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After 4 years of waiting, the Olympics are back with avengence. And I absolutely love the games for several reasons, but quite frankly, it is that beach volleyball azz that gets me going the most.

She's showing you the way, in case you didn't already know.
This is a sport that has quietly marketed themselves to the top by simply showing skin. There was some genius about 20 years ago that said "you know, we are never gonna get recognized as females playing volleyball unless we wear the skimpiest and tightest bikinis around, and then lets put our names across our backdoor to bring more attention."

Um, what was your name again....
Whoever thought that up, let me give you a very large 'Thank You' from the rest of the male population. And don't get me wrong, these ladies are athletes, but when I can watch athletes and all my mind can think is about soft porn on skinemax, I enter this state of euphoria that cannot be described.

Daddy, is this heaven? No son, it's beach volleyball, now shut up...
Outside of the sand, I will be keeping my eyes on a couple other sports. In true U.S. fashion, my eyes will be peeled on every basketball game that takes place. At this point, I'm thinking we are gonna see another let down by the US team for 2 reasons....1) if they wanted to put the best team together, they missed the boat by only getting one true center to make the trip, and 2) they continue to be an example of a team loaded with stars creates a bunch of ballers that are thinking about themselves, and we all know there is no I in team. The team that has the most cohesion will take the gold, unfortunately it won't be the US for the 2nd Olympics in a row.
The other sport I will watch closely is swimming. Michael Phelps is a machine and proved that even at a young age he doesn't let it get to his head. The man will get challenged, but his largest competitor from last Olympics, the Thorpedo from Australia, has since retired.

I think she likes swimming as well, and I like her, seems like a perfect fit!
And now on to insideplays MLB picks....

Everyone is a little more comfortable in their home whites, the D-Backs are no different.

Atlanta Braves @ Arizona Diamondbacks +138(-1.5runs)

The mound matchup today is Jurrgens against Haren, which automatically gives the advantage to the D-backs since Haren has been on a roll as of late and posting a 12-5 record while Jair has lost his last 2, dropping to 10-7. To add to that the down and out Braves have somehow taken the first 2 from the D-backs in their own stadium, a third won't happen. Enough for me. D-backs win 7-2.

Ben has lost two in a row, I don't see a third anywhere, do you?

Washington Nationals @ Milwaukee Brewers -114(-1.5runs)

The line on this one isn't very inviting, but has to be on my list cause Between the Sheets is on the mound again, and magically enough he has lost his last 2, and that doesn't happen to a guy like Ben. The Brew Crew is looking for a spark to get them back on a winning streak, and playing a team like the Nats who can't score can do just that. Crew wins 6-2.

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