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Greggy G's Weekend ATS Pigskin Picks

NFL: 8-10 - NCAA: 12-6 - Teasers: 9-6 - Hotties: 752-0
Just want my College ATS Pick - Just want my NFL ATS Pick

Even though the skinny Tuberville always walks tall, will he look this good when he's asked to leave stage right!

One Tommy (Bowden) gone and another Tommy (Tubberville) soon to be out the door. You remember what happened last time Greggy G lost on Thursday Night...yeah, that’s right, I pulled some strings and the next thing you know ESPN was reporting Clemson's looking for a new headmaster. My favorite last night, besides the leftover Pinot I dumped in my Diet Coke, was when the booth glorified Tubberville as a “River Boat Gambling”-guru after his kicker grabbed the on-side kick in the 1st half. Seriously guys? You know who usually calls plays like that…teams that can’t frickin’ move the ball on offense!

Did somebody put some happy shrooms in his medamucil, but he's gone from salty to silly & sassy overnight!?

Speaking of the booth, I don’t care if you can’t understand what he says or get distracted cause you can’t stop thinking about how much grandpa-spit is on Mark May’s stat sheets, Holtz is frickin’ hilarious! And I hated the salty coach & absolutely loved watching him lose back in the day. But now, he always seems like he just sipped an Old Fashioned and is giggling cause someone put Viagra & a whoopie cushion in his X-Mas stocking. About 15% of the time he gives some witty coaching BS, but not to worry, the other 85% he acts like a happy grandpa and spends the night mocking his ole coaching habits & trying to make May laugh…now that’s what I call a priceless ol geezer!

Alrighty, enough Coffee talk, time to hit-up the daily line specials for the weekend. Considering I already gave you Saturday’s ATS play, I just owe you my Sunday selection, as well as my personal fav…


There's something that always feels right about starting off the weekend w/ a Friday night college teaser!
*BTW, I'm off to Ames this weekend to watch two of the most disappointing teams in the Big 12...ISU & A&M. Someone please find my frickin' flask!


The Broncos have undoubtedly become the most consistent BCS threat from the 2nd tier of conferences & have proven they can play with anybody in the country. While they entered this season with solid expectations, because of the inexperience of Fr. QB Kellen Moore, many felt Boise would need some time to get things rolling. Instead, Moore looks like the best newcomer in the nation under-center (1600 yards, 72%, 13 TD, 3 INT). Playing w/ an O-Line most Big 10 teams would kill for, a lethal rushing attack w/ seventh-year RB Ian Johnson (ova 3700 career rushing yards & 50 TD) & scatback Jeremy Avery, and an exciting veteran receiving core, the Broncos have the balance to withstand any defensive style, let alone march on the Spartans

I swear he's been at college longer than Tommy Boy!

While the offensive, the freshman phenom QB, and the blue field receive most the love, the Boise St. defense may be the biggest reason teams in the Big 12 & SEC might be nervous come January. Check out this crazy stat…only one team has scored more than once all year on the Broncos. And that one team, mighty Oregon, was down 37-13 in the 4th before the Ducks exploded for some garbage points.

While San Jose St. stands atop the WAC, unlike our friend here, I can't say they've actually earned it yet!

As for the surprisingly decent Spartans, while they sit atop the WAC, they’ve basically played the cellar-dwellers thus far, and the two times they actually played a top-40 team (Nebraska & Stanford) they lost by a combined score of 58-22. While QB Adam Tafralis’s graduation had San Joseans fearing their raise to mediocrity had stalled, Jr.-transfer Kyle Reed (69%, 7 TD, 6 INT) has performed admirably and has a great sidekick in the diminutive but fierce Yonas Davis (457 yards, 5.0 avg, 2 TD). While they also have some players on the outside, overall the Broncos D is too strong and will control the trenches as the secondary mixes-up their schemes to keep Reed confused.

With Boise St. only needing a win for the tease, my azz will be relaxed on my throne like Kate tonight!

As for the San Jose St. defense, honestly, I have no idea because their 5-wins have come at the hands of some really crappy football teams (Utah St., San Diego St., June’less Hawaii, New Mexico St., and Cal-Davis!). Trust me like you trust your bookie, Broncos take an early lead and keep this between 7-14 most of the night.

Final Score: BRONCOS 31 SPARTANS 20

With an extra week rest those ribs, the most exciting back in the NFL is back in action!

The Bye Week enabled do-everything Brian Westbrook (ribs) & a bevy of Donovan’s receiving targets to get healthy. Especially w/ McNabb making comments a couple weeks back about his unacceptable play, I’m guessing an extra week of practice did well for the motivated QB. On the defense side, Jim Johnson will be creative in his schemes/blitzes to keep the rookie QB Matt Ryan off-balance, while the run D just needs to continue ranking in the Top-10 in yards allowed (3.5 avg).

While QB Matt Ryan will stand-tall early, look for him to be running for his life by the 3rd!

As for the Burner Turner & Roddy White coming-out party, the Falcons haven’t looked as sharp outside of their dome (besides at GB) and might not enjoy the weather/crowd in Philly. Basically, I get a star-QB off a Bye Week at home against a rookie QB & coach nervously fidgeting through the Bye Week as the great Jim Johnson awaits…and all you want is a FG…ok by me!

Final Score: FALCONS 17 EAGLES 30

Instead of lookin at this pic, her Mom wants u 2 read this:

I bet the Browns enjoy the weather more, while the Jaguars enjoy rolling the disfunctional cats from Cleveland!

I know this seems like a lot of points against a Browns team that has consistently proven breakout offensive games are always around the corner, but I just think things are really f*cked-up in the land of the Dawg Pound. From the organizational bashing by the prima-donna TE, to the looks of bewilderment from Romeo, to the Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn saga, the Browns desperately could have used the Bye Week the Jaguars just had. While the scoreboard made things look closer in D.C. last Sunday (L 11-14), Cleveland only mustered 236 yards of offense and allowed Clinton Portis to rush for 175.

Just like Joanna, just cause Jones-Drew is tiny it doesn't mean he's not filthy frickin sweet!

On the Jacksonville front, after an 0-2 start mostly because of a decimated O-Line, the Jaguars have rallied winning 3 of 4 and finally have some of the veterans back up front. Throw-in the Bye Week vacation, and I expect to see the best Jaguars squad of ’08. Sitting at 3-3, you know Del Rio will have them focused and jacked-up for the home-crowd. Considering the Browns have been awful stopping the run this season (26th) and will be catching a squad coming-off a dominating performance and three rested & bruising backs (Taylor, Jones-Drew, & Greg Jones)…I’ll go with Jones-Drew ova 150 yards!

The confident look of Alessandra reminds me of Garrard!

And finally, instead of telling you how plenty of the Browns will enjoy their trip to Florida more than preparing for the game, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…shhh…QB David Garrard is much better than you think and is still getting better. While Jones-Drew should be in most of the highlights on Sunday, watch how efficient Garrard is when Cleveland stacks-the-box and only throws the ball where is gigantic WRs & TDs can catch it.

Final Score: BROWNS 13 JAGUARS 27

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