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Single ATS: 9-5 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 0-3

While Teasin’(short 4 teasers dumb ass) hasn’t been my gig so far early in the season, I don’t think ‘Single ATS T-Bone’ really rolls of the tongue, so I’m stickin’ with my name like Jenna Jameson sticks with her profession.(Check Jenna out HERE)

The state of Florida pulls out college hotties like Peter North pulls out inches....

As we roll into the 3rd weekend of college hotness, which also means one week closer to no more bikinis, a song has been ringin’ in my head all week and it goes a little something’ like this…..’I got five on it’. I know the song relates to placing a stake on some cheeba, but I’m double dippin’ for all you sports fanatics out there, cuz you know me homeys…I got five on it!!

Oh to be Yuckmouth from the Luniz, looks like he dumped more than 5 on it!

While I’ve been bringin’ in some coin, my left nut Greggy G has been all over the CFB in the first two weeks, to see his Saturday luv CLICK HERE. And to see his Teaser Luv CLICK HERE. And now that Greggy G has filled your head with sugar plums, let me give you a little more candy to take care of your Saturday sweet tooth.

Walk with me today, I promise the bounty is fruitful!!

VT is always a little more relaxed in Blacksburg.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech -7

VT hasn’t necessarily been the picture of greatness early, and a lot of it has to do with Sean Glennon, but you can be guaranteed that Frank Beemer has done nothing but focus on how he is going to get his veteran QB rollin’ today. So expect them to establish the pace of the game with their 3 headed rushing attack, then quite a few easy passes to gain his confidence. What is more important in this one is that VT is gonna be the team to take the ACC Coastal Division while GT is gonna be in the cellar of the same division. Everyone is getting their panties in a bunch cuz GT is sitting at 2-0 rollin’ into Blacksburg, trust me, they won’t hold a candle to the Hokies today. VT rolls 24-13.

And can I get a GOD DAMN! There isn't an extra inch of skin on her whole friggin' body, no wonder Stoops chose OU over the Hawkeyes.

Oklahoma -21 @ Washington

Both Greggy G and I are all over Stoops and the Sooners today.(Click here to read Greggy’s knowledge) Bobby’s boys are ready to make a statement since they are sittin’ on the outside looking in on the BCS title game, and you can bet that when they get the opportunity to beat up on a team from another major conference, they are gonna take it like a pot brownie and swallow it whole. The Sooners defensive front will control this game from start to finish and force Ty to become a passing team by the end of the 1st quarter, and that doesn’t spell good things for the Huskies, since Locker is completing under 50% of his passes and has only found the endzone once in 60 attempts. Sooners make the Huskies look like a D3 squad, 42-6.

I told u my Hawk girl would make another showing, their ground game will be as solid as her teen sweater kittens!


Iowa St @ Iowa teased to -8 – The Hawks rushing attack is as tight as a 15 year old, the Clones rush D is not, giving up 212/gm against South Dakota and Kent St.
UCLA @ BYU teased to -2 – First road game for Neuhusel and his jittery 3rd string QB, all the while BYU is under-rated.
Hawaii @ Oregon State teased to -7 -- OSU will still be near the top of the Pac 10, the Rainbows and their new coaching staff, not so much.

She can cover, but not quite as well as Teasin' T-Bone. Good luck today friends.

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