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Teasin' T's & Greggy G's NFL/MLB ATS

Since the Hokies never had a decent QB to get Eddie Royal the pill, the Broncos ended up w/ the steal of the Draft!

Did u c the precision in the lil magician's routes? Royal & Cutler looked more in-sync than Greggy's fav Synchronized Hotties-click me! Anywho, my Homeboy Teasin' T-Bone called me yesterday claiming to have ATS diamond knowledge that would even impressive baseball groupie ALYSSA MILANO (click me), which means Greggy G is on Holiday and hitting the race track...See you manana Homeboys!

She brings a whole new meaning to the word 'Fantasy', but we all know what Mr. Gamble & T-Bone are talkin' about!

So now that 98% of all Fantasy players are wishing they made different picks, we finally have a sense for who is going to show up and play some ball this year. My homey Greggy G mentioned the sleeper of the year yesterday (click here to see), and I have to say that I'm riding this one like KOBE TAI RIDES...well you know.

Greggy G thought #2...Justin Fargas runs frickin' hard!

I know the Raiders are bad, but Monday Night was not the stage for JaMarcus Russell & Al Davis's band of youngsters (tell me Al doesn't look like Darth Vader's boss in Star Wars?) That being said, with Fargas, McFaddon, & Michael Bush looking like the most exciting trio in the backfield, as their ATS number rises look for Oakland to cover plenty of games during the 2nd half of the season. Especially catching teams napping and in no mood to play smashmouth w/ a bottom feeder, as well as J.Russell's development (trust me, like u trust ur bookie), I might start circling OAK in the paper by November!

Just like life as a hot rocker, I'm guessing the Cowboys are gonna have a tough road trying to get past the bird teams...the Seahawks and Eagles in case you needed help (ok, maybe not SEA, we just luv Seneca here at Insideplays)

I know, I know, the Eagles are a bold statement after only one game, but not only was a healthy McNabb overly impressive by throwing for 360 yds, I thought the real story was the Eagles defense. If your spouse has your jewels in a jar on the mantle, you probably missed out on them completely shutting down the Rams to the tune of 8 first downs, 0-11 on 3rd down, and 10 punts. Stewart Bradley locked up 9 tackles and was key in holding Stephen Jackson to a dismal 40 yds on the ground. So while the Chunky Soup king will lead the way, don't get up for a beer just cause he is on the sideline.

It's been a rough few days, & all my shirts r dirty, but I still have some MLB luv 2 keep ur degenerative juices flowin!

And now that we finally have a breather after 5 straight days of the pigskin and 90210 reruns, don't forget the nation's past time is starting to get interesting w/ just under a month to go!

LA Dodgers +102(-1.5 runs) @ San Diego Padres

The Pads finally ended LA's...WANT MORE LUV? CLICK HERE

Dodger blue can come in so many different ways...

The Pads finally ended LA's winning streak and have actually won two in a row, which has got to be damn near a season high for them. But what interests me more today is how the home team has flown pitcher after pitcher from Portland to San Diego just to see who might be sticking around for next year. So tonight they throw Wade LeBlanc on the mound against the 1st place Dodgers that are on an absolute roll right now. LeBlanc is actually getting his 2nd start in the bigs tonight, and his first went about as good as when the doctor puts on the rubber glove....4 innings, 5 earned runs, 8 hits, 2 dingers and a 3:1 walk to KO ratio. Well son, thanks for coming to San Diego, looks like AAA is going to be a place to call home again in the near future.

I like the guy on the Dodgers mound, but hers ain't so bad either!!

On the mound for LA's finest is Hiroki Kuroda who has quietly posted a decent season. At face value, his record and ERA aren't the best at 8-10 and 3.96 respectively, but I like him cause of what he brings to the table each game. The guy has only given up 13 long balls in 161 innings and has a 1:3 BB/KO ratio. So he keeps the game under control and gives up a few hits, but that is all the Dodgers need against a team like the Pads....a pitcher who won't self destruct. I luv this one like a fat kid luvs candy.
Dodgers get back on the winning track, 7-3.

Greggy G thought #3 - What is it about Guitar babes that make them so sexy?

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