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Some teams are hot, some are not.....but the ladies are plentiful!

Now that we are through the first big Saturday of the season, I think we all have a much better feel for who is going to the real deal and also who is going to be asking their sister to the prom. Let me recap a bit just so you understand where my head is at....

1. The Ohio State Buckeyes will be in the national championship game. Even if Beanie misses some time, they have a depth chart equivalent to Ron Jeremy. And did you see Terrell Prior? The guy is like silk, he appeared to be walking when everyone else was grabbing for air, he will be lethal by the end of the year. To read up more on the Buckeyes, click HERE!!

I think these ladies will be smiling all season long....
2. The USC Trojans defense is the real deal. I'd go as far as saying that if Sanchez get get 3 tuddies on the board it should be enough in any game. Their D reminded me of Florida State in the early '90's when they had robots that would shuttle in and out of the game with no loss of talent.

Bama will continue to surprise us, much like her ability to still be standing!!
3. Never underestimate the Saban factor. I rode Saban and the Tide like a rented mule last year and banked some pretty good coin. I let the Clemson hype get to my head yesterday, and you see where it got me. Saban will continue to do more with less, I just hope the Vegas gods don't pick up on our little secret for awhile....

The Tigers D need to put down the drinky drink and get serious soon.
4. I was surprised to see Illinois get as many points as they did. I was hoping to see some good stuff from the Tigers D, but I guess I'll have to wait until next week. The Tigers will be in the BIg 12 Championship game against the Sooners, but they better figure out the D in the meantime cause they can't rely on Chase Daniels all year.

On to my pick of the day....

Colorado -11.5 vs. Colorado State

The Buffs are bringing some heat from....

Some things are too big to be ignored....

....the offensive side of the ball, and it will all start up front. I remember watching the Buffs roll into Ames back in the '90's and thinking that Iowa State looked like a high school squad in size, the Rams won't be any different today. The O-line will push around the front 4 of the Rams all day long. I believe this will start with dominance in the run game(hopefully we see some good stuff from freshman Darell Scott), which will open up Cody Hawkins to do his thing in the air.

Lets hope the Buffs secondary has been studying as hard as her....

The only aspect that I have concern for is the pass defense for the Buffs, they were pathetic last year and gave up way too many big plays. They will be improved this year, but how much is yet to be seen. I am banking on the fact that Hawkins Sr. will blitz feverishly and not give the Rams enough time to find the deep route.

And before I go, I wanted to leave you with my favorite pic from last year, and you will see her again, so keep coming back...

For the other football game today, my gut says that Louisville is going to walk in this one, but both have enough new players on each side of the ball that I don't have much confidence in it. I can't say that this game is going to tie up any of my cabbage, but just thought I would provide you a gut feel in case you needed a tie-breaker. Good luck today fellas!!!

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