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Saturday brings us some battles in the trenches, I'm talkin' football homeys!!
Single ATS: 10-6 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 1-3

Week 4 of college pigskin is upon us and it is becoming obvious that across the nation the competition is starting to tighten up(check out what I mean by tight HERE, try squeezing thru those things), and I see a direct correlation in all the lines I have been staring at all week. But lucky for us, there are still some teams out there that are leading people to believe they may actually be decent when they get into conference play. And without giving away the farm, I will tell you that this is going to lead to my $$$ pick of the year thus far.

FSU ain't on my list 2day, but these hotties are!

Before I get there, have you checked out my homey Double G’s picks yet. The guy has been robot-like in his dominance of the gridiron this year, and I can tell you that if I only listened to him from the beginning, I’d be sippin’ on Alize instead of Mad Dog. U can check out his SEC play of the week amongst some other gems right HERE.
Have I mentioned my fetish for FSU women? Legs how I like 'em...feet on one end, p*ssy on the other.

And now it is time to focus on what Teasin’ T-Bone is gonna feed you today. So sit back, refill that drinky drink, and soak in some pigskin luv….

The Rockets will be grabbing at air all night long!! Kinda like me in a Cougar bar...

Fresno State -7 @ Toledo

Let me start with some preseason predictions for both of these teams. The Dogs of Fresno were #28 and the Rockets of Toledo were #108. The Dogs were picked to win the WAC, the Arogonauts picked to finish last in the MAC West with 1 conference win. The Dogs were picked to fight for a BCS bowl bid, the Bottle Rockets picked to not have football distractions when finals roll around in the beginning of December.

Coach Hill is gonna open it up, and I think he is just the man to cover the spread!!!

With all of that being said, Fresno has already went into the Eastern Time Zone and rolled up Rutgers, then fought tough at home against Wisconsin in a defensive battle. They may have lost a BCS bid, but everything else is still in tact. The Rockets on the other hand got their back door handed to them by Arizona and got a win last weekend against EMU, who happens to be ranked #111 in the country.

There is no lookin' back for the Dogs!!

So let me tell you something, Toledo has only averaged 295 yds a game so far, I’m thinkin’ they don’t get close to 200 tonight unless Fresno calls off the Dogs in the 4th cuz they already have a 4 tuddy lead. The heat will come early and often so that Aron Opelt won’t be able to set his feet and find the only good player for the Rockets, WR Stephen Williams. On the other side of the ball, Brandstater will pick apart the Toledo defense and open up the middle for both Ryan Matthews and Lonyae Miller.

The result is black & white, and the outlook is great.

Coach Hill won’t let this one stay close as he has something to prove to the rest of the nation after the narrow defeat last week. Fresno rolls up the MAC cellar dweller, 38-14.

The Pirates R gonna go buck wild!!

East Carolina -7 @ NC State

Every since coach Raspy Voice bolted for Florida State last year, the Wolfpack have been trying to find themselves, and it is tough to find yourself when you are too busy trying to slow down Skip Holtz and his Purple Nurple Pirates. I’ve got 2 things to say about this game…NC State can’t move the ball, and they move it even less on the ground if that is at all possible, we all know it is next to impossible to control a game against a better team when you can’t eat the clock. And #2, the Pirates got their scare last week @ Tulane, you know they are hungry to be this years BCS spoiler, so that means they need to keep throwin’ points on the board. ECU leaves nothing to the imagination today, 28-10.

Everything is better when packaged together.....


Ohio @ Northwestern teased to -6 – The Cats O Bob have not faced a spread like this yet, and they simply don’t have the talent to think about slowin’ it down.

Temple @ Penn St. teased to -23 – JoPa finally has his dominant team back, U think after the last 5 years of ridicule that he is gonna let up on anyone this year?

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