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Home of Greggy G's Monday Night ATS Luv

Greg Gamble's 2008 Pigskin ATS - CFB: 5-0 NFL: 1-1
Want to see why the Guru luvs the GB/MN Unda tonight

You think Belichick will be giving the Flutester a call?

Considering I drafted Randy Moss on both my fantasy squads, I wasn’t too happy to hear GISELE (click me) would have plenty of cuddle time with the League MVP this year. As for a few other quick thoughts on the first Sunday on the grirdiron:

The Colts line looked like they were loungin' at the beach!

1. The Colts have some sorry-ass fellaz in the trenches. With the injuries on the O-Line and a defense that relies on a 5-8 Safety (Bob Sanders) to stop the run, I’m guessing the Colts will be sitting at home with Marc Bulger come playoff time.

The Bengals let the 260 lb LeRon McClain rush for 86 yards yesterday...and yes, I said LeRon MFin McClain!

2. Thanks for ruining my perfect ATS season Cincy! And can somebody please tell me how the hell Marvin Lewis still has this job. As a supposed defensive guru, does it strike you as funny his team still can’t tackle? A rule of thumb on when to fire a coach, the day after a 6-6 slow white QB named Joe rushes for a 38 yard TD.

I know ladies can sometimes be a little dirty in getting what they want, but that doesn't explain what Norv Turner does in his interviews to keep getting head coaching jobs.

3. Speaking of coaches, when Norv Turner gets fired after the season, does he buy new knee pads for each coaching interview or does he have a lucky pair that’s helped him get a job for years?

DeSean Jackson may be the playmaker to finally take Donovan to the promiseland!

4. McNabb finally has the swagger back & this time he has more weapons than the front seat of Maurice Clarett’s SUV...Super Bowl Sleeper Fellaz!

Just like in Cleveland w/ Quinn, even though he's the shortest...

...of the 3 QBs doesn't mean he's not the best choice!

5. GM Phil Savage better hope Derek Anderson hasn’t cashed that check yet. Regardless, Brady Quinn will be starting by Week 5.


There's only a few things prettier than tonight's UNDA!

With the world watching, tough to see how Aaron Rodgers doesn’t look a little shaky in his debut replacing Grandpa Vicodin. While the Vikings pass defense was awful last season (and dominate against the run), the addition of pass rushing phenom Jared Allen (15.5 sacks w/ KC last year) and the emergence of youngster Ray Edwards at the other end will give their secondary much needed assistance. As a result, look for the Packers to give Rodgers mostly short drops and plenty of assistance from RB Ryan Grant to keep him off his back.

Ryan Grant better do plenty of stretching after missing the entire preseason!

Speaking of RB Ryan Grant, while the Golden Domer was one of the few backs to rack-up yards against Minnesota last year, he missed most of camp in a hold-out and has been slowed by a hamstring injury. Throw-in a couple back-ups starting on the line, and I’d be surprised if he rushed for more than 70 yards tonight. That being said, with his new paper and a coaching staff wanting to make sure their signal caller doesn’t have too much on his plate early, look for plenty of opportunities for Grant even if there’s not much room. In addition, considering the Pack also has a solid defense (2nd in the NFC in points allowed last year) you know Mike McCarthy will be stressing to his new QB to take the safe-play over the risky Farve’esque heave…which means plenty of ding-n-dunks before a punt or FG.

It's gonna take more than 2 hands to wrap-up Peterson!

As for the Tarvaris Jackson led Vikings, even with 8 in the box they'll be handing the ball to AP and Chester Taylor all night. While I still expect them to be successful & to rack-up the yards, the Packers have been stressing containment all week (especially w/ the backbreaking bounce-out ability of Peterson) so look for plenty of 3-7 yard gashes that keep the clock and chains moving for Minny. Sure we’ll see former Bear Bernard “Grossly Overpaid” Berrian running deep down the sideline for a few plays, but with risk-takers at both corner spots for Green Bay, Brad Childress will make sure this game is not lost by a turnover from his QB. Would love to have the balls to take Minny straight-up, but the under seems so pretty I don’t want to risk a split...ok, maybe I'll also play a carnival teaser (Vikings +8, UNDA 45)

Final Score: VIKINGS 20 PACKERS 13

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