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September 2, 2008

Greg Gamble is ATS Undefeated in CFB

Greggy G's College Football 2008 ATS: 3-0 or 100%

Thanks to Brandon James & Co., our quest to be perfect this season is off to a flying start!

8/28/08 Wake Forest (-12.5) Final: Wake 41 Baylor 13
8/29/08 Temple (-7) Final: Temple 35 Army 7
8/30/08 Florida (-35) Final: Florida 56 Hawaii 10

Only Lima and Greggy G can honestly say they're flawless!

Just got back in town & promise to have a boatload of luv 2morrow. Until then, here’s my MLB ATS & some additional friendly faces.

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Greg Gamble joins Cuzoogle's Pigskin Picks And more Daily ATS Picks & Lovely Ladies

Briefly, your self-proclaimed guru of the NFL will be representing InsidePlays in Cuzoogle's NFL Pigskin Picks challenge.

"Watch out boys..." contest #36 commented by phone "I took on Greggy G in 50-player bikini contest and the cheesedick was beyond ruthless!"

Here are all the sites we are competing against in the contest so make sure to check out the action, voice your support for the dreamy Greggy G, or simply sucker your friends into a bet where they get the field and you get InsidePlays!

Blogs (in no particular order)

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Sports Opinion

BTW, before I get too cocky, I must admit I was the laughing stock of my 2nd fantasy draft last night. With my 12th round pick I grabbed Ben "I broke my clavicle last Friday" Obomanu. And the punishment was well deserved: "And you have fantasy info on your website dipshit!" and "Your frickin' stupid!" and "Why the f*ck did you bring Icehouse tallboys to my house!"

What can I say...Obomanu is like Emmanuelle Chriqui to me. Not really sure what she's done in the past or how to say her name, but I definitly want her on my team and in the lockeroom even if she's not able to play!

As for my MLB ATS pick of the Day...

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September 4, 2008


Greggy G's 2008 Pigskin Record: 3-0 ATS aka 100 frickin' %
If you like my College luck so far, click here BEEATCHES

Look for the Giants running game to look even more physical with Big Brandon Jacobs healthy and hungry!

And in my opinion, there's only one other person I know that looks better than Jacobs when healthy & wearing #27!

Both teams are pretty banged-up heading into the opener, but with a new staff and offensive scheme for young QB Jason Campbell, the Skins may not be able to take advantage of the depleted D-Line of the Giants. After a rougher start last year than the opening scene for Krista Maze in Face Jam last, the Giants turned-up the intensity in the trenches and decided to become a much more physical team. Offensively, they began to pound teams on the ground with a rotation of backs and were able to loosen things-up on the outside for Plaxico & Co. Especially with Brandon Jacobs healthy to start this year, look for more of the same as NY plays with a chip on their shoulder tonight to prove they were not just a one-year wonder. While Clinton Portis should have a nice night as far as yardage, unless Campbell makes them pay early, look for the Giants to stack the box and keep Portis from breaking anything of significance.

Final Score: GIANTS 24 SKINS 13

As for my favorite NFL ATS Play for Sunday's action...

For all the talk Perry is injury prone, the bruiser once carried the ball 50 times in a game for Michigan. As for this year in Cincy, I predict he'll be a superstar all season!

While most prognosticators believe the dark clouds will continue to hover over the Bengals organization like a fratboy over a passed-out cheerleader, yours truly never took advantage of an over-served underclasshottie and believes they’ll battle the Steelers for AFC North title. Broken nose and all, Carson Palmer seems driven to prove the Bengals are more than a running penitentiary joke and knows their window of opportunity is slowing closing.

Just like Palmer, she has a look of intense passion!

As for the change in the backfield, after years of injury trouble Chris Perry enters the season rested and ready to prove he can carry the load behind a solid offensive line. The former Michigan star is excellent at reading his blocks, and once he sees a seam, has the rare combination of power and quick cutback ability. In the passing game, while Marvin Lewis is used to dealing with the drama, this year he’s also dealing with injuries to his two stars. But even dinged-up and without much practice, T.J. & Ocho Cinco are both expected to play and could probably run routes for Carson blindfolded. Throw-in the addition of former Colts TE Ben Utecht and the reliable hands of Perry out of the backfield, and I predict Palmer opens the season looking sharp. On the defensive side of the ball, while they’ve been a laughing stock the last few years, they are extremely aggressive and should look better than advertised against a rookie QB and new coaching regime. The Ravens offense looked worse with each preseason game and probably will keep things simple for Delaware star Joe Flacco. On the defensive side of the ball, the once intimidating and dominate squad has aged, so look for the new staff to break in plenty of youngsters throughout the season in what will be a rebuilding year. Bengals look a little sloppy Sunday, but score too many points for Jim Harbaugh’s older brother to open his NFL coaching career with a victory.

Final Score: BENGALS 27 RAVENS 13

Hold on Homeboys, don't hit the showers just yet and click here for SATURDAY'S COLLEGE PLAY O THE DAY & more hotties!

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September 5, 2008

Did you know Greg Gamble is 4-0 ATS?

Greggy G's 2008 ATS Pigskin Record: CFB 3-0 - NFL 1-0
If your're looking for my Saturday CFB ATS Play...thank me Monday!
If you're looking for my Sunday ATS Play...make sure scroll down a lil
And, if you're looking for PACKING TIPS FROM KOBE TAI

As for tonight's Friday Night Pigskin Action...
QB Nate Davis might be the toughess SOB you've never heard of and sported a 6 to 1 TD/INT ratio last year...

...and like UPS he simply delivered the goods with style!

While both teams rolled Colonial Athletic Conference teams (Northeastern & Towson) to open the season, Navy’s unwillingness to practice their passing game in a rout is somewhat disturbing to yours truly (4 attempts, 2 completions).

BTW, did you know 1 of the 5 solid players on the Bears, Brad Maynard, went to Ball State...that has to be a sign!

Along the same lines, ARIELLE KEBBEL (click here) did not.

Even though Ball State is not what you call a defensive stonewall, expect the Midshipmen to struggle with the change in size up-front after walking all over Towson. New Navy headmaster Ken Niumatalolo will once again be without option-star QB Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada again this week, so expect the Cardinals to make back-up Jarod Bryant beat them with his legs instead of the little engine known as RB Shun White who had a record-setting performance in the opener (19 carries, 358 yards). As for Ball St., after years of hanging in the cellar...(want more knowledge and hotties...CLICK HERE)

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September 6, 2008


Teasin’ T-Bone here, and as we roll into the 2nd weekend of our college football extravaganza, I need to let you know how I fared at the sportsbooks last weekend. *BTW, If your looking for my Homeboy Greg Gamble's ATS Collegiate Pick of the Day...touch me here

How I wonder where the sticks on the pom poms have gone!

In between the "Clubs O Pole" (just for site seeing), here's how I did:
Insideplays picks: 2-2 - Personal picks: 6-4 - Parlays: 0-2

Teasers: 0-2 (I hit 3 of 4 & 6 of 7 on my teasers respectively, still a loss, but always lookin’ for that extra game)

Sing like Cookie Monster you degenerates & say "L" is for ladies (kind of shockerish, right)...that's good enough 4 me

As I have been studying the lines all week (and pickin’ up cabbage on Greg Gamble's Thursday night NFL), one game has stuck out as my 5 star and I have been digging for the last 3 days to find something wrong with it, and I can’t. I also have a couple others that seem to be anomalies, and you can guarantee will tie up my funds for about three hours, but don’t worry homies, it’ll all come back to me after the game.

So w/out further ado, lets treat 2day like ur friends mom when she's wearin' socks like dis & start hammerin' away…

I swear the Deacons are gonna roll...and I promise I didn't cross both tata's on this one Homeboys!

Ole Miss @ Wake Forest -8

Last week, the Demon Deacons proved (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

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September 7, 2008

Home of the Undefeated 2008 Pigskin Legend Greggy G...Don't Stop Believin!

Greg Gamble's 2008 Pigskin ATS - CFB: 5-0 NFL: 1-0

Before we get to my ATS PLAY of the Day, I have a few thoughts:

Call me crazy, but I'm betting Smokey has a nice season!

1. Does a NE (-10) Jet/Dolphin (unda 42) teaser seem like a lock today? Can't see how KC scores more than 10, and too much pressure for two guys still not used to the offense in Favre & Pennington.

Youngsters are always exciting, but newbies in the NFL sometimes have a lil trouble gettin' started!

2. Is Jon Kitna the sexiest man on turf and are the Lions (-3) destined to open the season strong (ATL starting a newbie under center) before collapsing like last year?

At Garcia's age & w/ an off-season trying to satisfy one of the hottest models not from Asia, does he have anything left?

3. With a healthy Deuce and Gaint castoff Mr. Shockey, do the Saints have too much fire power at home for Jeff “I’m not gay” Garcia?

With that out the way, let's hit-up my Play O the Day!
Trust me...Chris Perry is gonna be a beast this season!

While most prognosticators believe the dark clouds will continue to hover over the Bengals organization like a fratboy ova a passed-out cheerleader, yours truly never took advantage of an over-served underclasshottie & believes they’ll battle the Steelers for the North title.

Even though Carson's had an unlucky preseason, sometimes unlucky things turn out ok!

Broken nose and all, Carson Palmer seems driven to prove the Bengals are more than a running penitentiary joke and knows their window of opportunity is slowing closing. As for the change in the backfield, after years of injury trouble Chris Perry enters the season rested and ready to prove he can carry the load behind a solid offensive line. The former Michigan star is excellent at reading his blocks, and once he sees a seam, has the rare combination of power and quick cutback ability.

The Bengals promised to have more of a business approach!

In the passing game, while Marvin Lewis is used to dealing with the drama, this year he’s also dealing with injuries to his two stars. But even dinged-up and without much practice, T.J. & Ocho Cinco are both expected to play and could probably run routes for Carson blindfolded. Throw-in the addition of former Colts TE Ben Utecht and the reliable hands of Perry out of the backfield, and I predict Palmer opens the season looking sharp. On the defensive side of the ball, while they’ve been a laughing stock the last few years, they are extremely aggressive and should look better than advertised against a rookie QB and new coaching regime.

The Ravens aren't very money under center!

The Ravens offense looked worse with each preseason game and probably will keep things simple for Delaware star Joe Flacco. On the defensive side of the ball, the once intimidating and dominate squad has aged, so look for the new staff to break in plenty of youngsters throughout the season in what will be a rebuilding year. Bengals look a little sloppy Sunday, but score too many points for Jim Harbaugh’s older brother to open his NFL coaching career with a victory.

Final Score: BENGALS 27 RAVENS 13

Love this shirt Homeboys...Sunday Funday is back!

September 8, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Monday Night ATS Luv

Greg Gamble's 2008 Pigskin ATS - CFB: 5-0 NFL: 1-1
Want to see why the Guru luvs the GB/MN Unda tonight

You think Belichick will be giving the Flutester a call?

Considering I drafted Randy Moss on both my fantasy squads, I wasn’t too happy to hear GISELE (click me) would have plenty of cuddle time with the League MVP this year. As for a few other quick thoughts on the first Sunday on the grirdiron:

The Colts line looked like they were loungin' at the beach!

1. The Colts have some sorry-ass fellaz in the trenches. With the injuries on the O-Line and a defense that relies on a 5-8 Safety (Bob Sanders) to stop the run, I’m guessing the Colts will be sitting at home with Marc Bulger come playoff time.

The Bengals let the 260 lb LeRon McClain rush for 86 yards yesterday...and yes, I said LeRon MFin McClain!

2. Thanks for ruining my perfect ATS season Cincy! And can somebody please tell me how the hell Marvin Lewis still has this job. As a supposed defensive guru, does it strike you as funny his team still can’t tackle? A rule of thumb on when to fire a coach, the day after a 6-6 slow white QB named Joe rushes for a 38 yard TD.

I know ladies can sometimes be a little dirty in getting what they want, but that doesn't explain what Norv Turner does in his interviews to keep getting head coaching jobs.

3. Speaking of coaches, when Norv Turner gets fired after the season, does he buy new knee pads for each coaching interview or does he have a lucky pair that’s helped him get a job for years?

DeSean Jackson may be the playmaker to finally take Donovan to the promiseland!

4. McNabb finally has the swagger back & this time he has more weapons than the front seat of Maurice Clarett’s SUV...Super Bowl Sleeper Fellaz!

Just like in Cleveland w/ Quinn, even though he's the shortest...

...of the 3 QBs doesn't mean he's not the best choice!

5. GM Phil Savage better hope Derek Anderson hasn’t cashed that check yet. Regardless, Brady Quinn will be starting by Week 5.


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Teasin' T's & Greggy G's NFL/MLB ATS

Since the Hokies never had a decent QB to get Eddie Royal the pill, the Broncos ended up w/ the steal of the Draft!

Did u c the precision in the lil magician's routes? Royal & Cutler looked more in-sync than Greggy's fav Synchronized Hotties-click me! Anywho, my Homeboy Teasin' T-Bone called me yesterday claiming to have ATS diamond knowledge that would even impressive baseball groupie ALYSSA MILANO (click me), which means Greggy G is on Holiday and hitting the race track...See you manana Homeboys!

She brings a whole new meaning to the word 'Fantasy', but we all know what Mr. Gamble & T-Bone are talkin' about!

So now that 98% of all Fantasy players are wishing they made different picks, we finally have a sense for who is going to show up and play some ball this year. My homey Greggy G mentioned the sleeper of the year yesterday (click here to see), and I have to say that I'm riding this one like KOBE TAI RIDES...well you know.

Greggy G thought #2...Justin Fargas runs frickin' hard!

I know the Raiders are bad, but Monday Night was not the stage for JaMarcus Russell & Al Davis's band of youngsters (tell me Al doesn't look like Darth Vader's boss in Star Wars?) That being said, with Fargas, McFaddon, & Michael Bush looking like the most exciting trio in the backfield, as their ATS number rises look for Oakland to cover plenty of games during the 2nd half of the season. Especially catching teams napping and in no mood to play smashmouth w/ a bottom feeder, as well as J.Russell's development (trust me, like u trust ur bookie), I might start circling OAK in the paper by November!

Just like life as a hot rocker, I'm guessing the Cowboys are gonna have a tough road trying to get past the bird teams...the Seahawks and Eagles in case you needed help (ok, maybe not SEA, we just luv Seneca here at Insideplays)

I know, I know, the Eagles are a bold statement after only one game, but not only was a healthy McNabb overly impressive by throwing for 360 yds, I thought the real story was the Eagles defense. If your spouse has your jewels in a jar on the mantle, you probably missed out on them completely shutting down the Rams to the tune of 8 first downs, 0-11 on 3rd down, and 10 punts. Stewart Bradley locked up 9 tackles and was key in holding Stephen Jackson to a dismal 40 yds on the ground. So while the Chunky Soup king will lead the way, don't get up for a beer just cause he is on the sideline.

It's been a rough few days, & all my shirts r dirty, but I still have some MLB luv 2 keep ur degenerative juices flowin!

And now that we finally have a breather after 5 straight days of the pigskin and 90210 reruns, don't forget the nation's past time is starting to get interesting w/ just under a month to go!

LA Dodgers +102(-1.5 runs) @ San Diego Padres

The Pads finally ended LA's...WANT MORE LUV? CLICK HERE

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September 10, 2008

Greggy G's First Glance ATS Pigskin Plays

If you want to skip my NFL play, CLICK HERE FOR NCAA LUV

After a year running off-tackle, the Saints finally realize they need Reggie making highlights on the outside!

In the ATS World, Tuesday is like Amateur not at the Tuck-A-Buck as the drinks are half price and the performers give you the bonus of that nervous lil smile. For the newbies to the gambling world, what I mean is the Sportsbooks open the Pigskin lines and your able to jump on the action before the Big Dogs start the numbers moving. Case in point, the Saints are only 1-point favorites at lowly Washington, and by Sunday, my guess is you’ll see Drew Brees & Co. favored by almost a FG...even w/out Colston. While my detractors will tell ya the Skins have extra time to prepare and home-field advantage, did those BEEATCHES actually see how inept their offense was last Thursday? With a new headmaster, a completely new offensive scheme, and an unproven QB, I’m guessing the three extra days doesn’t enable Chris Cooley to become Antonio Gates, Santana Moss to grow a few inches, or Jason Campbell to look as comfortable as Drew Brees.

Just like this contest, the Saints have so much flashy talent!

While I agree the Skins defense is solid, with Belichick’s savior now on season long holiday nobody in the league is as dangerous offensively as New Orleans & their bulging bag of goodies. Even with Colston out, we’re talking Reggie “I love Kardashian’s” Bush (click me), Jeremy Shockey, Devery Henderson, David Patton, maybe the Deuce, and the best QB to run Sean Payton’s spread system in Drew MFin Brees! More importantly, with the combination of Payton finally realizing Bush needs to space things on the outside (8 catches, 112 yards, 1 TD – 51 rushing yards) and their abundance of downfield weapons, even Deuce’s sub Pierre Thomas (last week: 52 ryds, 5.2 avg) can looked talented with plenty of running room.

Even though Colston is out, NO has penty of WR depth. Look for speedster Devery Henderson to break out Sunday!

Taking it a step further, did you see how Plax’s size (10 rec 133 yrds) dominated the Skins DBs last week? With Colston out, my guess is you’ll see the Shockster (6-5, 251) spend time split-out, who’s also already playing w/ a chip on his shoulder since the trade, and faces a team/field he knows well, not to mention they were the ones that broke his leg last year. Throw-in a week removed from the drama of hurricane Gustav and I cannot fathom how Jason Campbell keeps-up with the points the Saints throw on the board this Sunday Funday!

As for the only negative I see, hopefully the Saints can handle the distractions from the only highlights at RFK:



Distraction #3...I know she's not a Skinette, but I hear she's going.




Strahan was right when he said Washington's ladies make it tough to play in RFK. I’d be thinkin' bout rubbing my gap-teeth between some of those as well!

Nonetheless… Final Score: SAINTS 27 REDSKINS 17

As for my ATS College pick before the line moves…Willingham%20bad.jpg
Ty will be makin' this face Saturday, but this time it won't be cause of an injury...the Sooners are in town...READ WHY!

I wonder if their traveling to the game...Want more ladies?

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September 11, 2008

Greg Gamble's College Football Teaser Luv


Before I tell u why I’m risking -140 on the Cubs & the filthiest pitcher in a 5 inning span…

...or discuss how 90210 are fools for not bringing back the sexiest cast member of all-time in Gina MFin Kincaid...

BTW, no offense to the sexy Rebecca Gayheart, you're a close 2nd & #1 in facial wash hotness as the original Noxzema Girl, but just look at Vanessa...simply flawless

As for 2night's Pigskin...sorry fellaz, I have no interested in Butch Davis/UNC or Ray Rice-less Rutgers...instead I’m giving u:

(click here 2 check out yesterday's ATS picks 4 the weekend)

I guarantee Knowshon's moves make Spurrier throw his lil visor to the turf more than a few times on Saturday!

In the past, investing against the Ole Ball Coach was idiotic regardless of venue. Now, is it me or does Stevie seem to have lost the fiery cockiness that made him great? With the Gators, his casual approach about the quality of his team was usually a way of playing possum. Now, that smug look seems more like an honest lack of confidence in his own Cocks. Sure they opened with a strong win against a rebuilding NC St. squad (despite 4 INTs from his QBs), but last week's loss to Vanderbilt once again showed how lil confidence the golf-capped wonder has in his QBs…which is probably not a good sign facing the flavor of they year & previously #1 ranked Bulldogs.

Unlike purley whites, Georgia's QB doesn't have to shine!

With a solid leader in 3rd year QB Mathew Stafford (63 comp%, 4 TD, 0 Int), possibly the top collegiate back in Knowshon Moreno (8.7 avg, 6 TDs thus far), a bevy of veteran WRs, & an elite defense returning just about everybody from last year, tough to picture how the Dawgs don't roll by double digits let alone by more than a 2-pt conversion.

BTW, tell me Knowshon does't have little Mase in him?

While the naysayers will tell you Georgia hasn’t played anybody (Georgia Southern & Central Michigan), C. Michigan has a QB twice as solid as the two Spurrier is rotating with ("Duel-Threat" Dan Lefevour), not to mention the Bulldogs should look fresh having the opportunity to play plenty of 2nd & 3rd stringers so far. As for the Cocks of Game, in my opinion, their just not that good Homeboys.

Final Score: DAWGS 27 COCKS OF GAME 17

Penn St. matched with Syracuse is almost this perfect!

The lil Boys of Orange might be the biggest embarrassment so far this season. While expectations have been low since Greg Robinson's been aboard (7 wins in 3 years), they opened the season w/ a 20-point loss at Northwestern & followed it up with a 14-point home loss to a Zips squad many predicted would finish last in the MAC! As for the police-blotter Paternos, nothing seems to fire-up his boys more than controversy & suspensions...so entering this season, they should have more flames burnin' than the former estate of Andre Rison.

JoPa not worrying about character issues has really helped Nittany Lion recruiting...so why not take advantage!

After rolling over Coastal Carolina 66-10, the Nittany Lions absolutely destroyed the OSU Beavers in Happy Valley by 31! While this will be their 1st road trip of the season, with the speed they have on defense, possibly the fastest back in the country (Fr. Stephfon Green...and he's 2nd string to the ridiculous Evan Royster- 8.2 avg, 6 TDs), and a mobile QB who looks confident, this thing could get ugly fast on the quick turf in New York!

Final Score: PATERNOS 45 lil Boys O Orange 10

And with that, let’s say hello to a few more LOVELY LADIES and my MLB Play of the Day!

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September 12, 2008


Greggy G's 2008 ATS PIGSKIN RECORD: CFB: 5-0 NFL:1-2

Before I give you my prediction on how Mr. McKnight will fair versus Laurinaitis and the Buckeyes...


U don't need to part the seas when AP has the rock!

After watching rookie Matt Forte and his shaky line gash the undersized Colts D-line, I don’t care if Webster was unda center, the Vikings are enormously skilled up-front and have a King James type-talent behind them…and will have that annoying home horn terrorizing the Colts virgin offensive line. Manning does what he can, but…
Final Score: COLTS 24 VIKINGS 27

Don't be surprised to see this happy face on Sunday!

While I’m usually not a believer in the extra day advantage for the team playing against a Monday nighter, considering the Packers were waiting months for this opener like a fat lady on Oprah waiting for free shit...I'll take Calvin Johnson on Sunday Funday. Considering the Lions play on their home turf, similar to what they saw in Hotlanta, as Rodgers & Co need to shake-off the night game Super Bowl atmosphere in Lambeau, I'm go w/ Detroit City....and cause I know the great Kitna will throw for 4 TDs!

Rumor has it Del Rio called her boyfriend to help on the OLine...and I told their azz I was busy!

If there’s a sucker for a betting against a team that lost 80% of their offensive line…tell me where John Amechi is. It also doesn't hurt the Bills are balanced on the both sides and better than people think.

It's not even a stretch to say Rivers holds Cutler's jock!

Blah, blah, blah…Cutler has twice the skill of Rivers and is playing at home. Did I mention Norv Turner coaches the Lightning Bolts?

BTW, if U want my NFL/NCAA ATS play o the weekend...CLICK HERE
BTW, if u want my Teaser Special...CLICK HERE

My Homeboy's gonna win it all!

Eagles are my Super Bowl pick and Donovan’s my MVP pick…
I’ll take Andy Reid's squad and a TD!

As for my preview of the thing Travis Henry never wears versus Ohio State!

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September 13, 2008


InsidePlays.com -- Where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous!!

Single ATS: 9-5 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 0-3

While Teasin’(short 4 teasers dumb ass) hasn’t been my gig so far early in the season, I don’t think ‘Single ATS T-Bone’ really rolls of the tongue, so I’m stickin’ with my name like Jenna Jameson sticks with her profession.(Check Jenna out HERE)

The state of Florida pulls out college hotties like Peter North pulls out inches....

As we roll into the 3rd weekend of college hotness, which also means one week closer to no more bikinis, a song has been ringin’ in my head all week and it goes a little something’ like this…..’I got five on it’. I know the song relates to placing a stake on some cheeba, but I’m double dippin’ for all you sports fanatics out there, cuz you know me homeys…I got five on it!!

Oh to be Yuckmouth from the Luniz, looks like he dumped more than 5 on it!

While I’ve been bringin’ in some coin, my left nut Greggy G has been all over the CFB in the first two weeks, to see his Saturday luv CLICK HERE. And to see his Teaser Luv CLICK HERE. And now that Greggy G has filled your head with sugar plums, let me give you a little more candy to take care of your Saturday sweet tooth.

Walk with me today, I promise the bounty is fruitful!!

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September 14, 2008


InsidePlays.com is #1 baby, girl U know it's true!!

NFL ATS: 1-1 Parlays: 0-1
Welcome to Sunday Funday with Teasin’ T-Bone fellas. Sunday Funday you say, what makes it so damn fun T-Bone? You wanna know why?
1. It’s friggin’ Sunday, the day of rest, you ain’t workin’, so smile!
2. Football, football, football.
3. U get to hang out w/ T-Bone & Greggy G
*GG (9-2 ATS) luvs Cincy 2day...here's a few more of his picks
4. It rhymes, deal with it….

She's smilin' cuz she rolled w/ T-Bone & Double G!!

Takin’ a quick LSD flashback to yesterday, you’ll see that I came out ahead on the day rollin’ 1-1 ATS and finally livin’ up to my name and hittin’ a 3 team teaser. But I look like a 12 year old at a porno shoot compared to what Greggy G has been doing. Let me just say….Congrats Mr. MFin Gamble! Double G continued his dominance on the college gridiron moving his unblemished record to 8-0 ATS yesterday. He told me tell you fools he luvs Ciny (pick) cause The Vince drama has f*cked w/ their heads...we ain't talkin' Entourage!

Click Here for the rest of his Sunday Funday Picks

Looks like my fair lady Jessica is up for another day together w/ T-Bone!!

On to Week 2 of the NFL. I’ve gotta tell you that there are a couple teams, the Colts and the Chargers, that have their backs against the proverbial wall today. What would it mean to the AFC if 2 of their top 3 teams started out 0-2, and the other has to go the rest of the year with a starting QB(Cassell) that didn’t even start a single college football game. I call that a backdoor invitation for the NFC to prove what they have, not unlike your lady being drunk enough to say ‘okay, I’ll try it one time’, you know you have to take advantage while the opportunity is there.

And I have to tell you that I don’t feel like either the Colts or the Chargers are gonna walk away with a win today. Indy plays at Minnesota, and the only thing that keeps ‘em in this game is if Bob Sanders carries the defense on his shoulders and figures out a way to slow down Adrian Peterson. I do like something in this game, check it out HERE. As for the Chargers, LT will get his yards, but Denver at home after scoring 41 last week is about as scary as your momma dancin’ in the living room(U think I haven’t seen it, this video is Mmmm, Mmmm, GOOD).

We are just full of items that cover today....

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September 15, 2008

Home of Greggy G's 67% ATS Gridiron Magic

Want to ignore my weekend recap & just check out Lovely Ladies &...

A former elite HS QB & collegiate RB phenom, Michael Bush is now a deadly 250 lb FB w/ crazy playmaking skills!

On Tuesday, I told you fools to disregard all the Raider jokes & predicted this team unleash a 3-headed rushing moster (McFaddon, Bush, & Fargas) that'll make teams cringe as the season wears on!

Too many Saints ended up in the Training Room last week!
(BTW, 50/50 chance that's not a Training Room table...sorry)

Unfortunetly, on Hump day I gave u my ATS pick of the Saints, only to find out half the squad was out by Sunday. At least on that day, I also told you the Sooners would beeatch-slap Willingham's boys something fierce...sorry to say it, but bye-bye Ty is coming soon!

Only a few have the skills to tease like Greggy G!

On Thursday, I was feeling friskier than Aniston without a boy-toy and came through with an easy teaser winner!

Sweater Boy didn't have too many moments like this Saturday!

And finally, I told you Fri. USC has too much speed for the Buckeyes, as well as, what NFL underdogs I thought would win. As a result, this is where ur Homeboy Greggy G stands after another week:

NCAA: 6-0 (1-0) - NFL: 3-6 (2-4) - Teasers: 3-0 (2-0)

Oklahoma (-21) ova Washington St – Win

Penn St (-21) ova Syracuse & Georgia (-1) ova South Carolina – Win
USC (-6) ova Ohio St. & Kansas (+9.5) ova S. Florida – Win

Saints (-1) ova Washington – Lose
Bills (+5.5) ova Jacksonville – Win
Cincy (pick) ova Tennessee – Lose
Broncos (+1) ova San Diego – Win
(line shifted to -1.5 by Sunday…I told ya Friday)
Lions (+3.5) ova GB – Lose
Minny (+2.5) ova Indy – Lose
Eagles (+7) ova Cowboys – TBD

With that let's breakdown the Monday Nighter:

While Romo has made some solid decisions in his career...

that doesn't mean he's the sweetest thing in Dallas 2night. In my opintion he's down the list from at least her & Donovan (READ WHY)

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September 16, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Free Daily ATS Picks

NCAA: 6-0 (1-0) - NFL: 4-6 (3-4) - Teasers: 4-0 (3-0)

While Barber's relentless attack on the defense remindes me of Rocky movie, Westbrook's desire and understanding on how to gain every inch is frickin' ridiculous!
BTW, I have WR DumbSean Jackson on my fantasty squad & lost by 3

After a Monday Night double winner last night...
we have an off day on the ATS Gridiron which means two things:

1. Vegas isn’t panicking about Greggy G Nation for a day
2. Time to head to the diamond to fill our investment void

Just because there's no football, don't be sad...

Greggy G's has a few Gridiron Thoughts:

What a perfect place for a egotistical god name Saban!

1. While I hate Nick Saban more than the Q-tip test from the doctor, they are absolutely destroying teams on both side of the ball thus far (Clemson, Tulane, & W. Kentucky by a score of 95-23), and face a Hogs squad with a new coaching staff that barely squeaked by W. Illinois at home (28-24) and Louisiana-Monroe on the road (28-27). Especially with the number much more resonable with the game in Arkansas (Bama -9.5) and a Sr. QB that used to be on Home Improvement (John Parker Wilson), and I’m jumping on this thing before the big-boys move it up to 12 by Saturday!

With the develoment of J.Stewart & the addition of Steve Smith, the defense will have two stars to contain!

2. With the return of Stevie Playmaker to finally opening things up for Jake Del-Spaz-homme & RB Jonathon Stewart’s smash-mouth approach paired w/ the shifty DeAngelo Williams, I’m guessing we see the Panthers act like the cocky Cougars at my local watering hole the rest of the year…confident and willing to do whatever it takes to get things done!

Favre might be cryin' again after MNF!

3. Sitting at 0-2, the Lighting Bolts will be playing with desperation/anger at home...and just like my first non-gay threesome, I cannot wait to see them spank Favre on Monday Night. And is it me, or does every Aaron Rodgers-win feel twice as nice because you can picture Favre swearing in the mirror as he shoves another Flintstone Vitamin in his Wrangler’s!

While new Brewers headmaster's not a clown, he does have a fresh approach that will sit well w. his players!

With that, time to take a look at BREWERS/CUBS tilt tonight!

I’m buying the spiked Gatorade remedy in the Brew Crew’s attempt to hold onto the Wild Card. For all the shock-n-awe over the Yost firing with only a handful of games left, Milwaukee management was almost ready for a change after they were swept by the Cubbies in late July and the sweep in Philly just confirmed a shake-up was needed. Former Brewer player and 3rd base coach Dale Sveum takes the reigns and should provide a breath of fresh air with his upbeat intensity and ability to better-relate with the players. Let’s not forget Sveum was the 3rd base coach for the 2004 World Series squad known as the “Idiots” from Boston…can hurt, can it? As for how his approach my help him for tonight’s battle in Wriglyville…(READ WHY and c more hotties)

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September 17, 2008

Daily ATS College & NFL Pigskin Plays

NCAA: 6-0 (1-0) - NFL: 4-6 (3-4) - Teasers: 4-0 (3-0)

Did you miss Monday Night's on-point prediction...too pretty!

After Percy Harvin missed the opener with an injury & only touched the ball 6 times against Miami, look for the dynamic playmaker to explode giving Tebow his 2nd greatest option since arriving to Gainesville...

...cause we all know LUCY PINDER was Tebow's best option!

The reason I luv the Gators, this game hits 3 of Greggy G rules:

Greg Gamble Rule #54-Mariah: Urban Meyer playin off a bye-week (& still acting more pissed-off than an adult actress after an unexpected hair shot), facing an unranked squad on the road & favored by less than 2 tuddies is almost as wise an investment as Nick Cannon's in Mariah's cougar-azz for a few years before cashing in!

Greg Gamble Rule #69-DD: When a team loses (Vols) to a team (Bruins) that was destroyed the following game (UCLA lost 59-0 to BYU); the worse case scenario for that team (Vols) is to bounce back against last year’s Heisman winner...unless his friend Double D is in the stands, then it's not that bad!

Greg Gamble Rule #69ing with Poprocks: If a Top-5 ranked team is better this year ova last year (Florida), and is playing an opponent they beat by more the 38 the year prior that is actually worse this season (Tennessee), put the midgets & Asians to bed and go looking for your checkbook!

Final Score: GATORS 34 VOLS 17

Will Stoops's veteran squad and Sr. QB save his job?

Under new headmaster Rich “Gambling Pool” Neuheisel, the Bruins secondary was abused like an NBA groupie last week as BYU completed 78% and tossed 7 tuddies! This week, they face a pass-happy Wildcat squad averaging ova 46 pts/gm in their first three contests (2-1) and looking for redemption after an 8-point loss at New Mexico. Led by Sr. QB Willie Tuitama (8 TD, 2 Int, & 66%), his game breaking WRs (Mike Thomas- 302 yrds 3 TD, Delashaun Dean- 220 yrds, 2 TD, & Terrell Turner- 134 yrds, TD), & possibly the most underrated back in the Pac-10 Nic Grigsby (125 ypg, 6.6 avg, 6 TD), I cannot fathom how UCLA’s offense bounces back to keep up.

After getting their face shoved in the dirt & their chest rubbed in the sand, the Bruins should look deflated!

Especially with Zona getting their feet wet on the road last week, the trip to Hollywood should be a much easier adjustment. While Neuheisel will eventually turn the program around, recruitment over the last few years and player movement after the coaching change has left UCLA without much depth. Just like BYU did, look for Mike Stoops to turn this into a track meet early and then pound Grigsy late as the Bruins tire.

Final Score: WILDCATS 37 BRUINS 27

As for tonight's Louisville/Kansas St. tilt and...
...more NCAA ATS Picks & Friendly Faces...PLEASE CLICK HERE
BTW, is it wrong to wonder what her friend is thinkin' w/ those fingers?

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September 18, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NFL Week 3 ATS Luv

NCAA ATS: 6-0 - NFL ATS: 4-6 - Teasers ATS: 4-1

Before we dig into my NFL Picks, since I haven't lost on the college gridiron, I figured you might be intersted in SATURDAY'S PICKS

Like no other sport, the balance of power and momentum in the NFL is a year-by-year accomplishment. And considering the Vikings entered 2008 with the double-dip of a lethal rushing attack and possibly the best run defense in the league, as well as huge upgrades for both the passing game (WR Bernard Berrian) and pass-defense (DE Jared Allen), it was amazing the Vikings decided to enter the season with Tarvaris Jackson & Gus Frerotte as their potential playoff QBs. While they grossly overpaid for both Berrian & Allen, those are the types of moves you make when you feel your just a player or two away.

Just like every young swimsuit model should spent time w/ the timeless MARISA MILLER, every young QB needs the same mentorship...& that's not Tarvaris's fault!

Surprisingly, I’m probably in the minority in thinking Jackson could be legit down the line, but considering his collegiate development was at Alabama St. and he’s never had an experienced vet to learn from (ala Aaron Rodgers), I honestly believe Minnesota put the youngster in a lose/lose situation. As for the well-traveled back-up, while Frerotte is a harmless fellow (except when he’s knocking himself out after banging his head on a stadium wall) and a decent emergency option, he’s lost more games than he’s won along his journey, has a lower career comp% than the 25 year-old from Bama St., and at 37…should we really expect to see him improve on a career QB-rating surpassed by Patrick Ramsey, Damon Huard, and only 2-pts higher than Cleo Lemon?

When he's the opponent, Spazhomme is a douchebag. But if he was my QB, I'd absolutely love his intenstiy!

As for the fiery Panthers, weekly NFL match-ups usually comes down to who has more passion, desperation, confidence, & less players dealing with babies from groupies from week-to-week. While Del-spaz-homme’s complaining and chest-thumps are almost comical and extremely annoying when your squad is playing against them, his teammates seem to rally around his fervor and respect how he approaches each game. Especially after missing most of last season and the uncertainty of how is career might end after elbow surgery, Spazhomme seems poised to prove the Panthers still have the magic from a few years back. Throw-in the return of the toughest pound-4-pound player on the gridiron & the intensity he’s built-up from sitting out, and I expect Carolina to take the moxy of both their leaders & head out the Metrodome tunnel with a playoff-type intensity.

While some cats need things supersized, like Jake's favorite WR, I appreciate the smaller things in life...like Miranda Kerr

As for the actual gridiron match-ups, the Vikings secondary has the unfortunate combo of being below average in coverage and slow to make-up ground. Stevie Smith should open things up even more for a Panthers squad already utilizing the skills of Muhsin Muhammad (11 rec, 115 yrds), Dante Rosario (8 rec, 102 yrds), & D.J. Hackett (6 rec, 70 yrds) underneath. Throw-in an extra safety dropping back to shadow the superstar playmaker and the run game should find some room if it can get past the first level of defense.

Only Greggy G can compare Muhammed's comments to this!

Quick Side Note, for all the uproar in Bearland regarding Mushin’s comment: “Chicago is where WRs go to die!” , just like a chick entering a Wet T-shirt contest is doomed for the stripper pole, please tell me how Moose's theory is one iota wrong?

While Minny has a stout run defense..(KEEP READING 2 FIND OUT)

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September 19, 2008

Greggy G's Friday NCAA ATS Rebate Buzz

NCAA ATS: 6-0 - NFL ATS: 4-6 - Teasers ATS: 4-1

For my NFL ATS Week 3 Picks and plenty more laides (CLICK HERE)

If you have a few minutes to kill, check out Baylor's FR QB...The track star will be in the Heisman talk by 2010!

I'm telling u friends...couple State Titles, great size, smart kid...kind of remindes me of me!

Also reminds me of the multi-talented Jarah...sometimes she wants to be flawless chillin' at home...

...& sometimes she takes the flawlessness 2 the beach!


Mark my word Homeboys, Baylor's dual-threat Fr. Robert Griffin will be the best QB in the Big 12 by his junior year. Throw-in a new headmaster running a shotgun spread offense, and my guess is the track star/State Champion keeps a suprisingly deep Bears squad in every game. As for getting 19 points...sign my azz up!

Final Score: BEARS 24 UCONN 30

I agree with her...GO GATORS!

(Read why this wins...or just look at the loverly ladies)

September 20, 2008


Saturday brings us some battles in the trenches, I'm talkin' football homeys!!
Single ATS: 10-6 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 1-3

Week 4 of college pigskin is upon us and it is becoming obvious that across the nation the competition is starting to tighten up(check out what I mean by tight HERE, try squeezing thru those things), and I see a direct correlation in all the lines I have been staring at all week. But lucky for us, there are still some teams out there that are leading people to believe they may actually be decent when they get into conference play. And without giving away the farm, I will tell you that this is going to lead to my $$$ pick of the year thus far.

FSU ain't on my list 2day, but these hotties are!

Before I get there, have you checked out my homey Double G’s picks yet. The guy has been robot-like in his dominance of the gridiron this year, and I can tell you that if I only listened to him from the beginning, I’d be sippin’ on Alize instead of Mad Dog. U can check out his SEC play of the week amongst some other gems right HERE.
Have I mentioned my fetish for FSU women? Legs how I like 'em...feet on one end, p*ssy on the other.

And now it is time to focus on what Teasin’ T-Bone is gonna feed you today. So sit back, refill that drinky drink, and soak in some pigskin luv….

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September 21, 2008


Ummm, excuse me Dr. 85, but it appears there is an NFL season happening that you should check in to....

Teasin' T-Bone's NFL Record:
NFL ATS: 3-1 Parlays: 0-1

Sunday Funday fellas, time for the big boys to strap it up and put the women and children to bed. To get right to my picks, CLICK HERE. But if U truly appreciate my favorite pics, keep on reading.

BAM, BAM, BAM! I just spilled my mimosa..

Before we get too deep into it, while you were sitting around sippin’ a toddy yesterday, did you happen to see that Greggy G kept on rolling? He managed to knock out another undefeated CFB ATS weekend to take his ’08 record to 9-0 ATS and 5-1 on Teasers. When you throw in my +.500 stats, it means that InsidePlays has provided you 19 free ATS wins to only 8 losses.

She's beggin' for more Double G & T-Bone! It's all yours!

I don’t know about you, but I call that rollin’ deep, and damn good reason to keep comin’ back. Since we are stroking Greggy like he is Jessica Simpson’s sweater kittens,

Perfection is the only word that comes to mind.

you better check out his NFL winna’s RIGHT HERE!!

I mentioned last Sunday that the AFC may have went from dominance to mediocrity early in the season. Let me continue that thought with what I have deemed to be my week 3 oddities.

-The Patriots are 2-0(no surprise), but they’ve done it with a backup that hadn’t started since high school.
-The Titans are 2-0 sans Vince Young
-The Broncos have scored 80 pts in 2 games, that’s 18 more than the Chargers with 62, and 47 more than the whole friggin’ state of Ohio(Cincy 17, Cleveland 16).
-The Colts have just 31 pts, which has basically been their pts/gm avg since Y2K.
-The Chargers were suppose to cruise thru the West and into the playoffs, they have started 0-2.
-The AFC still has 7 teams w/o a win, compared to only 4 in the NFC.

Is the NFC gonna back door the AFC this year?

On to my Sunday Funday winners…..

Pittsburgh @ Philly -3.5

Even though they walked away from Dallas with a loss….

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September 22, 2008

Greg Gamble's Monday Night ATS Magic

NCAA: 9-0 (3-0) - NFL: 4-7 (0-1) - Teasers: 6-2 (2-2)
And congrats to TEASIN' T-BONE for a perfect ATS Sunday

Why would you pay a dime for expect picks when Greggy G continues to dominate the Pigskin World for free! Seriously, a documented 9-0 ATS on the College Gridiron & winning nearly 7 of 10 overall, better take advantage before the gambling world gets their filthy rich hands on my services. And the thing about this past Saturday, I have to admit it was almost too easy…Angry Gators easily ova Fulmer’s fading program, Nick Satan’s hyped-up Tide ova the new era in Hogland, and pass-happy Zona all over UCLA’s rebuilding mess (touch me here for proof). Throw-in a Baylor/Florida teaser started on Friday Night & the weekend party expenses were null-in-void for yours truly. As for my results at the professional level, if you count my NFL Teaser results, I’m actually sitting at .500 & poised for a nice lil run. But before we get the ATS pimp-ride revved-up for tonight’s Monday Nighter, let’s take a quick look at some interesting NFL notes from yesterday.

The Quinn Era should already be underway!

1. For Derek Anderson’s sake…at least he got paid!
When teams were taking the Browns lightly early last year, Anderson jumped out the gate with some gaudy numbers as Braylon Edwards & Kellen Winslow found plenty of mismatches against the NFL defensive bottom feeders (Bengals, Rams, Dolphins, & Raiders). But as the season wore-on, teams began to crash the pocket on the immobile QB and forced him to throw underneath. As result, the 6-5 former Beaver struggled with his touch and looked extremely pedestrian the final weeks of the season (last 3 games: 53 comp%, 3 TDs, & 4 Ints). Fast forward to 2008 following an off-season where management grossly overpaid DA and expectations for the Dawg Pound were sky high, and the Cinderella of last season seems unable to handle the pressure and appears to be looking for her glass slipper while getting double-teamed from behind (2008 stats: 135 yrds/gm, 46 comp%, 2 TD, 5 Int). The Brady Quinn Era should have started during the 3rd quarter yesterday, but just like the reason Romeo will probably be around next year, money seems to be running this show.

She would've had a better chance distracting Griese than the entire Bear pass rush...and I like pink!

2. Bears Rush as useful as Travis Henry’s Sex Ed Teacher?
While the vibe in Chicagoland has Bear fans looking to castrate Peanut Tillman following his ridiculous personal-foul penalty, the reason Lovie’s squad pissed away another double-digit lead was Brian Griese dropped back 70 times yesterday and was sacked zero times! I know most of the plays were quick reads, but seriously, that’s like failing to score at a Pool Party hosted by T.T. Boy. The ball has bounced the Bears way early this season and they’ve still found ways to loose…and my guess is the gridiron gods won’t be too helpful from here on out. I’ve already circled the Eagles this week as I fully expect a Chicago-native to abuse a secondary without much depth, while Jim Johnson’s blitz packages will be a nightmare for the Bears patchwork line!

Marc will be runnin' 4 his life all year...until he's injured!

3. The former “Greatest Show on Turf” will be winless in 08!
While Matt Millen’s a fool and the Lions D is awful, at least a couple weeks this season they’ll throw a few bombs that Calvin Johnson or Roy Williams will come down with to eek out a victory or two. As for the Rams, nobody in the league has a worse collection of talent in the trenches on both sides of the ball, while the few veterans left already seem to be preserving their body for next year. Watching a Seahawks squad use grocery store employees at WRs dissect the Rams Sunday was an embarrassment, and I’d be shocked if Coach Linehan is still manning the sideline by next week.

The Rams vets remind me of a couple Cougars that just lost a wet-T-shirt contest..."WHY THE F*CK AM I HERE!"

So far this season the Rams are allowing a league-worst 456 yrds/gm, allowing opponents to rush at a plus-five average, and have only mustered 3 sacks without a single pick thru 3 games. As for the offense, considering they needed a 15-yard run from Stephen Jackson yesterday to finally move their ypc average above 3 and are only averaging 200 total yards a game (which is even more ridiculous considering they’ve been down huge in each contest), my guess is a lil turf-toe might be in Stephen Jackson’s future sometime soon.

With that, time for my MONDAY NIGHT ATS PLAY
Even though Sproles might be shorter than these shorts...

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September 23, 2008

Home of Daily ATS Banter & Friendly Faces

NCAA: 9-0 - NFL: 4-7 - Teasers: 6-3 Hotties: 69-0


While Jimmy Clausen was phenomenal in Saved by the Bell...

...and won all kinds of jewelry before college,

...simply flashing the pearly whites and living off your past success is much more suited for life in Hollywood Homeboy!

With all the pre-game hype and locker-room banter 2 week ago, you'd have thought the Wolverines & Golden Domers were playing for a National Title instead of bragging rights for 2 football factories fighting to stay above .500. Even though Notre Dame surprised many experts by easily handling Michigan, unlike Charlie Cheeseburger, Rich Rodriguez is using this season as an opportunity to develop his underclassmen...and not to save his job. Against ND, plenty of talented veterans were on the bench as Rodriguez took full advantage of his free pass this season to teach the youngsters his new schemes. As a result, besides an electrifying play from freshmen SAM MCGUFFIE or MARTAVIOUS ODOMS, the Wolverines are what they are…a Big Ten bottom-feeder until late November. If anything, the Irish victory ova is a blessing and gives us a few extra points to play with this weekend.

While some luv TD Jesus...I luv TD Turquoise!

Back on the Touchdown Jesus front, the Irish looked extremely pedestrian following the U of M victory as they traveled to East Lansing last week and contributed only a 4th quarter TD on the scoreboard losing 23-7. While the final score didn’t appear to be a complete blow-out, the Spartans run Javon Ringer off-tackle and up-the-middle 90% of the time (even more than Iowa State legend Troy “Mini Me” Davis) and are geared to control the clock. This week, Notre Dame will be facing the most balanced and offensively-skilled team they’ve seen thus far in the Purdue Boilermakers. Lead by Sr. QB Curtis Painter (Career- 57 passing TDs, 13 rushing TDs, & 9,497 passing yards), Sr. RB Kory Sheets (Career- 3,181 rush/rec yrds, 42 TDs, & 5.2 rush avg), and a bevy of veteran WRs, I can not fathom how the overrated Jimmy Clausen & Co. can keep up.

Call me crazy, but I'll take Coach Tiller ova Weis anyday!

While Coach Tiller will always be criticized for losing against ranked opponents, and lost another close one in West Lafayette to then #16 Oregon 32-26 in OT two weeks ago, the Boilermakers are better team this year than the 8 wins each of the last two years and should surprise some of the big-boys late in the year. Throw-in a couple arrests last weekend for a couple Golden Domers adding to any already circus-type atmosphere and tough to see how Charlie Cheeseburger has this group ready to slowdown Purdue’s spread attack. And if you like it, hit it up now cause I have a feeling we’ll see the Wilford Brimley look-alike giving away a FG by game time.


As for a few more early week ATS thoughts,...
I luv she's wearin' red & white 2 support ARK ST READ WHY

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September 24, 2008

ATS Pigskin, Lovely Ladies, & Sports Banter

GREG GAMBLE’S 2008 PIGSKIN PICKS - 19-10 ATS...66%NCAA: 9-0 - NFL: 4-7 - Teasers: 6-3 - Hotties: 77-0
* For yesterday's NCCA ATS selection for the weekend...CLICK HERE

After seeing this picture a couple years ago, I'm totally shocked Millen didn't work out in the Motor City.

At the same time, I was also shocked to hear these two have already been to 2nd base & aren't even married yet!

Moving along and skipping ova the idiocy of Coach Linehan making Marc Bulger a scapegoat for his own inefficiencies, I present to you:

Greg Gamble's ATS Sunday Funday Play O the Day!

Running ova the Lions & Chiefs is little bit different than running against the Panthers on their own grass!

I know investing on Fox last week burned me worse than a dirty college Beaver, but the home-cooking in Carolina should be a perfect remedy following the Panthers first loss. Especially with the feisty Stevie Smith looking to prove his return to the line-up can make them a legit Super Bowl contender, look for Del-Spaz-Homme to get the explosive WR and fans going early with plenty of passion!

What more intimidating, Bree or Stevie coming-off a loss?

While the Falcons look nice in the morning paper sitting at 2-1, considering both wins came at home against the dreadful Lions & and the embarrassment that is the KC Chiefs, a trip outdoors to face a riled-up Panthers squad is probably not what a rookie QB needs. Against an average Bucs squad on grass in week 2, Matt Ryan completed under 40% of his passes as the offense only musted 234 total yards w/out scoring a TD (L 24-9). As for how their D faired, considering E. Graham only gained 16 yards on 12 carries against the Bears last week, you think Fox & Co. circled the 6.1 ypc average Graham & Dunn combined for against Hot-Lanta? Especially after playing against arguable the best run defense in the league (Minny), the thunder & lightning combo of Williams & Stewart should find bigger holes than those young ladies employed at Vivid Entertainment.

Peppers has always looked solid against Hot-Lanta...and that was when he was chasing Ronny Mexico!

As for Carolina’s defense, while it’s never a good sign when you lose to a guy named Gus, the Panthers held the Vikings lethal rushing attack to a 3.7 average. While they did look a little surprised on some of Minny’s deep balls & their new look under center, the Falcons run a similar run-dominated offense with the threat of a HR-pass so look for Carolina to look much more comfortable this week. And considering Julius Peppers is way overdue for a monster game, look for the former Tar Heel to make the rookie QB pay for holding onto the ball too long.

Just like how these ladies feel at home at the beach, look for the Panthers offense to look to sharp in Charlotte!

And finally back to the Carolina O, Greggy G guarantees Stevie Smith is pointing to the sky after at least one TD. Back on their home grass w/ a 2nd week of Stevie in the offense, I expect Del-Spaz-homme to come out throwing to loosen-up the defense before looking to J. Stewart to gash the middle of the defense. Overall, ATL has been spoiled by playing two terrible teams on their turf & a Bucs squad in the middle of a QB-change (Griese). Especially with Carolina coming off a loss, Fox will have his boys riled-up to take the lead in the division as they easily handle an overmatched young Falcons squad.

Did I mention the passion of the Panthers Cheerleaders...

Remember the intensity from these 2 outside the stadium & in a Tampa washroom? If you do, u know what I mean!

Final Score: FALCONS 13 PANTHERS 27

As for another college gridiron play & more ladies...CLICK HERE

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September 25, 2008

Thursday Night Pigskin Magic - 66% ATS

NCAA: 9-0 - NFL: 4-7 - Teasers: 6-3 - Hotties: 77-0
If u want my NFL ATS winners/hotties for the weekend CLICK HERE

While I luv Beaver & hate Trojans...this isn't about me!

Tonight, I'm riding with my Homeboy Snoop and USC!

If you want my College ATS Picks & Lovely Ladies for the weekend since I'm a perfect 9-0 thus far...CLICK HERE

I know the backfield in Corvallis has as bright a future as Vanessa Hudgens w/ true-Fr. Jacquizz Rodgers (5-6, 180), possibly the most decorated recruit ever to land in Moose Knuckle Country, & the perfect compliment in RS-Fr Ryan McCants (6-1, 240). In addition, after one-year of JUCO & splitting time under center last year for Coach Mike Riley, QB Lyle Moevao (5-11, 230) has defied the odds and become the feisty leader of this exciting bunch (2008- 922 yards, 61 comp%, 6 TD, 4 INT) with plenty of veteran weapons on the outside.

While young RB Jacquizz could have as bright a future as Vanessa, neither are ready to handle the size of USC's D!

That being said, I have a feeling the young backfield & undersized QB might have some trouble with a vicious Trojan D having two weeks to prepare. While their OL has some experience and performed admirable thus far, USC treated the Buckeyes line like amateurs and should cause twice as many problems for the lil guy under center. And considering their one of the few teams to have only played two games thus far, look for Carroll’s boys to be chomping at the bit.

QB Mark Sanchez brings twice the passion...

..that BOOTY (John David) ever did!

On the offensive side of the ball for the Trojans, after two years of mediocrity (for USC standards), they look flawlessly precise, are deep at every position, and have more speed/size than anybody. The ridiculous collection of superstars in the backfield finally seem to understand their roles, the tall NFL-caliber WRs have matured, and JR. QB Mark Sanchez (6-3, 225) has a confident smile to go along with a perfect release to make them virtually unbeatable (68 comp%, 7 TDs, 2 INT) in my years.

Just like Tom's friend, I have a feeling the Oregon St. QB might be wrapped-up pretty tight tonight!


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September 27, 2008


Would you like me to turn up the volume Coach Zook???

T-Bone's College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 10-8 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 2-3

Teasin’ T-Bone here, ready to crank up the heat on week 5 in the little big guys league, and after the stunner that everyone witnessed on Thursday night(I’m not talkin’ bout the Trojan song girls fellas), my guess is that most degenerates are starting out today with the triple L disease(Little Less Lettuce). But hey, it ain’t nuttin’ a perfect Saturday can’t make up for.

Step aside Cool James, cuz the Ladies Luv Greggy G.....

Even though my homey Greggy G only got half of the Thursday night action right(remember those friggin’ Trojans), it doesn’t even put a dent in his perfect 9-0 ATS record this year. And Double G has 3 more coming for ya, check out his locks that he honed in on early in the week RIGHT HERE.

Is that a Hook 'em Horns, or just some amazing tongue?

Oh yeah, and did you know that there is a TEXAS SCHOOL(click on it fool, u know u want to) that is getting our luv too. As for me, I’ve got some east side magic that’ll make your head spin.

When I say EAST, U say SIDE, EAST..........EAST.......

Maryland @ Clemson -11

After starting the season with a loss to Bama, who happens to be knockin’ the dust off it.....

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September 28, 2008


Someone should be arrested for the debacle yesterday!

NFL Pigskin Record:
ATS: 5-1 Parlays: 0-1 Teasers: 1-0

Teasin’ T-Bone comin’ at you hot and heavy on Sunday Funday, and for those that dialed up InsidePlays yesterday, you witnessed first hand the absolute worst outing of the season for both Greggy G and myself. It just so happened that our worst day lined up with a weekend that saw 9 ranked teams lose(3 in the top 5), and Toledo who almost took Fresno out last week got mopped up by Florida International at home, and FIU has been fighting for braggin’ rights to be the worst team in the nation.

The bad comes in bunches, but so does the good!!

The silver lining in the whole deal….I fell asleep last night like every other night, woke up this morning w/ my traditional Sunday headache, and looked at my pre-circled NFL action that gives me confidence that all the heartache will be gone by 8pm tonight.

Hang onto your hat, cuz Double G is comin' proper like!

Greggy G has something to say about today as well, if you want to see what he has to say about Carolina, CLICK HERE!!

Can anyone say 'Albino Bengal'?

I have 3 picks for you today, so lets get to it.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati -3.5

Both of these squads are sitting at 0-3, however….

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September 30, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Knowledge

NCAA: 9-2 - NFL: 5-8 - Teasers: 6-4 - Hotties: 102-0

She seems ready 4 an invite to the Insideplays party island?

After a brief hiatus due to meetings with government officials on the possibility of Insideplays.com (IP) assisting some of the Nation’s financial institutions, while yours truly has more love for our country than the Mavs Josh Howard, my commitment to investing our assets on an island for the IP loyalists has taken precedent ova the US market.

Even before Ramirez's game-winning and 4th slam of the year, many Camaro-driving fans had already named their recent "No Hat Wearing"-accidents Alexei!

As for my Southsiders, who I’ve bashed & previously predicted would fail to make the playoffs, the Land of Oz has more unexpected twists & turns than a threesome dream with my favorite synchronized swimming twins Bia & Bianca! (Like u haven't seen this video before!)


While I’d love to jump on the Sox’s bandwagon (and the Brazilian twins for that matter), considering I've used more back-handed compliments than Ike used on Tina, I’d feel dirtier than sloppy 2nds on Pamela picking a winner for tonight…but I’ll still probably play the OVA!

Know why u can't see a panty line..she's wearin a Sox thong!

The Twins send the hitter-friendly Nick Blackburn (11-10, 4.14 w/ opponents batting .295), who has struggled this season against the Sox (5 starts: 5.67 ERA & .333 avg.), while Ozzie turns to John Danks (11-9, 3.47) who will be attempting to quiet the bats that have crushed him all season (4 starts: 7.91 ERA & .349). Considering both teams have faced these two plenty and will be playing in some cool weather and a HR-happy ballpark, I think investing against both young pitchers is the only legitimate option (Ova 9 runs). For all my hating on the softball slugging plodders this season, my favorite thong still sports Pablo Ozuna’s initials on the crack…even though he’s now with the Dodgers. And what do you know; the Cubbies have Manny, Torre, & Pablo opening on the playoff docket Wednesday…whatever you do Kid K, don’t give Ozuna anything to hit in the 9th!


With that, let’s hit-up a few thoughts from the Gridiron this weekend with a hottie to match…it’s the least I can do after my abysmal ATS performance! (NFL BANTER & HOT LADIES)

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