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The ladies of football are back in town!!!

We are officially less than 2 weeks away from the beginning of the college football season. And while the first Thursday night won't dazzle us too much, it is football. It's kinda like going without the cheeba for 8 months and then when you take that first puff you say...man this ditchweed sucks. What a normal guy says is...damn this is some good shiznit! So now that you understand my football addiction, it's time to roll into some pre-season news that changes the complexion of a few teams.

At least UCLA has some other things going for it this fall....

The UCLA Bruins were planning to be good enough to fight for a bowl bid and mid-PAC-10 finish, but the injury of QB Ben Olson and his foot have completely taken them out of even being a competitive matchup for most of the conference. In fact, with an out of conference schedule featuring Tennessee, BYU, and Fresno St., and 2nd stringer Pat Cowan down-and-out also, I would venture to say UCLA may only come out with 2-3 wins on the season. Hey, but at least they still allow you to strip their CHEERLEADERS with your perverted eyes.

But perhaps the biggest injury in my mind recently has been the GEORGIA BULLDOGS learning that their starting left OT Sturdivant is out for the year. In case you've been in a coma for the last month, the Dawgs happen to be #1 and the OL was going to be one of their bright spots with Sturdivant leading the way. Now Matt Stafford has to sit in the pocket(which he likes to do), with his back to a replacement. Stafford was beaten up enough in the early season last year to remember that inexperienced lineman aren't a good situation. Luckily, Georgia is good enough to dominate most games, but I think this will catch up with them when they run across speedy D-lines like Florida and Auburn.

And if you missed my LOVELY LADIES from last weekend, you better check it out.

Read on for some great series swing Saturday MLB picks.

Philadelphia Phillies +116(-1.5runs) @ San Diego Padres and ova 8.5 runs
With the Phillies sitting one game back.......

Looks like the Phillies fans are comforatable in strangers beds on the road, I think the team is as well.

......they know how important it is to walk all over the cellar-dwellers of the league. And to make this one even more interesting(and why I luv the ova), the Pads are bringing up Chad Reineke, who happened to have a bismal 5-10 record and 4.37 ERA in triple A. Last time I checked, you should probably be able to win in the minors before getting promoted. This is obviously a play to get some big league experience for some of their future players, but if I were a player, I'd be thinking that if the managers are in shutdown mode then I should be as well. The Phillies will score a ton of runs, and the Pads won't be too far behind with Kendrick on the opposing mound, who likes to give up almost 5 a game himself. Phillies win 8-4.

The NY fans still luv 'em, so I guess I should follow suit...

Kansas City Royals @ NY Yankees +109(-1.5runs)

After a dismal road trip for the Yanks, and an opening home stand loss last night to KC, the baseball snobbies need to win 2 this weekend to even keep hope alive for a wild card in a month. Ponson is on the mound and has been consistent throughout the year by giving them nearly 7 innings an outing and only giving up a couple runs. Riviera will get the save tonight after dropping it last night. All-in-all, today the Yanks will look like they should have all year, and did I mention that they are playing the friggin' Royals. NY wins 5-2.

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