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Leave the partying to the fans my fellow Bulldogs....

You know, I love sports, there is no other way to put it. But I am already at my wits end with reading headline after headline about how athletes somehow cannot keep themselves out of trouble. A day after the Georgia Bulldogs get the honor of preseason #1, more of their players get arrested. This mounts up to 8 Bulldogs that have visited the cop-shop since the season ended last year. Just how in the world does the coaching staff plan to get through the grueling SEC when their players are more concerned about partying and being thugs than winning football games? The good thing for them is that the rest of the SEC isn't much better off the field, so keep it up Georgia, you are keeping pace....

Hi, my name is Steve, and I believe that words are better than actions, and my coach does too!!

And if you are saying....c'mon T-bone, they are college kids, give 'em a break. Okay, then how do you explain Steve 'I deserve a better image' Smith. Less than a week after he is giving himself props for being a changed good guy and trying to convince the rest of the world that they misunderstand him, he throws down with his own teammate. And he only receives a 2 game suspension for it. Maybe you think that is too much, I think it is too little, and here is why.....Coach John Fox made it very clear that this is a very severe punishment, in fact he used the word severe about a half a dozen times. I ask, severe for who? You take an All-Pro receiver out of the mix for 2 games(I do credit them for making it regular season games), but most teams are still trying to figure out their packages and schemes during these 2 games. Then on game 3 Stevie will get thrown right back in the mix as the premier guy. So the result is that you take the equivalent of a $100 bill away from a millionaire, you let him rest his bones after a 4 week preseason, then say welcome back. I think the severe punishment is on the rest of the team cause they now have to try to win ball games w/o a star player. My arm chair school of thought is this.....make him run a 100 yd sprint for each $1000 he should be fined, let the rest of the team watch him, and by the end he will show his true colors...he will either throw an attitude and walk off pissed, or feel remorse and apologize to his team(not the media). Then make him do the laundry for the day. All of this to knock him down a couple levels and pop his big head.

Sports and gambling is like ice cream and ladies, how can you not love it.

I'm done grumbling for the day, so read on for my MLB picks....

It's a bit warm in Hot-lanta this time of year, but it ain't nothing that Ben 'Between The' Sheets can't handle.

Milwaukee Brewers +119(-1.5runs) @ Atlanta Braves

Let me just say that my Ben Sheets itch right now, and in proper fashion, when I have an itch I scratch it. It sure helps out today that they are playing the hopeless Braves and face the mediocre Jorge Campillo. Baby Cecil Fielder has been on fire lately and the Crew also understand that they need to keep pace with the Cubbies, who happen to be at home w/ Zambrano on the mound. The Crew that is not Motley wins today in Hotlanta, 6-2.

Looks like some Rays colors to me....

Detroit Tigers @ Tampa Bay Rays +146(-1.5 runs)

The Rays continue to post a 3 game lead on the BoSox, and they know they have the Tigers on the ropes today and can add another victory will minimal effort. Detroit is on a 3 game slide in which their offense has been absent, their starting pitching hasn't been impressive, which means their bull pen is spent. Today they bring Galarraga to the mound, who is a good pitcher, but only lasts 5-6 innings. So I'm thinkin' that if he actually leaves the game with a lead, it won't be for long. I also believe the Tigers are finally realizing that they simply don't have the chemistry to get to the playoffs this year, sitting at .500 and 6.5 back, the end of the road is near for them. So the Rays simply need to pounce like a college senior on a drunken freshman at a fraternity party. Rays win 7-4.

And if you are looking for a third, Zambrano and the Cubbies are a nice addition to an already good situation!

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