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College Pigskin Record:
NCAA: 12-14 NFL: 6-5 Parlays: 1-3 Teasers: 8-6

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Late October brings out the best in everyone...football equals no helmet and bitch kicks, are you serious?

Good morning my fellow degenerates! There are plenty of season changing games on the slate today….like Texas Tech/Kansas to kick off the day, Penn State/Ohio State to finish things off, and Georgia/LSU sandwiched in the middle like the cream of an Oreo.

Speaking of being sandwiched between something, anyone got a snorkle and some lube for my ears cuz I'm goin' in!! God luv tha Gators!

If I could provide a performance like that behind closed doors I’d be makin’ some coin in a different industry my friends. The game to watch for me is going to be in Columbus, but unlike your sister, I’m staying away from this one like the plague.

Gotta luv a woman ready for Saturdays!!

My homeboy Greggy G has already been rollin’ deep all week. He started off with a Temple cover, then suffered a Tubberville letdown, only to bring it back last night with a teaser cover by the married Ian Johnson and his blue turf Broncos. To check out Double G’s pigskin play of the day, CLICK HERE!

What can Brown do you for, question answered.

I’ve got two ATS winna’s for ya today, and even a lil’ teaser that’ll bring in the lettuce. All I can say is ride me today fellas, cuz I have one of those feelings that only comes around a couple times a year….everything turns to gold today!!

Much like the Wolverines, there is something there, they just aren't interested in showing it very much!!

Michigan State -4.5 @ Michigan

Jump on this one early in the day if you can, it is only going to go up. This line was at -3 on Thursday and I missed my golden opportunity, but I have had this one circled all week, so my confidence isn’t waivering over a couple points. Most folks are looking at Sparty and only remembering the debaucle that took place in Lansing last weekend, but I look at the OSU game a little differently…..OSU showed up like they haven’t all year long, and mentally the game was out of reach after the first 10 minutes.

She should be getting a one way ticket to Ann Arbor, cuz she'll be needed for many weeks to come!

I luv Sparty today for 3 reasons. Javon Ringer is the first, to have a guy like this to eat up 30-40 plays a game and control the clock and the crowd on the road is irreplaceable. Secondly, Sparty has more than Ringer, they actually put up around 200 yds in the air, and we all know Michigan’s D-backs aren’t the strong point of their D. Third, I luv Sparty because Michigan is not capable of putting together a full game. They scored 27 against Wisconsin in 25 minutes after being down 19-0 at half, they put up 17 in the first 20 minutes against Penn State, only to get shutout the rest of the game. They simply don’t have the offense down and don’t have the correct talent yet, it will come, but not today. Ringer wears them out, Sparty wins 31-17.

Two for one, nuff said homeys!


Alabama teased to -1 @ Tennessee
Let’s be serious for a second, if you are looking for another straight up game, this should be it, but in the land of teaserville, this is a money lock. Saban is well known for not having mercy on anyone, and it is clear that Rocky Top is near rock bottom. This one is primed for a blowout with Bama knowing that Penn State is right behind them in the BCS and playing a much better opponent in Ohio State.

Virginia teased up to +19 @ Georgia Tech
The Cavaliers have been Kobe Tai good in their last 3 outings and I think this one comes down to their confidence level. GT is good again this year, but Al Grohl has his team thinking that no one can compete with them, I don’t know if they walk out with a win, but they definitely don’t lose by 19.
One for the road, cuz I luv my homeys!!

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