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NCAA: 6-0 (1-0) - NFL: 4-6 (3-4) - Teasers: 4-0 (3-0)

While Barber's relentless attack on the defense remindes me of Rocky movie, Westbrook's desire and understanding on how to gain every inch is frickin' ridiculous!
BTW, I have WR DumbSean Jackson on my fantasty squad & lost by 3

After a Monday Night double winner last night...
we have an off day on the ATS Gridiron which means two things:

1. Vegas isn’t panicking about Greggy G Nation for a day
2. Time to head to the diamond to fill our investment void

Just because there's no football, don't be sad...

Greggy G's has a few Gridiron Thoughts:

What a perfect place for a egotistical god name Saban!

1. While I hate Nick Saban more than the Q-tip test from the doctor, they are absolutely destroying teams on both side of the ball thus far (Clemson, Tulane, & W. Kentucky by a score of 95-23), and face a Hogs squad with a new coaching staff that barely squeaked by W. Illinois at home (28-24) and Louisiana-Monroe on the road (28-27). Especially with the number much more resonable with the game in Arkansas (Bama -9.5) and a Sr. QB that used to be on Home Improvement (John Parker Wilson), and I’m jumping on this thing before the big-boys move it up to 12 by Saturday!

With the develoment of J.Stewart & the addition of Steve Smith, the defense will have two stars to contain!

2. With the return of Stevie Playmaker to finally opening things up for Jake Del-Spaz-homme & RB Jonathon Stewart’s smash-mouth approach paired w/ the shifty DeAngelo Williams, I’m guessing we see the Panthers act like the cocky Cougars at my local watering hole the rest of the year…confident and willing to do whatever it takes to get things done!

Favre might be cryin' again after MNF!

3. Sitting at 0-2, the Lighting Bolts will be playing with desperation/anger at home...and just like my first non-gay threesome, I cannot wait to see them spank Favre on Monday Night. And is it me, or does every Aaron Rodgers-win feel twice as nice because you can picture Favre swearing in the mirror as he shoves another Flintstone Vitamin in his Wrangler’s!

While new Brewers headmaster's not a clown, he does have a fresh approach that will sit well w. his players!

With that, time to take a look at BREWERS/CUBS tilt tonight!

I’m buying the spiked Gatorade remedy in the Brew Crew’s attempt to hold onto the Wild Card. For all the shock-n-awe over the Yost firing with only a handful of games left, Milwaukee management was almost ready for a change after they were swept by the Cubbies in late July and the sweep in Philly just confirmed a shake-up was needed. Former Brewer player and 3rd base coach Dale Sveum takes the reigns and should provide a breath of fresh air with his upbeat intensity and ability to better-relate with the players. Let’s not forget Sveum was the 3rd base coach for the 2004 World Series squad known as the “Idiots” from Boston…can hurt, can it? As for how his approach my help him for tonight’s battle in Wriglyville…(READ WHY and c more hotties)

It should be a fun night in Wrigley as the condo girls have been stuck inside of late & should be feelin' frisky!

With virtually everybody struggling at the plate with the exception of the Prince, the off-day was huge for a desperate squad looking to regroup, and I honestly believe the coaching change will provide an immediate jolt to the current dejected clubhouse vibe. While Dempster’s been ridiculous all season, especially against Bernie Brewer’s favorite team (3-0, 2.37), the outs have been much harder to come by of late (1.5 base runners per inning his last 4 starts) as the innings continue to mound. In addition, I expect Dempster to be pressing a little after Big Z & Lilly’s hitless innings, resulting in some early base-runners the Brewers will finally capitalize on.

Just like her top, CC looks very nice in a lil yellow!

As for the best way to open your managerial career, CC Sabathia (9-0, 1.59 in Milw) toeing the rubber on 6 days of rest sounds like a favorable 1st day to me. And unlike Dempster, the 6-7 290 lb southpaw has a delivery & length much more weather-proofed for the strange winds in Wrigleyville. Especially since the Cubs are the only team to beat the former Tribesman since his arrival, look for CC to be fired-up and have a little more gas behind his fastball anoche…

Final Score: Brewers 4 Cubs 2

BTW, is that one of my first pillow humpin' dreams Winnie Cooper...I thought so

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