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NCAA: 9-2 - NFL: 5-8 - Teasers: 6-4 - Hotties: 102-0

She seems ready 4 an invite to the Insideplays party island?

After a brief hiatus due to meetings with government officials on the possibility of Insideplays.com (IP) assisting some of the Nation’s financial institutions, while yours truly has more love for our country than the Mavs Josh Howard, my commitment to investing our assets on an island for the IP loyalists has taken precedent ova the US market.

Even before Ramirez's game-winning and 4th slam of the year, many Camaro-driving fans had already named their recent "No Hat Wearing"-accidents Alexei!

As for my Southsiders, who I’ve bashed & previously predicted would fail to make the playoffs, the Land of Oz has more unexpected twists & turns than a threesome dream with my favorite synchronized swimming twins Bia & Bianca! (Like u haven't seen this video before!)


While I’d love to jump on the Sox’s bandwagon (and the Brazilian twins for that matter), considering I've used more back-handed compliments than Ike used on Tina, I’d feel dirtier than sloppy 2nds on Pamela picking a winner for tonight…but I’ll still probably play the OVA!

Know why u can't see a panty line..she's wearin a Sox thong!

The Twins send the hitter-friendly Nick Blackburn (11-10, 4.14 w/ opponents batting .295), who has struggled this season against the Sox (5 starts: 5.67 ERA & .333 avg.), while Ozzie turns to John Danks (11-9, 3.47) who will be attempting to quiet the bats that have crushed him all season (4 starts: 7.91 ERA & .349). Considering both teams have faced these two plenty and will be playing in some cool weather and a HR-happy ballpark, I think investing against both young pitchers is the only legitimate option (Ova 9 runs). For all my hating on the softball slugging plodders this season, my favorite thong still sports Pablo Ozuna’s initials on the crack…even though he’s now with the Dodgers. And what do you know; the Cubbies have Manny, Torre, & Pablo opening on the playoff docket Wednesday…whatever you do Kid K, don’t give Ozuna anything to hit in the 9th!


With that, let’s hit-up a few thoughts from the Gridiron this weekend with a hottie to match…it’s the least I can do after my abysmal ATS performance! (NFL BANTER & HOT LADIES)

With that, let’s hit-up a few thoughts from the Gridiron this weekend with a hottie to match…it’s the least I can do after my abysmal ATS performance!

Brandy Grace has more size up-front than the Broncos!

1. Cutler & Co. are gonna need to score 30 a week!
Even in the Broncos Monday Night pasting of the Raiders to open the season, Oakland rushed for 150 yards on only 30 carries (5.0 avg). Considering the Broncos are extremely undersized and lacking playmakers up-front, I expect Shanahan’s D to tire as the season wears as teams realize they can just smash the football down their throat! As a result, San Diego wins the division as Denver desperately tries to hold down a Wild Card spot.

It's never good when this opening reminds u of ur defense!

2. The Colts vs Anybody goes OVA 75% from here on out
While the Horseshoes defense has stopped as much penetration as Brittney Skye in “Everybody Loves Big Boobies 2” that last few years, the difference this year is Indy’s inexperienced and banged-up O-Line has not kept their defense off the field with a dominate running game. Throw-in the absence of the only real run-stopper for Dungy in the great Bob Sanders, and I expect to see plenty of high-scoring affairs as the Colts start looking like a flag-football squad.

Ben just doesn't look as good as Holly on his knees!

3. Pitt's working way too hard to simply move the chains
While some seem to think Big Ben loves to look banged-up and then become the wounded hero, it’s tough to crucify a guy who slides around the pocket trying to make a play. With teams realizing the Steelers have trouble picking-up the blitz and no-longer have a healthy backfield to take advantage, tough to see how Roethlisberger’s still standing to be their starting QB by midseason. Luckily for them, the state of Ohio (Browns & Benglas) sucks at professional football and the Ravens just have too many new pieces (QB, Coach, & maybe RB) to make the Steelers pay for their misgivings.

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