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Looks like a party is about to break out my friends!!

College Pigskin Record:
Single ATS: 11-12 Parlays: 1-2 Teasers: 3-4

Thanks for tuning in to Insideplays.com today, make sure that you grab that cocoa and schnapps before you sit down fellas, cuz there ain’t nuttin’ better than starting a Saturday off with coeds, cocoa, and the dynamic duo of T-Bone & Double G!!

I can provide the coeds, and naughty ones at that, it is up to you to provide the cocoa! Mmmm, spankalicious.

Before we get into why today is gonna be a great day for Teasin’ T-Bone, you have got to check out where my homey Greggy G is spreadin’ his luv today. And much like a short skirt wearing, spagetti strap totin' sexy coed in the corner of the bar, he even provides you a lil tease as well. TOUCH GREGGY RIGHT HERE!

To tease or not to tease, that is the question....

If you didn’t already notice, I’d like you to scroll back up to the top and check out my ATS record….yep, you got it, not quite .500. I point this out cuz I’ve only grabbed one mark in the win column out of my last 7 picks, and I’m a man that believes in trends, with my biggest belief being that trends change. So today is going to be the today that my trend changes, partially cuz the sun shines on a dogs ass some day, but primarily cuz I have done a deep dive into some of the not-so-prominent conferences and found some interesting matchups.

Living proof that good things are bound to happen when you open up doors that you normally wouldn't touch!!

So here we go, and if you need a refill already, just consider yourself a friend of mine….

It's all tuddies for the Golden Hurricane today...

Tulsa -24.5 @ SMU
The Golden Hurricane have placed themselves prominently on a map that many teams can only dream to be a part of. With the arm of David Johnson, who has thrown for 23 tuddies in just 5 games(which happens to be 1 tuddy for every 4 completions), or the rushing attack that has 4 backs over 100 yds and 7 backs that are averaging at least 5.6 yds/carry(leave it to Tarrion Adams, the leading back at 400 yds who is the only one below 6.7 yds/carry), this Tulsa team has put themselves atop everyone else, and can call themselves the best offense on the planet averaging over 56 pts a game and almost 600 yds.
Somebody better call in a nurse quick....
cuz the Mustangs D is gonna be turned upside down staring at the sky before they know what hit 'em!!

And things only get worse when you stack up men like this against the boyz of SMU, who happen to be ranked 116th in the nation on defense. The Mustangs have a patchwork defense that gives up almost 42 points a game, and they are equally as bad at the rush as the pass, yielding 211 yds and 268 yds respectively. Oh yeah, one other thing, those are their yearly averages, at home those numbers actually get worse. The bottom line is that this team of Mustangs gets ridden more than TERA PATRICK, the only difference is that I think she might actually enjoy some of her ride time. Tulsa rolls, 62-24.

Trust me, Tulsa football scores more today than their lady friends will in a lifetime!

Tulane/UTEP under 57
I am staying within the Conference USA today, which is really the first time all year I have given their teams a legitimate look. What I find in the game in El Paso today is that there are 2 teams that really don’t have a dominant offense, and one team, Tulane, that has a pretty stout defense.

The Green Wave defense swallows anything that dare step in its path, almost vacuum like, ya dig?

On the offensive end, the Green Wave rely on Andre Anderson to carry the load in hopes that he will give Kevin Moore enough time to throw, but Kev likes to throw as many picks as TD’s, so buzz-kill comes to mind for the Tulane offense today. For UTEP, they have 2 big problems today…Trevor Vittatoe has a bum ankle, so they get to choose between having him hobble around or playing their backup who only has 18 passes on the year. If they decide to run, they are relying on backs that have barely mustered 200 yds in 5 games so far this year. The other problem, Tulane has a stout D giving up only 263 yds/gm and only 113 on the ground.

There ain't much hiding what is gonna happen today.

Both teams are going to try to control this game on the ground to open up the pass, and both are going to struggle mightily. I don’t see either team getting over 20 points today. And if I the game plays out how I am planning, that will mean that Tulane will cover the +4.5 points as well, but I’d only do that if I had a parlay itch that needed scratched.

Tongue, tatas, and cocoa, hello my lady friend!

Toledo @ Michigan teased to -10.5
Coach Rod has been waiting for this game for a month now, just waiting to find a slouch of a team to get some confidence back in his boyz. Toledo is just that team…after taking Fresno to 2OT’s, they have been outscored 66-16 at home.

La Tech @ Hawaii teased to -1
I hate to wait ‘til Sunday morning to get my teaser win, but it is worth the wait. LT is 3-14 in it’s last 17 on the road and 1-5 in it’s last 6 against Hawaii. In addition, they have been outscored 57-3 in both of their road contests this year, while averaging 33 at home. Lets see….33 at home, 1.5 on the road, let’s travel half way across the continent to a place filled with beaches and hotties. Feels like a Rainbow Warrior win to me.

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