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Would you like me to turn up the volume Coach Zook???

T-Bone's College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 10-8 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 2-3

Teasin’ T-Bone here, ready to crank up the heat on week 5 in the little big guys league, and after the stunner that everyone witnessed on Thursday night(I’m not talkin’ bout the Trojan song girls fellas), my guess is that most degenerates are starting out today with the triple L disease(Little Less Lettuce). But hey, it ain’t nuttin’ a perfect Saturday can’t make up for.

Step aside Cool James, cuz the Ladies Luv Greggy G.....

Even though my homey Greggy G only got half of the Thursday night action right(remember those friggin’ Trojans), it doesn’t even put a dent in his perfect 9-0 ATS record this year. And Double G has 3 more coming for ya, check out his locks that he honed in on early in the week RIGHT HERE.

Is that a Hook 'em Horns, or just some amazing tongue?

Oh yeah, and did you know that there is a TEXAS SCHOOL(click on it fool, u know u want to) that is getting our luv too. As for me, I’ve got some east side magic that’ll make your head spin.

When I say EAST, U say SIDE, EAST..........EAST.......

Maryland @ Clemson -11

After starting the season with a loss to Bama, who happens to be knockin’ the dust off it.....

The off field duo ain't quite as good as Spiller & Davis in my mind.

....the Tigers have rolled up their opponents by a total of 126-26, with their offense pounding out about 500 yds/game and their D tight like that 17 year old you were staring down at the mall the other day. And with the double headed Davis/Spiller monster averaging 6 yds a carry, I don’t see how the Terps can get Tigers in a 3rd and long more than a couple times, especially since they have given up 400 yds/game against the mighty powerhouses of Delaware, Middle Tennessee, and Eastern Michigan.

Maryland is about ready to receive something in a place that they won't be able to recover from......

When Maryland has the ball, they have managed to score a few points….against the same gems listed above, but they have not been consistent in moving the ball the length of the field. I haven’t verified this yet, but the Terps have got to be the only 3-1 club in the nation that gains less yards than it gives up(have I mentioned who they’ve played?). With Clemson at home with their efficient offense, and a defense that won’t quit, I don’t see how this one stays close, Tigers roll 33-10.

Now that is raw talent, do they play for the Canes?

North Carolina @ Miami -8

With Yates out for the Heels, I’ve got to believe this is going to be an ugly outing for Butch Davis and his squad. When Yates went down last week, Davis turned to Paulus, a redshirt freshman, over his most experienced backup, Sexton. And then he leaves the QB battle open all week, just think how many times you have seen a team get thumped when they don’t know until game day who their QB is, will they have their RB, etc.

Tough to get thru a D line as tight as this!

So what does a coach do to get an inexperience QB settled in? They run the ball, right? Well that is tough to do when the Baby Blues only avg 141 yds and the Canes only give up 51 yds on the ground at home. I’m looking in my crystal ball and seeing a helluva lot of punts from the visitors, and although Miami ain’t back yet, they are putting up 32 a game with young, raw, explosive talent. This one just may get them back on the map. Canes win 27-10.

Now for Teasin’ T-Bone’s Teaser of the Day!!

Oh T-Bone, don’t tease me and just give me all u got!!

Navy @ Wake Forest tease to -10
The Demon Deacons are +10 in turnovers in 3 games and hold opponents to 100 yds rushing. Tough for Navy to stay close with 100 yds on the ground and 87(their avg) in the air….

Illinois @ Penn State tease to -10
JoPa’s little gents have grown up in the off season. All the Lions nay-sayers have been whining about the lack of schedule in Happy Valley. My gamblers math shows me they beat Oregon State by 31, then OSU beat USC by 5, so PSU should be #1 by a long shot. All that aside, the Orange Crush gave up 20 pts/gm to no namers and 52 to Mizzou, looks like JoPa gets at least 40 today, and their D is too tough to let Illinois have more than 25.
I'm off to Kentucky 4 the day fellas, good luck....

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