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Someone should be arrested for the debacle yesterday!

NFL Pigskin Record:
ATS: 5-1 Parlays: 0-1 Teasers: 1-0

Teasin’ T-Bone comin’ at you hot and heavy on Sunday Funday, and for those that dialed up InsidePlays yesterday, you witnessed first hand the absolute worst outing of the season for both Greggy G and myself. It just so happened that our worst day lined up with a weekend that saw 9 ranked teams lose(3 in the top 5), and Toledo who almost took Fresno out last week got mopped up by Florida International at home, and FIU has been fighting for braggin’ rights to be the worst team in the nation.

The bad comes in bunches, but so does the good!!

The silver lining in the whole deal….I fell asleep last night like every other night, woke up this morning w/ my traditional Sunday headache, and looked at my pre-circled NFL action that gives me confidence that all the heartache will be gone by 8pm tonight.

Hang onto your hat, cuz Double G is comin' proper like!

Greggy G has something to say about today as well, if you want to see what he has to say about Carolina, CLICK HERE!!

Can anyone say 'Albino Bengal'?

I have 3 picks for you today, so lets get to it.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati -3.5

Both of these squads are sitting at 0-3, however….

Carson is finally comfortable, and it looks good...

The Browns have shown no signs of any offensive prowess, while the Bengals finally put it together last week against the Giants and gave mini-Peyton a run for his money. I really believe that they will walk all over the Browns cuz the passing game is what makes the Bengals click, and it happens to be the same part of the game that the Browns suck the worst at. All I can say is that if you have Carson, TJ, or Ocho on your fantasy teams, you better start them today.

With all of that being said, I also have an itch to take the under at 45 in this one as well. The defenses are both mediocre and better than the offenses, so I’m thinkin’ that Palmer puts up 3 tuddies and Brady actually gets some PT but the Browns struggle for 10 pts again. Looks like that adds up to 31 to me.

The Bears can only hide their defensive woes for so long...have fund today Chunky Soup Man!

Philadelphia -3 @ Chicago

I circled this one early in the week and kept re-circling it each time I looked at it. I will be the first to admit that the Bears may actually be decent this year, and Orton has done a solid job as a starter, but today is more about the matchup….Donovan has been surgeon-like through the air to the tune of averaging almost 300 yds a game, the Bears have been haven’t been quite as impressive cuz they only give up 250 a game.

And if you are saying ‘Yeah T-Bone, but with Westbrook iffy, it will make the Eagles one dimensional and that spells good news for the Bears’. I ask you to look back in your memory banks just one week, when the Bucs rolled into Soldier Field, picked up on 47 yds on the ground, but dialed up over 400 yds thru the air and walked away with a 3 point victory. I believe that Philly has stared at that tape all week and will do much of the same today.

Just put your hands down and quit teasin' me baby!!


Buffalo @ St. Louis over teased down to 37
The Rams have not held a team under 37 all year, the Bills are damn good, looks like a 40-14 game to me.
Washington @ Dallas over teased down to 40.5
The Skins have given up 20/game to lesser offenses, Dallas puts up 30 today and Washington is good enough to stay close in this track meet. 40.5 gets covered late in the 3rd.
When the horse needs fed, u feed it homeys!!

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