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Chicago Misery & Gridiron ATS Picks

NCAA: 9-2 - NFL: 5-8 - Teasers: 6-4 - Hotties: 221-0

After waxing a cocky USC squad, the Beavers easily covered again last night for yours truly...too bad I couldn't enjoy it!

While I should have been celebrating after winning the 1st part of my NCAA teaser as the Moose Knuckles rolled last night (Beavers +17.5), the Windy City sports vibe has me more depressed than when I realized my Debbie Does Dallas CD had a fatal scratch. And even before we even arrived at playoff baseball yesterday, the Bears announced the once great Tommie Harris was suspended for missing a rehab stint to deal with one of the common traits among Chicago Bears...little tikes out of wedlock. Even more disturbing was Lance Briggs comment to the media that Tommie knows what to do, and if he doesn't...he can just ask me (or my fellow white LBer).

I know seeing this could be tempting Tommie, but that doesn't mean you don't wear a hat or pull the goalie!

How quickly the Bears DT has fallen. The jovial manchild was considered by many as the most dominate interior lineman by the start of his 2nd season, but after numerous injuries and taking lesson from Brian Urlacher on how to alienate a fandom trying to luv you, he leads my list of Chicago athletes needing a new address.

Since Oz has the look way too often w/ Javy on the mound...

I agree with her, we should've had a REAL starting pitcher to open this playoff series!

Starting on the Southside, while I wasn't suprised Javier Jazquez was treated like a mail-order bride yesterday (since Javy was the 1st pitcher in 25 years to open a playoff series with 16 losses and had pitched like shiznit recently), the fact the Sox continue to discuss how a 32 year-old needs to mature on the mound and stop losing concentration is like being suprised Heather Locklear has mental issues after spending her entire hot-azz life dating degenerate rockers. Adios Javier...don't let the Camaro door hit you in the azz on the way out!

I started to sour on Double Play Derek after this effort!

As for the Cubbies, this is tough to stomach cause I've always liked the guy, but no matter how solid Derek Lee's numbers look, he's about as clutch as my azz the first time lil Greggy G got lucky...I barely had my Zubaz down before I lost my swimmers! Please end the madness & depression I feel when D-Lee grounds into another DP (btw, DP is somwhat overrated unless both objects are mine) or swings at low outside slider...trade him for a Lee that actually has some confidence!

With that, I give you my alternative list of favorite Lee's!

The always lucky and confident Hyori Lee, or...

Jennifer Nicole Lee and her confident smile, or

My fav & proven winna Miss Korea Honey Lee!

And speaking of trading a Cubbie for someone else...
Kosuke fans now have his handband around their necks!

Maybe there's a chance we can trade him for...
...another Fukudome...that is Fukudome Yuko!

Alrighty, enough depressing sports banter! Time 2 jump back 2 the ATS Wonderland of Greggy G...and hotties of course!

There's only one that looks smoother than the tall & lanky Buckeye QB...2 see why else I like Ohio St CLICK HERE

And while you may have missed the 1st half of my NCAA teaser...like our friend, look back at who I teased them w/ on Saturday and pair them w/ your fav...Texas Tech -1.5!

As for my NFL PLAY of the weekend...
While it's tough to play in the high altitude, Chucky has experience from his days w/ Al "Darth Vader's boss" Davis

As I've mentioned at nausea, I'm not buying the Broncos as a powerhouse because they have the worst, and smallest, run defense in the NFL. And while Gruden has fallen in luv w/ chucking the pill early in the year, watch as Earnest Graham & Warrick Dunn combine for ova 200 yards and keep Cutler & Co. off the field. Throw-in a little hype with Griese returning to a city where he was critizied for stubbling around drunk at parties, and I like the balanced attack for the Bucs.

The Tampa Bay D is far from green!

While Cutler is a stud and has tons of weapons on the outside, Tampa leads the league in INTs & is in the Top Ten in sacks. Especially with the Broncos run game not looking as strong as in year's past, I'll take Chucky and the points...and then we goin Sizzler!

Final Score: BUCS 30 BRONCOS 27

Have a great weekend Homeboys and make sure to check out Teasin' T-Bone's ATS Luv Saturday & Sunday!
BTW, when in doubt, look for a limo party!

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