of some injuries), prior to this season his MLB career had opened nicely (22-14, 3.99). After only lasting 64 pitches in his last start, and 77 prior, the lefty should be fresh this afternoon and has the luxury of facing the 3rd worst run-producing team in the Majors…who also hit .246 versus lefties. I know it’s tough to play an unda with a pitcher’s ERA close to double digits, but so is scoring runs when Benji Molina is your clean-up hitter!...Braves/Giants total 2-5 runs

Daily ATS, Lovely Ladies, & Sports Banter...is this Heaven?
No, it's Iowa and Jamaal Tinsley's playing the point!

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