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NFL ATS: 1-1 Parlays: 0-1
Welcome to Sunday Funday with Teasin’ T-Bone fellas. Sunday Funday you say, what makes it so damn fun T-Bone? You wanna know why?
1. It’s friggin’ Sunday, the day of rest, you ain’t workin’, so smile!
2. Football, football, football.
3. U get to hang out w/ T-Bone & Greggy G
*GG (9-2 ATS) luvs Cincy 2day...here's a few more of his picks
4. It rhymes, deal with it….

She's smilin' cuz she rolled w/ T-Bone & Double G!!

Takin’ a quick LSD flashback to yesterday, you’ll see that I came out ahead on the day rollin’ 1-1 ATS and finally livin’ up to my name and hittin’ a 3 team teaser. But I look like a 12 year old at a porno shoot compared to what Greggy G has been doing. Let me just say….Congrats Mr. MFin Gamble! Double G continued his dominance on the college gridiron moving his unblemished record to 8-0 ATS yesterday. He told me tell you fools he luvs Ciny (pick) cause The Vince drama has f*cked w/ their heads...we ain't talkin' Entourage!

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Looks like my fair lady Jessica is up for another day together w/ T-Bone!!

On to Week 2 of the NFL. I’ve gotta tell you that there are a couple teams, the Colts and the Chargers, that have their backs against the proverbial wall today. What would it mean to the AFC if 2 of their top 3 teams started out 0-2, and the other has to go the rest of the year with a starting QB(Cassell) that didn’t even start a single college football game. I call that a backdoor invitation for the NFC to prove what they have, not unlike your lady being drunk enough to say ‘okay, I’ll try it one time’, you know you have to take advantage while the opportunity is there.

And I have to tell you that I don’t feel like either the Colts or the Chargers are gonna walk away with a win today. Indy plays at Minnesota, and the only thing that keeps ‘em in this game is if Bob Sanders carries the defense on his shoulders and figures out a way to slow down Adrian Peterson. I do like something in this game, check it out HERE. As for the Chargers, LT will get his yards, but Denver at home after scoring 41 last week is about as scary as your momma dancin’ in the living room(U think I haven’t seen it, this video is Mmmm, Mmmm, GOOD).

We are just full of items that cover today....

Now that is a line that can plug some holes.

Indianapolis/Minnesota under 43
I would’ve been licking my chops on the over all season long last year if 43 and the Colts were in the same sentence, this year, at least early on, is exactly the opposite. With the front 5 for the Colts more banged up than a good girl who just got the train, and the Vikes stingy defense, Indy will be lucky to get more than 13 on the board. And you know damn well that the Horseshoes defense fully understands that they need to be the ones to win the game. Expect Bob Sanders to be head hunting on AP all day long, however the Vikes will win out by controlling the clock and pulling away at the end. Either way, I don’t see them putting up more than something in the low 20’s.

Giselle still luvs 'em, why can't we?

NE Patriots Pick ‘em @ NY Jets
I have been waiting for the Favre bubble to burst and I really think this is the game. Everyone forgets that the 2 years prior to last year, Favre wasn’t really all that special in the stats category, and he is still only in week 2 of a new offense with new personnel. There were some throws last week that were simply lucky completions(and a touchdown), against a rebuilding across the board Dolphins roster. We all know Brady is hurt, Cassell is risky, but don’t be confused about the Pats ability to still play defense. You don’t get dynasty type of dominance without having a defense that shows up every Sunday. Expect the Pats to put the heat on early and often, which will force Favre to make a few throws he doesn’t want to. Pats win 20-10.

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